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  • Open Tribe  ·  1,020 members  ·  Last active

    tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!

  • Open Tribe  ·  654 members  ·  Last active

    (Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together

  • Open Tribe  ·  132 members  ·  Last active

    (PS4)Tell us about yourself: PSN, in game name, Lvl, age, timezone, any tek, past tribes and servers you been. We openly recruit loyal, active ppl. If you wont farm, wont be active dont even apply we dont like slackers. There are multiple tribes you can come in depends which one picks you. Dont be insider and you will find home here. TO reach out leave apply here or reach out the post man (sorry bro hhh) WickedJonn#3782!!!!!
  • Open Tribe  ·  11 members  ·  Last active

    (15 MAN LOOKING TO GROW) THC is a tribe accepting mid level and experienced players. We are an American tribe but aren't against players from other countries joining. We are looking for active players who have general knowledge about the game and who are ready to work. Please below state your character's level, your age, and your favorite thing to do in ark. (Please include your PSN username) PLAYSTATION OFFICIAL PVP TRIBE
  • Open Tribe  ·  2 members

    We are a tribe looking for recruits as soon as possible doesn't matter where your from. We play on Genesis Part 2 Au server. Currently We have 4 people active.
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