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  1. It does not bring your inventory. All inventory is dropped in a bag when you transfer. And yes, you can put items/tames in the obelisk. You then must get to an obelisk or a loot drop to retrieve them.
  2. Sounds like you may possibly have some NAT issues. That's what I would investigate first.
  3. The dev team allotted to Ark seems pretty small and disorganized. Most of the team has been assigned to Atlas. Unfortunately, I don't think we should get our hopes up for anything in the manner of a major upgrade. Especially when they don't seem to be able to handle bugs existing for years. That being said, the new consoles will be a huge improvement by themselves. The difference between Ark on an Xbox One X and a moderate PC are pretty amazing. I had a hard time going back to console once I tried it.
  4. While it makes the official servers no fun to play, you have to consider the alpha tribes point of view. Why on Earth would they give smaller/new guys a chance to get built up and challenge their authority?
  5. I know it sucks to disconnect mid flight, but unfortunately it happens. As for all the rest, that is the game. You have to be careful and avoid rushing in to rescue a bag of items. Especially on a mountain side. I'm sure we've all experienced this very situation at least once. Rebuild and keep going! Game is a blast.
  6. I don't think any developer/company out there would want to bother purchasing this game and have to try and work within the existing codebase. Just look at how often patches are mishandled and tend to cause new bugs. Plus the obvious lack of communication and coordination in the current dev team. I can only imagine how fragile and scattered the code must look at this point. Regardless, the game is still a huge amount of fun. I think when you play for a long time it's easy to forget all the amazing things that Ark gets right. And yes, some of the bugs/issues are annoying and sometimes game-breaking. I actually just quit in late February because I was tired of the reoccurring Win10 with controller whistling. But I sure got my money's worth out of this game.
  7. He's telling you how it is, not how it should be. That is sadly the current nature of official PVP. I agree that in this state official servers are a joke. That is why I choose to play elsewhere.
  8. I think the important thing to remember is you do not need the official PVP servers to play Ark. If you are not enjoying official servers then join or create unofficial servers. It is what it is. You are arriving late to a persistent online game where lots of people have already put in a lot of time and work. I got a lot of enjoyment out of this game by sticking to unofficial. I knew I didn't want to dedicate that much of my life to keeping afloat on official.
  9. The cave creature level should scale with your difficulty. If you changed the difficulty down after playing for a while, you might have higher levels creatures left over from when the difficulty was higher. I would suggest a wild dino wipe. You should see better results then.
  10. How do you "patch" aimbots? The answer is you cannot as it is software running parallel to the game. Your best bet is to report players and depend on server enforcement. And I would make sure it's aimbotting and not some super rifle as it sounds to be from your description.
  11. Just a few of the many permanent bugs. Lots of previous discussions about it. No resolution expected. Sorry.
  12. Maybe they keep them out to avoid the numerous incidents where cryopods end up bugged and deleted tames upon release. They might be trying to hoard the max tame cap. Maybe they don't want to worry about cryo timers when the time comes to defend against a raid. They could also just like their dino collection to be visible. I don't know for sure, but those are my guesses. I've been burned by cryopods many times before. I still get nervous using them with my prized tames.
  13. I know this is old but I came across this thread and I just wanted to offer my sympathy.  Holy crap the jabs you took just trying to help people out.  It's amazing how stubborn and arrogant people can be behind a keyboard. Haha!


    1. CyberAngel67


      Yeah, some people just don't understand how Windows 10 and Xbox Live works on there. As a developer myself, I knew very well how it works and I think the developers from Wildcard made an assumption that it would work and later found out it that it won't. At least until MS changed how Windows 10 works.

  14. The crossplay version (Xbox and Windows 10) cannot use mods. The Steam version will not be able to join either. Joining each other is as simple as one of you hosting a game and the others joining either via an invite or through your friends list. If you play a non-dedicated server game however, you will be tethered to the host and this is pretty limiting. Hope this helps.
  15. If this is that big of a deal to you then I would suggest going the refund route immediately. You are headed down a path for extreme disappointment if a glitch like that gets you this triggered. I loved this game and I definitely got my money's worth out of it. But it is a glitch, bug, downtime, constant nerfing hot mess. I don't know where in the "video game industry" you were, but it must have not been in the development side. Otherwise you would be more understanding of the possibility for a bug such as this to exist in a game as complex as Ark. I'm not saying it's okay, but this is small compared to what you will experience later down the road. I don't play officials but from what I have seen here, the support is not very supportive so I wouldn't expect that compensation. Sorry for your losses.
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