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  1. I am curious if there are going to be any major process changes behind the scenes for Ark 2 development and support? I loved Ark and have spent a good amount of time playing it with friends and my kids. I usually played private unofficial servers at first on Xbox One, but then I migrated to the Windows 10 version for better performance. I had to quit at the beginning of this year due to the frustration of frequent and large updates (many of which caused more issues), frequent game breaking bugs, and terrible update parity scheduling leaving me/us unable to connect to servers. I am legitima
  2. I know this is old but I came across this thread and I just wanted to offer my sympathy.  Holy crap the jabs you took just trying to help people out.  It's amazing how stubborn and arrogant people can be behind a keyboard. Haha!


    1. CyberAngel67


      Yeah, some people just don't understand how Windows 10 and Xbox Live works on there. As a developer myself, I knew very well how it works and I think the developers from Wildcard made an assumption that it would work and later found out it that it won't. At least until MS changed how Windows 10 works.

  3. Also, imprint percentages do not display decimals even though they exist. So while 2 imprints may net you 8%, three may give you 13% due to the decimal values finally adding up. I don't know the exact numbers, but if you keep an eye on that after the third or fourth imprint I bet you'll notice a 1% jump at some point.
  4. Spent days looking for a max-level Thylocoleo on The Island and finally found one! Tamed it up then went back out to go after an Argentavis I saw previously. On the way got pounced in the air by yet another max-level Thylacoleo! Lol! All that searching to have one just "fall from the sky". I did have to spend about 10 minutes searching for it after the pounce due to the annoying flee mechanic they have after pouncing. But I got it and have bred my new super Thylacoleo and it looks like a white tiger. His name is Tommy
  5. Wrapping up my new workshop/storage facility design in my new base. It's the best feeling when I finish my main workshop and can finally get organized.
  6. There is still a high risk of loss with rollbacks because a lot of progress made before the outage can be erased. Especially for those who transferred dinos and characters in between the last save and the down time. Unfortunately there are no easy answers when these things happen.
  7. I doubt a volunteer forum Moderator has the responsibility of notifying devs of issues...
  8. I don't know what Wildcard's monitoring staff is made up of. Based on their history I wouldn't be surprised if there were none. But I can say that here in Washington it is almost 8 am the morning after a Superbowl which most here celebrated the fact that the 49ers lost. I am guessing Wildcard devs start anytime between 7am and 9am, probably leaning towards 9am given the game celebration. I'm not saying what's going on is okay or acceptable. But it doesn't make sense to keep coming here and bitching about how long it's taking. When a dev does see this thread, they are going to see 13+ new
  9. I'll take the non-answer as an admission that your trying to blow this out of proportion and make it seem worse than it is. There is no reason you couldn't have flipped your server anytime after the release when you were ready.
  10. You packed up your Valguero server in a "rush" to prepare for an unreleased DLC with no concrete release date or even recent information? And this is Wildcard's problem? Why wouldn't you wait for the actual release and then pack up for the switch? That way you can also evaluate all the inevitable bugs with the release and decide if it's worth the risk to move. And I sympathize with trying to play during a school schedule but no release window is ideal for everybody.
  11. I am in the software industry. I thoroughly test updates and patches before I deploy them. People test my patches after I have tested them just to make sure I didn't miss anything because hey, nobody is perfect. I schedule updates and patches to release to multiple platforms and app stores simultaneously. I'm pretty confident I would be fired if I released a negligent patch that took down our apps or services in any way. Just because Wildcard is a game developer doesn't mean they're doing it right. I give them credit in that this is a very complex game. But people paid money for a game
  12. May I just point out that Nitrado at least provides some level of customer service? They are experiencing difficulties with this recent server patch not applying correctly and this is what I find on my server dashboard. It's small but it is at least something. It lets me know that they acknowledge there is a problem and that something is being done about it. Meanwhile Wildcard hides when there is trouble and seems to be unaware of, or ignore the fact that Windows 10 users have not been able to play consistently for some time.
  13. Most likely. Win10 users have that right now. Apparently our update was pushed too early (the irony...) and that's why we cannot connect to servers currently. I fired up a single player game and saw most, if not all, the QOL changes Cedric mentioned previously.
  14. I'm sorry but none of that excuses the fact that I cannot play for a week straight without days of down time. And writing off people that like to play with others as toxic and not worthy of attention isn't the answer. They (assumedly) paid for their game as well. I'm happy for you that you have enjoyed many more hours in this game. But I completely disagree that any sort of enjoyment fulfilled makes it okay for Wildcard to constantly take the game I paid for away from me with this bad update procedure, sometimes rendering "time enjoyed" nullified as a waste. If it were just in-game bugs,
  15. I was understanding until recently. I get it, this is an extremely complex game. That is a major part of the appeal for me. I love this game! But my frustrations stem from Wildcard's actions and not any bug in the game. Win10 users just got through a two day downtime because we got an update well after everybody else, thus preventing us from connecting to servers. Now we are in day two of yet another outage because we apparently got the QOL update too early. So in exchange for bigger meat stacks and more fuel efficient cookers, we cannot connect to servers again. I have also gotten num
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