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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Hey man add us our gt's are lukec987 and Winterprawn6945. Add us when u get the chance!
  3. Have you guys found a tribe yet if not I’d like to meet you guys I’m on Gen small tribes I have a small setup and was just looking for some good long ark friends but for sure pm I m looking for good game knowledge and people who can’t put in time!!
  4. Do you guys have a discord Do you guys have a discord and if so send me an inv my discord name is domedonedE
  5. searching for tribe or people to join us we have all dlc my friend has 1k hours i have 2K hours we are both from belguim if you not from there its ok we are playing serieus for more info add discord redskull919#6947
  6. Join me Xbox PVE Ragnarok Looking for mature, easy going player/s to join me on PVE Ragnarok. I have some decent tames and im starting a new base. I dont care what level or experience you have, all help appreciated. Msg me here or on xbox Gamer tag SticksTheMostHi
  7. 2 ppl Looking for a tribe 2 lv 99/101 need a tribe, we've only played duo and looking to join into a decent tribe and do our bit, Both mature and not toxic. EU xbox smalltribes. We've got most expansions
  8. Xbox PVE player looking for tribe Returning mature player looking for a tribe to join. Currently lvl 72 I prefer ragnarok but willing to play on other maps
  9. Looking for tribe Xbox One PVE I'm looking for a tribe to join or even tribe members to join me. Ivl 70 something, play on official servers, prefer Rag but will play on other maps.
  10. Hi, I’m looking a tribe to join or other players to start a tribe with in PVP mode on the PS4 platform. Preferably players over 16 years old and in the EU time zone. Im a new player myself with approx 30 hours of gameplay, playing on an official Island (pvp) server and currently at lvl 60 Please get in touch.
  11. Yeh. Sure what time zone u in
  12. PVE I`m mainly looking for a tribe for Abberation . I also just started ark. Mainly PVE and a time zone near India.
  13. Looking for an Australian (or similar time zone) Tribe G'day im 22nd and somewhat experienced player, been wiped solo one too many times and would love a tribe to join, preferrably on small tribes. Cheers. Discord: Gowf#5126
  14. Looking for offi pvp tribe Hello my name is eric i am from germany and i am playing ark since release. I got 1,4k hours now and i am 21. I really would like to join a tribe on offi pvp. Add me on steam or pm me if interest.
  15. I am looking for the same thing! Would you like to join me?
  16. what Xbox servers do u play on and do u have a discord I’m asking if this clan has an official discord and for what Xbox servers u guys play on
  17. Pve tribe for ps4 I would like to play pve on PS4 In a relaxed way so I can just have fun
  18. looking for more ppl to play official pvp aussie server add me on discord greenfrog#8324
  19. new looking for a pve tribe on official servers I am looking for a tribe. Only played for a week got a lvl 64 on the official server. Playing through epic so cant play on moded servers on pc. Just a causal player a few times as week as I work 12 hours shifts at work so looking for some friends to have some fun with but a play for a good many hours when im off work. i am on the US east coast thanks
  20. Im 16 i would say im mature i can play a lot we talking 10+ hours a day im looking for some big tribe PvP EU speaks english well please hit me up on discord tikpk #1086
  21. Im 16 years old i can play 10+ hours a day im from epic i have Crystal Isles,The Center,Valgeruo and Ragnarok fluent English From EU i have only 160 hours but i played that in 2 weeks while playing other games if u need someone active im here! Discord: tikpk #1086
  22. Looking For Tribe Good Afternoon Steam Name: Axis Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) Discord: Axis#8287 Age: 18 Experience: 500 hours but i know what in doing Daily Play Time: 2 - 14 depends on day I enjoy farming and taming and willing to do bulk Have all Maps, and val beta boss tek engrams on smalls Thanks for consideration, Axis
  23. Hey! I've been playing ARK on singleplayer for a while and have gotten slight cabin fever playing a world by myself. I'm looking to join somebody's group preferably in a PVE server. I have done much research on the game and have no qualms doing the gritty, grindy work like building, harvesting, or breeding animals. I will also be happy to join in taming crews or exploring. I'm also not like a 10 year old (just to clarify.) I'm an unemployed 16 year old and as such, I can pump a very reasonable amount of time into the game and the tribe. I have no problem on playing early mornings or late nights. My discord is Brown Sugar#4439 so DM me if interested. I look forward to hearing from one of you!
  24. Looking for tribe Looking for a tribe I’m a long time ark player since the games first introduction I took a 6 month break from playing on extinction due to circumstances, I’m a hard worker when it comes to farming materials, taming and breeding. I’m looking for a PS4 RAG server and a friendly tribe to join. Thank you
  25. Looking for Tribe Hello all. I am a dad of two wonderful kids looking to get back into Ark Official PVP on xbox one. I have a character with most tek engrams and I work from home so I can be on most of the day. I love breeding and am not afraid of farming!

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