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  1. Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    When is this going to be in xbox!
  2. Basilos don't spawn I've been looking all day and I hadn't found a single one
  4. ARK Digest Q&A!

    With small creatures or creatures that don't use saddle have and option yo have a hat on it?
  5. Extra Life Questions!

    Question will u be adding a creature called majungasarus
  6. explorer note's missing??

    me to lad
  7. so I am an ARKitect and when I build I enjoy but 1 problem when I crouch on a foundation or ceiling I get stuck
  8. I been trying to look for a pve server that has dino downloads so I can bring my scorched earth creatures

    this relates . The legendary mogolian worm
  10. ARK Digest Q&A!

    On ark xbox will there be a option where if you go to options you can change the following (groundclutterquality,bloomquality,shadowquality,and lightshafts)
  11. Make xbox graphics better!

    So remember the trailer for ark xbox how it looked super amazing in my opinion I thought that would be the case now this is my silly opinion and I'm a xbox player but when I played the game I was like DANG BOI WHYYYYY I thought it would have great graphics but just remember this is my opinion
  12. turrents texture bug

    ok so on ark theres a texture bug on the ballista turrent entire turrent
  13. lab structures and items/hybrids

    so I thought that since the industrial tier is about to be over we should have lab structures and items also you could possibly make hybrids like stegoceritops trike/stegosaurus
  14. Ok so when I got the update u decided to summon the dragon with a command and when i did it was ok so I killed the dragon until I saw it did not give me the flag and trophy any1 else have this ploblem