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  1. just went back to playing on primitive plus. have dinos on abberation then when to the center and no dinos at all. has this map been abandoned? is it the same on live for the center? Ive checked the options. dinos max is at 1.0 and cant be set any higher. tried destroywilddinos which didnt work because there are no dinos to kill. Have all the primitive plus maps been abandoned? or is there something I can do to fix the center? obvo as Im on xbox I have no mods enabled. thanks for your time
  2. Saw a news item a few weeks back saying these new limitied download servers were now available and that all these servers would have LDL in the name. I just checked on xbox and do not see any. were they pulled or is LDL not in the server name and if not what is? how do I find em?
  3. I would add bronto as THE best berry picker once you get a few levels on it and especially if you find a sweet meadow. It can give you a nice bit of thatch and a bit of wood if you dont have beaver or trike. Its easy tame IF you can stay above it and shoot it from cliffside. Id add Rex or giga for large quantities of meat if you are planning to breed carnivores. For beginners Trikes can not only give a fair bit of thatch but also give added protection and can get berries as well. I used to think mantis was best of its class for gathering but Im not sure that is still true. Striders are great when paired with dedi boxes but are not neccessarily better gatherers depending on its level. Worst case use your other gatherers and dump their harvest into the striders inventory then use the strider to distribute to dedi boxes.
  4. Introduced a few months ago by either an update or an event, I cant recall which, on the rockwell side my base is now inundated with wood and weeds that can not be cut down. in the buildings and all over the area where I was raising babies. this in on the rockwell side. I dunno if the same issue is happening on the eden side but it looks like its just rockwell side. though my bro has a base on the eden side and has said similar. though from what I can see its defo not as bad as my side is. In addition the missions are buggy again. Ive chosen several times the ones where you can bring a mount and no mount gets teleported in. Ive tried sitting on it which as I understand it you should not do, tried standing beside it not touching it, tried bringing in a pod which mission forbids deployment of. In addition missions that I HAVE completed are not showing as ever having been done. Did they ever? I cant remember. Im frankly over it. The ONLY engram left that I need is Exo Mek. As for as I know you cant get it unless you do the six required missions, and then rockwell Prime. If there is another way please let me know.
  5. Dear WC, Im absolutely LOVING Fjordur. However, my life is made miserable with regard to my argies. I use argies to haul my gold after mining. And I have moved to Asgard as the main portion of the map became woefully over crowded. Bats can fly. Cool beans. But bats cant carry 6000 in weight. Not even 2K in weight. And if you cant mount your dino you cant park it. As you know, you tell and argie to land and it lands half a mile away no matter what the follow setting. SO yes please let me mount my Argies. Let me MOUNT ALL my dinos even if for some arbitrary reason you decide you do not want them to fly. at least if I can mount it I can put it where I want it. Please and thank you.
  6. omygosh thank you so much for taking the time and giving me this info. Very helpful indeed!!
  7. Not sure where to post this but the wiki is missing a lot and while sometimes can be found on the old fandom page some of those pages are not picking up new map such as Fjordur. for example the spawn map is not working on old fandom and also nothing on new wiki. Like to suggest the old fandom be kept updated until all content is migrated. as for the error on the new wiki fjordur spawn page the drop down button is listing code <datamap-legen;tab-locations> maybe this is the drop down menus name? It shouldnt be showing code if its not working. If this page is supposed to be working suggest someone look for errors on the flip side. a small error is all it takes to blow up the intended. Maybe its just me but I worked with coders for over 20 years and when an item wasnt read for prime time we hid it. so it doesnt look like we made a mistake, BTW Im very happy to see the wiki attached to the main website. so so happy. can not wait until it is complete. one last thing. I was able to look at the fjodur resource map last night but the dots are so so so small that often can not be seen when the color matches the background even slighty. Recommend they be larger as they are in the old fandom site and check colors to make sure they show up. there were at least three items I could not see. in addition the old fandom resource map contains more data. the new resource page for example shows only one location for crystal, one location for fresh flowers, etc. I know thats not the case. Best of luck to all.
  8. Hi here is the list on my implant. Not sure what Im missing.
  9. How about a birdie that can also attack your enemies eviserating them and breaking their bones as well as providing some nice big eggs for breakfast. lol Just read about the cassowaries which is supposedly second largest bird and I wonder if maybe deino might be related. gosh the photos of them are wicked though. not as sweet as my deinonychus. always looking for more eggs!
  10. yes I did that. Ive done all boss fights except rockwell. and have not done explorer notes. I was just wondering if Id missed anything as my friends had reached 130 and never did all the explorer notes either. nor have they done rockwell. do you know what the level cap is for us these days? ty
  11. I tbink Ive done all of those. except explorer notes. doing that would only bring me to 134. I have my first 5 from my chibi. it now says get it to level 6 to earn 4 more. WHat is out level cap at if you know? TY
  12. In the past when we did crystal isl boss we got credit on the character icon that we have in our inventory. this time my bro and I and his wife did it and it just says "Survivor Quotient to be Determined". It also would not let me bring my boss fight flag from crystal isle to Lost Isle. In fact I couldnt even put it in ark data. WHich I think is odd because my older character has all her boss fight flags on gen2. Is there something else we need to do to get the character icon to update and also be allowed to take our boss fight flag off crystal. I think its important because if your character gets lost and they have to replace it they will not replace the tek engrams you earned unless you can prove you had earned them via the listed boss fights on your character icon. any advice appreciated
  13. My character seems to be stuck at 124. arrow glow seems to mean she should be level 125 but the bar looks capped. I have done all the boss fights that give you rights to extra levels as well as having a chibi that is over level 2. only boss fight I have not done is rockwell but before there ever was a gen2 my friends were levels 130 and above. what am I missing? advise?
  14. I always quit the game before turning off my machine and the issue persists even after the machine has been shut down and/or restarted. Part of the problem, INMHO, is that xbox insists on auto adding games to its list of "quick resume". Leaving one to have to uncheck it again and again. If there is a setting that can prevent the xbox series x/s from auto adding games to "quick resume" that would be a good solution until WC can figure out why "quick resume" causes the address error, among others. mileage may vary depending on the type of xbox one has.
  15. If you are having problems logging into the game and the machine says Cant find address among other things make sure that you have turned OFF "Quick resume" for the game. SAVE AND EXIT GAME 1) Select the xbox big button, round one lights up 2) select "My Games and Apps" on this screen you will see which games were auto added to "quick resume". For some reason this often blocks ark. 3) press Menu button over "survive the ark" and turn OFF quick resume.
  16. Have been unable to get back on since I was dc'd yesterday. I do not know how to resolve this. I happened one other time and I restarted and was able to get on. but this is second day and nothing is working. I can see other players are on. but I cant access any server. same error.
  17. Not sure where to post this question but hoping someone has experience with it. Chat was working when I first got my xbox series S but for the last three months nothing. Tried to google. suspect its either a game setting or an xbox but I am not familiar with xbox as have not had one for a very long time. any advice appreciated.
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