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  1. When I was playing Ragnarok single player I remember there were too many Giga spawns. Haha! Specifically there would always be a Giga a bit north of the green obelisk right next to the lake at the base of the mountain cliff before you hit the mountains and canyons area.
  2. I finally got two special fish to bite! But none since... Lol! I'm done with the fishing I think.
  3. You are aware that you can play this game with your friends without an online server right?
  4. Well the anti-mesh kill-zones would be yet another collision detection occurring on top of everything else every frame. And I imagine being thrown on after the fact meant it probably isn't as efficient as they would like it to be. I'm just guessing but it seems like performance would definitely take a hit. This game is so complex with so much being calculated every frame. As a coder myself I would love, just for curiosity sake, to be able to peek at how they manage and attempt to optimize that in the code.
  5. I use my Gachas as dumpsters when I return from a trip and need to unload my ride. I just eject all the unwanted stuff right in front of them. I don't think I've ever gone looking for something to feed them and still get a crystal every time they sit up. And the loot seems to all be early game only type stuff since the nerf so I usually just grind it all up for resources.
  6. If I'm being honest? No, I don't think it's enough. Consider that Ark does not require online official servers for us to enjoy the software. That retail price covers the software with which we are free to pay for our own server or spin up a local game. But I don't think it entitles you to free online servers with any expectation of downtime limits and policy enforcement. Ark is not like Destiny or Warcraft where an online server is required to play the game. Players on official servers are pretty lucky any service, support, or enforcement happens when you consider gamers aren't really covering the costs after their initial purchase. Yes I'm sure that there is padding in the cost of the DLCs to help but I think a subscription model would better encourage Wildcard to do better. When they operate as they do now, their subscriptions would drop thus bringing in less money. When they do well, subscriptions could increase and bring in more money. Incentive to do better. That being said, the subscription model for official server access would only work if Wildcard followed through with really upping their game with service and enforcement. And hopefully they could do so in a way that provides them with more regular income that translates into better maintenance. If they implement a pay-wall to access official servers and keep doing the same old thing, Ark would die a sudden death. And I honestly am not sure Wildcard would be up to the task. But I would love to be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong! Another positive for charging a subscription for official server access is it provides another means of enforcement. They could potentially start banning credit cards or payment accounts commonly associated with exploiters and cheaters. There would be a cost for those that just spin up new accounts to get around bans as well.
  7. That's what I was saying. There are probably 256 values to ensure they only use single byte for each state value. The max level just depends on if the first value is 0 or 1. 0 is still a value.
  8. It's probably either 255 or 256 due to a max data storage in the code. 255 if 0 is the initial starting point, 256 if all stats start at level 1.
  9. The events are the only time I see lag on my unofficial server. And this particular event has been really bad at times.
  10. I wouldn't be on board for subscription based access to the game itself. But I would support a subscription fee for the use of public servers. And I, like you, would gladly support Wildcard if bugs and stabilizations were more of a priority as well as communication. I love the game and would happily buy Genesis if they could maintain what has already been released. But they cannot and yet still focus on new content. So I opted out this time.
  11. I considered that and went for a little tiny guy. I always use Honey and even tried sap and blood just in case. They just ignore me. Not sure what the deal is. Oh well.
  12. Same here. The ones with hearts won't bite. They just swim around oblivious to the bait. I fished all the other fish out of the area and these special ones still won't pay any attention to the bait.
  13. What is the reason for carrying around 20+ cryos? Not judging, just literally curious why anybody would do that. Especially considering everybody should know by now that Ark happens.
  14. It's worth noting that, while not publicly disclosed, it is assumed that Microsoft pays Wildcard for the ability to include Ark in GamePass. So just because people play on Game Pass does not mean Wildcard isn't getting paid. This is probably similar to Netflix paying for the rights to stream the content they have.
  15. I've gotten quite a few from breeding. For some reason the fish just swim past my honey while fishing so I am unable to get anything else for the event.
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