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  1. For breeding in future changes if ever to happen can you please consider working folk, i have weekends off but that doesnt give me time to do anytthing, things like a better feeding trough with longer timers and more space, even larger stacks while in the trough. for people out the house 10-12 hours+ because when ive tried to breed i return home to a dead/missing dino. better imprint service we can also use, never once been able to get more than 70% and that was when the breeding event was on. Thanks ps can you make the bunny eggs drop more, we've found one on an offi
  2. fed my dinos on official and logged off. loving the game just now....
  3. Come on please fix the flyers. my quetz cant even make it from my base to the volcano without 2 stops and my base is at the water around the volcano! my wyvern cant make it to my water pen either as you nerfed everything and returned no levels to them was 200 now 175. it only had 120 movement speed. now has 300 stamina also. this is a total joke!
  4. yea please, i am kinda bored of other games and turning back to wow lol
  5. unfortunately feel the same thats what i will be doing i think, far too much work gone breeding and taming for this to be acceptable. yea they needed a pvp nerf but this makes them useless. sucks:(
  6. nope no more upping movment speed, thats the speed they all go and stay at now, you cant outrun a wyvern anymore so no more wyvern breeding unless you can kill them all first.... great right...?
  7. yea also annoyed at my wyverns though one went from 199 to about 160 and wasnt given any levels back to pump. has 300ish stamina now and can hardly fly anywhere its had 1500 before that and 120% movement speed before nerf now 100% such a waste, 100% imprint aswel :'(
  8. i had a bred one that hatched at 190 and was unleveled and is now 158
  9. haha yea i pretty much played solo on the server i started on at launch, i had decent people i'd do stuff with then but everyone left the game really. poor lonely guy with people talking in squares in chat now haha
  10. yea this is a pretty crap thing about TEK stuff, i will never see it as i am a solo player
  11. yea them damn eels! i'm taking nothing to the open water till they get sorted, killing my 248 plesi and 255 mega before i could shoot them all off. stupid! other than that though this patch looks fantastic as always WC!
  12. Looks fantastic! cant wait to get a headset and try this. great work as always
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