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  1. ... Does that say "Dinosaur Rain" and also "DANGER Rain"!? Psyched.
  2. I particularly liked the screenshots this week! Also that mountain village is pretty impressive. GG all involved!
  3. Today I went down to the Redwoods on The Center to get some sap and some honey, also to fly around and fill in the last bit of my map. I didn't get the achievement (Maybe because it's The Center) but I did come back with shed loads of honey, two Queen Bees, the tree sap, a male and female pair of 145 Terror Birds and a 150 Thyla; not a bad haul, although it took me hours longer than I originally intended lol! Really enjoyed my little session today though, was very successful for me! Framerate is deffos smoother around base now as well; GG Wildcard!
  4. Have you found more holes in The Center!? If so the guy that deals with The Center was requesting people send them images of the holes and their location a while back. If you found places that haven't been fixed/new places I'd get in touch with him so he can fix em'!
  5. there's still an hour to go on their updated estimated time of arrival?
  6. MATE! That looks insane, GG!
  7. These rates are mega savage and imo will make people (see above) tame loads of dinos they wouldnt normally, adding extra strain to servers (most of which seem to be struggling as is) for the sake of making it 'challenging'. In reality there is no challenge except the ballache of breeding loads of poop dinos; nudging closer to the tamed dino cap whilst simultaneously adding needless load on the server, just so each time they breed you get a 5% chance of getting 1/15th of the stuff you need. Not a challenge; just a frustration.
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