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  1. Prolly wont change, they dont care they are too busy working on releasing the next "cash cow" Ark 2
  2. You dont need Surface Obs, you can transfer from any loot drop on the map so thats not a issue, had Cryopod for ages and often server hop.... also recently got a Tek Styder from an allied tribe so that makes hopping server easier..... I dont like Scorched Earth that much but a quick hop for a Thorny Dragon would be worth it
  3. I think a Thorny Dragon can be transferred to Aberration (I didnt know you can use them to craft)
  4. Its not "no want" its a " no have"
  5. The only thing worst then the building system Ark uses is how little the WC Devs actually care about it
  6. I do play it normally, been playing it for months on Official and have collect many artifacts from the "glowtail" cave, not a single crash..... maybe the crashing is related to your hardware?
  7. start a single player run in aberration, go into god mode, then fly to any artifact. isnt really how the game is played..... messing around with admin commands
  8. Maybe put a trade notice up and give the element to a tribe on the server and maybe they might have a tribe on your server to give you something of worth?
  9. I contest the Dodo as the Dino of the Day and instead present the....... "Fan Fare, Fireworks" The Ravager Looks great Can use a shotgun while mounted Good Speed and Jump Height Can climb up and down Ziplines Reduce weight for carrying resources Pack Bonus to tear apart Dino while out roaming My 100% Imprint Rav has 10K Hp and 450% attack damage and can take down Spinos
  10. No reason why or how you came to that revelation?
  11. On purpose i would suspect.... just another way to make the game harsher
  12. Using a saddle to craft items makes zero sense...... not sure what WC was thinking..... realistically they should have capped the mats for BP to fit in actual crafting tables or have the crafting set in phases, load the smithy up craft part 1 reload and craft part 2 Not allowing flyers makes the map feel much more intense, people take flyers for granted and become lazy players, by not having flyers your forces to learn the map learn which are safe routes, what dino to bring etc "bugs, constant crashing, falling through the world" I have not seen any of these issues, the only crashes i have are when transferring in and out and that's due to I suspect WC using poor coding to handle the up and downloading of data to switch server
  13. Transmitter is not needed to start...... seriously its not a hard map, GEN 2 has turned 80% of the player base into scrubs that cant do anything without TEK gear I started fresh brand new PC with a mate, made a 2 man tribe and we farmed, leveled, tamed, farm some more more bases 3 times and now we have Full Metal Base Turrets Plant Species 2 x Industrial Forge, 2 x Fabricator, 2x Chem Benches, Multiple Safes, Kibble farms, crops for farms, 2 x Industrial cookers, Recently we got access to a Egg Incubator so that was a nice QoL adjustment We used the loot crates around Green Zone and server hop (was it the best, nope but it worked) We caught the eye of a leader of a large tribe (100+) that uses our map to farm, he liked that we did it the right way farmed and built everything by hand and didnt ask for handouts, we became friends and eventually was invited to join as an alliance (mainly for us was so our turrets wouldn't shot at their tribe as we were friendly with there tribe.... and this is a PVP server too) our newly formed alliance friends gifted us with a Tek Styder, which was very nice of them as that would have taken me a while to tame myself (which i was planning to do) so now server hopping is much easier but no means required... I highly recommend Aberration, its a gorgeous map (yes at times i wish we had more Dinos.... few Allo's or a Rex might be nice stomping around or a Bronto) but all in all great map to live on
  14. I dont see Aberration as a "problem" its a beautiful map and very fun to play on (its not a hard map player should be scared of) I hopped to GEN2 and did an hour on supplies drops and got a Apprentice Spino Saddle (47 armour, not the best but better then the base 25 one)
  15. Thanks, ill be looking for high lvl apprentice or journeyman BP now so i can use the smithy
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