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  1. I ran another integrity check today, after the update. No integrity violations, and the error is still happening. This indicates to me that the game is the cause of the error, nothing outside the game. It was pure coincidence the error went away the first time. However it does come back every game update. I have run numerous chkdsks as well. Its a standard procedure in AVG to check the disk occasionally. My SSDs are fine.
  2. So, an update today. Nuclearist, in Super Structure's discord mentioned that this error occurs because of a corrupted system file. He told me to run SFC /scannow to fix it, so I did. Rebooted. The game stopped having the error anymore. The Easter update happened, and the error came back. Just like before, I updated Windows, the error disappeared. Then after Ark updated, the error came back. I now suspect that every time Ark updates, it is corrupting a system file.
  3. Ok, so why are we still using this crummy inaccurate map in game when the Wiki has a fully detailed great looking accurate map? The desert just looks like a blob of greyed out sand like it always has, even back before the Desert was actually open and build-able. Just look at that, its horrible. You can't tell where jack squat is in the desert. In fact the map is so wrong its not even funny. Now here's a great looking map. Except for some reason the blurry areas. https://ark.gamepedia.com/File:Ragnarok_Topographic_Map.jpg Right there on the Ark official wiki. Please. Fo
  4. Assuming player experience is a signed 32 bit integer, you can simply flip the integer to a 64 bit without any issues at all, and no one will notice anything. If the value is stored as a float, you can convert it to a double which is 64 bit. Simply speaking, I increased player levels in my server and reached the signed 32 bit limit, I can no longer add any new levels. I need Wildcard to flip the integer over to 64 bit to support a larger amount of levels before I can add any new levels. It wouldn't be a bad idea to do this anyway as you keep expanding upon the game. You're already ne
  5. I figure I'll throw in some error logs I found in Event Viewer at the exact moment of the crash related to launching Ark. Log Name: Application Source: Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon Date: 8/18/2020 7:55:19 AM Event ID: 1002 Task Category: None Level: Information Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: FluffyGamerPC Description: The shell stopped unexpectedly and explorer.exe was restarted. Event Xml: <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> <System> <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon"
  6. "Procedure entry point" - Potentially critical game bug? So, first off. I'd like to know why bug reports aren't public, and why the "currently recognized submitted" bugs, only shows 3, when we all know there are hundreds. Now then, to explain what this bug is that I'm here to talk about; This bug, crashes a core part of Windows 10. Explorer.exe, crashing anything that depends upon it as well. Remote Desktop, any open folders get closed, nVidia Share recording gets corrupted and crashes till you reboot computer, it breaks my start menu by blurring the start menu until I cli
  7. So why does it have to be a random number generator? Why can't we select 6-10 high level dinos, breed the best traits from both, the best traits from two others, the best traits from 2 others, have 6 total dinos produce offspring with the best of specific traits, and then breed those together but not with siblings, to get even better traits from them, leading to a 3rd generation with superior traits, breed them to get the superior traits amongst that group, with a pure uncorrupted genetic line boosting their traits. Why make it just a random number game that ultimately sucks because you just k
  8. Well damn, it doesn't exist? I guess I didn't do QA for one game then because it didn't exist. Even though I did it. I among a select set of people tested before the release of the update a week, to a month before its release working out all the bugs and issues, so that when released, the players got an almost bug free game update that didn't break it in any severe ways. Some minor slight issues might have existed but after we finished our testing phase, the release was almost spotless. But you say that doesn't exist? Bummer. I must have imagined the whole thing. I guess I didn't test a game a
  9. I suppose, but I really would like there to be a much larger disadvantage to inbreeding. I think there should be complexity to this system so people actually have to work to get these high powered dinos. EDIT: My response was to RageQuitter. God I love people like this though. You forgo realism in one area, and you have to give it up in all. Its an all or nothing type person thats just always hilarious. Reminds me of those times I tried to add realism to Space Engineers and ignored Gravity Generators because its implausible to play a game where you can't actually walk on your
  10. But you still don't see people avoiding inbreeding, I still see people just taming one, maybe two owls, and then breeding them repeatedly to get hundreds of eggs and then picking the best babies to breed with each other, etc etc. Its not exactly complex. Its just "Whoops, its a bad one, kill it." As I said, I tried to look up this topic, but the articles are all over the place and some people say good thing, others say no ill effects. So I did research it. I just haven't personally raised dinos yet because I never get that far into the game. I'm always building instead of raising dinos.
  11. I love how the comments that bash people for being angry about bad updates are lazy inconsiderate no effort posts. All the people who agree that these updates are bad, actually provide reasonable detailed explanations about how this could have been averted and why its so bad. Its almost like those of us who have a brain, know things are bad and could be done better, while all the others are just trolls or low intellect gamers who don't care about anyone but themselves. Hmm. By the way, yes, I know my post here is very insulting. Thank you, I'm glad you noticed. It was my intention.
  12. When is inbreeding going to be bad? I've heard from multiple friends now that inbreeding in the game is very good, that it gives superior stats. I find this disgusting. We need to use these family trees in game. Not as just some fancy useless thing that tells you what color mutations you're going to get. Degrade the DNA, destroy the dinosaurs, make them worse, and die. Weaker and weaker each generation till they can't even survive baby-hood. I've seen some things here with people being reptile experts claiming that you can breed reptiles together 10 generations to get mutated colo
  13. Yea, we should all just shut down our servers every time Wildcard releases a DLC and let the game sit idle and barren for a few weeks! No one would possibly leave your server forever if you did that~ Oh wait.
  14. I found many issues within 5 minutes of spawning the new things. It doesn't take that much effort to test your update for quick easy to find bugs. Also, server updates and steam client updates are automatic. This game is built on the back of Steam, you can't not update. So your bull crap about not updating for several days is worthless drivel considering if you don't update, you can't play.
  15. @NSW, actually the settings are partially Steam's fault. When there's a major version update, the game validates to make sure everything's right. And this causes the game.ini and gameusersettings.ini, among all the other ini files, to be reset to factory default. Steam's validation resets the files because they are different. Wildcard should have saved settings outside the game somewhere like in appdata, but they didn't. This would have solved the settings resetting every major version change. But it is unrelated to the updates specifically.
  16. Thats not what is happening Olivar. If Wildcard wants people to stop bitching, perhaps they should do a better job. Like not releasing bugs in the first place, and not patching one thing, then update, then patch another thing, then update. Test their damn patches before pushing them. Test their damn DLC before pushing it.
  17. This is shameful. 3-4 updates in under an hour? Do you even test your patches before you release? Or do you just herpaderp push update button and wait for someone to shout "its broken fix it" and push another update? Hell, it didn't even take me 5 minutes to find out almost all of the Genesis stuff is broken, had you even play tested before you released Genesis, you would have discovered that too. But nope, I don't even think you do. I can not fathom how you missed so many broken things or how you needed to push 4 updates in the last hour forcing servers to shut down multiple times kic
  18. Thats quite the interesting display picture you have there, eh? ;P

  19. What did I do today? Well our official server is being attacked, by people who are possibly cheating using aim bots. So I went to obelisk, it told me I had to wait half an hour to upload items that I pulled from a chest. I sat in a chair for an hour with the items in my inventory. I went to the same obelisk. I was unable to upload again. I looked it up and any inventory change such as spoiling food resets it. I went back to base, I emptied spoiliable items and sat in a chair for an hour. I went back to the obelisk again, I was only able to upload 90% of my stuff. T
  20. @complexminded What mod is this from? I couldn't find any way to locate the mod this image talks about, even when looking in the sponsored mod section in game.
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