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  1. yall gotta learn to be grateful, at the end of the day the money is going to children in need
  2. This is so exciting!!!!! I've been watching/playing this game since it was in early access, 7 years ago. I still remember when I thought the argentavis was a mod! To see the VERY LAST map to be included in ark 1 be released is super hype, but also puts a tear in my eye, this game has been so good to me over the years. It'll be sad to see it go. Farewell, old friend.
  3. Yes, you should be safe to log back in, I'm 90% sure that I didnt get the levels because I did gamma, don't worry. If you do alpha you'll get them, I tested it out.
  4. 1 I'm not sure if you need all three ascensions to get the extra levels, but from my experience from doing gamma ascension, I've never gotten extra levels. 2 It all comes down to the fps. If you have bad fps, lets say 20 fps, your game might crash. But if you have good frames you'll breeze through the cutscene. 3 Yes, immediately after you exit the credits you get sent back to the menu.
  5. Dang, kinda dissapointed with the lack of a fjordhawk spotlight, but that evo event is great.
  6. Might just be me, but I personally like that feature. It adds another thing to get stupidly mad over and makes the game that much more fun. yup, probably just me
  7. Yup, official ps4 pve server #1625 lost island if you wanna investigate.
  8. Nah, it gave me the resources. I looked in the bag and there was a bunch of oil and sulfur.
  9. I kinda agree with you, but that might take way too much time for WC with ark 2 on the clock and stuff.
  10. Who else thinks WC should add explorer notes on Fjordur? I mean, not a whole story or anything, but the dossiers of all the creatures on it, including the new ones.
  11. Strange... When I demolished an inactive tribe's vault, it gave me the resources used to craft it, guess that was a bug or something.
  12. Some structures (like the vault) you can demolish even if it's from another tribe, as long as they've been offline long enough.
  13. If you're demolishing them, then yes. You get resources. But if they get hatcheted/exploded or if they auto decay, you dont get any resources.
  14. I'm not sure if you can transfer war maps with the different dlcs on them. But as an alternative, you could take pictures of your favorite spot on each map and put them all on separate painting canvases.
  15. Well, so far I've successfully raided a base using a whale lol.
  16. Dang, I knew thylas were good but never tried it out myself. Glad I could help
  17. If you're mid game the best option is either a thyla or a theri, but here's a list just in case https://www.dododex.com/item/13/hide
  18. One option is to go to the swamp cave on the island with a toad and commit bug genocide, another option is to do abunch of gen 2 missions and get all those sweet sweet hexagons for cp in hlna's store, you can also use 20 or so snails to constantly produce cp, just keep in mind they eat sweet veggie cakes, so they're pretty expensive to keep, another option is to use a stryder, megatherium, chemistry bench combo, use the stryder to gather absurd amounts of stone, use the megatherium, preferably the island swamp cave I mentioned before, as megatheriums burn through bugs with their bug buff, and use the chem bench to mass produce the cp, you can also raid bever dams for hundreds of cp, they're located all along the side of rivers, a last resort in case you can't do any of those, you can trade it from someone else, you can trade babies, bps, or resources, however if you're on a pvp server there's probably a very small minority that trades on pvp.
  19. Don't worry, the base game isn't going to be wiped. They're just adding ultimate survivor edition to the switch as a seperate purchase, and they're also adding scorched earth, aberration, extinction, gen 1, gen 2, as purchasable dlc to the main game, and also giving all the free dlc to the main game too.
  20. The modded map by Nekatus, I think has all the titans, including the king titan. But we're not sure yet if the titans will carry to offical.
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