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  1. Gracias broder, las caracteristicas estan incompletas, sigo pensando formas de domesticación y voy a mejorar el dossier ya que lo hice apurado para no perder votos, se aceptan sugerencias.
  2. English Conepatus emerges from the trenches of darkness. An extinct giant skunk that inhabited caves and crevices in the current Holocene period. adapted to the dark, they developed somewhat ... silent abilities. Conepatus possesses ultra-stealth abilities, combined with natural agility. His speed and dexterity is unmatched by any creature in Ark. This carnivore developed the ability to hunt with throwing claws, similar to a Kunai, with a short range but significant damage, which when attacking, dashes backward and slows down enemies for a few seconds. With its huge hairy tail i
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