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  1. We used pheramones on our female giga, and at first it worked as intended giving the egg super fertilized name tag and all. Upon logging in this morning to check it, the 'Super fertilized' is gone.
  2. WarlordMattias

    Dino Implants Disappearing?

    If carrying a dino implant, upon survivors death the implant vanishes. Is this an intended mechanic?
  3. WarlordMattias

    Building limit problem...

    My tribe has also hit the structure limit, and feel like being forced to use behemoth gates as walls to remain under the limit is very limiting on the defensive aspects of the game. NA-PVP Lava Cave-Easy Tribe: Regulators
  4. WarlordMattias

    No servers on list?

    Rumor has it, china is uprising and orchestrating mass DDOS on ark to win.
  5. WarlordMattias

    No servers on list?

    All servers down for everyone in my discord
  6. Server resets playing funny with dino stats? really frustrating breeding and imprinting on something only to watch it's stats go down instead of up.
  7. WarlordMattias

    Request for giant hatchframes

    On other versions of ark, the quetz can fit in the giant hatchframes. Would it be possible for mobile?