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  1. True, a few creatures are paleo accurate (mostly the island) But utahraptor and megalodons are far from accurate lmao, I guess you could argue that all megs are juveniles in ARK. The allosaurus hatchet bite still gives me a headache.
  2. Literally just a beefier concavenator with extra steps lol. Still a big fan. I was hoping for more paleo accuracy, but that's wishful thinking when it comes to ARK.
  3. I adore the anniversary art!! It's been a wild ride but this game will always have a special place in my heart.
  4. Good point, didn't really think of that. Don't you think that's a bit rude, though? Thanks for the clarification either way. I'm glad at least some people get to keep their years of progress, I know a couple people I used to play with on switch official PVE who worked their asses off building up their base.
  5. Just now noticing that WC are releasing more official servers for switch when they're about to be shut down? Are smalls an exception?
  6. From what I've heard, the process for saving a copy of a server is really complicated, and even then, people have built up communities in official servers.
  7. That looks so COOL... I'm really happy that they kept the idea of it being able to pick rexes, this is gonna be game breaking and I love it.
  8. I really like how wildcard acknowledge the death of people in their community, other companies wouldn't bat and eye. That's honestly really respectable.
  9. Instead of focusing on what diet the animal had, I suggest focusing on how we got a new crocodiloid. Or even how we got new content in general, at the end of the day wildcard don't really ever make herbivores very useful, with a few exceptions like the maewing, therizinosaurus, etcetera. Either way it's cool having a new creatures in the game.
  10. Whilst I do agree with this to some degree, I feel like most ark players are gravitated twords carnivores due to mass media like Jurassic Park making them out to be bloodthirsty awesome bro monsters. People forget that herbivores can be equally as amazing. Need I mention hippos, elephants, and rhinos? Banning them completely is a bit irrational though.
  11. If you wanna see how ASA would hold up on old gen consoles,,,, well uh you do you I guess. It's not a paywall, it's just that the old gen consoles can barely run ark1. Hell, my PS4 can barely run JWE2, and from what we're seeing, ASA is gonna be adding a massive amount of new content. I understand it's a bummer that old gen people can't play it unless they get a new console. But honestly I doubt the game would be playable on PS4 or Xbox1. Let me know if I'm wrong btw, I'm not very tech-savvy lol.
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