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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. We are curently on ragnarok, there are no special requiremets. to join https://discord.gg/eH7ank9RQQ
  3. You wanna just start a tribe ? Or is that to much work?
  4. The Perrone Brothers are announcing open season on our Crystal Isle Server. We Like to play with cheeky sense of competition and sportsmanship, and would prefer players with a similar disposition being capable of friendly trash-talking or declaring war without getting our panties in a bunch. Our Server has a limit on Turrets allowed in a given space to emphasize taming and tact, and we don't offer instant tame, instant resource gathering, or anything too fast (Although we are open to suggestions). We do have x4 Harvesting and X5 Taming and 4X XP. We want players to want to work a little bit fo
  5. yo if yall are playing and are looking for new tribe members, hmu on discord Rafdelogi#6394
  6. I am an adult player who plays on xbox one has a working mic and access to discord who likes nothing more than building. I used to play in a friends unofficial server he gave me admin menu and let me build without having to grind and I am looking for more of the same. I love building and being creative I am not really too bothered what map I Play on I have played on Island and Ragnarock and Crystal Isles. though access to wyverns for my next build would be awesome it would make my next build even better. I rather avoid the whole PVP thing I am happy simply taming dinos and building bases
  7. Trying to find an official server tribe on Xbox. I have over 900 hours in game time and I’ve played off and on since 2017.
  8. im starting a tribe on a 4 man unofficial pvp cluster. its hosted in canada so im assuming it would be good ping for you. let me know if youre interested. my steam friend code is 54532852
  9. im trying to start a tribe on a 4 man unofficial pvp cluster. let me know if youre interested. my steam friend code is 54532852
  10. Im 18 from the Uk, I have every DLC and have over 800hours in the game. Looking for a tribe with mature players.
  11. My cousin and I are looking to join a tribe we both know what we are doing and also looking for a more mature set of people to play with send me your discord and I’ll add you
  12. Hi, im looking to join a small PvE or PvP tribe, preferably one that's fresh on a relatively new server. I play casually but it's been a while xd. My Discord is Rafdelogi#6394
  13. My discord is Jeffrey#9169 for anyone interested in playing
  14. My friend and I are looking to start on a fresh server to prepare for Genesis if youre interested!
  15. In search of people to play small tribes with to prepare for Genesis 2
  16. Hey what's up man, I am also looking for a small tribe/more people. "beef_md" on steam.
  17. I'm looking for a small tribe to join, or more people who care to join me. I've got just under 1k hours and have played off and on since 2015. 21+ and I play nearly every day. Comment on this thread if there is any interest and I'll get back to you right away!
  18. LF SmallTribe Official HI, returning player here after 2 year break. Ive played since beta. 5k+ hours between 3 accs. Looking to play again as a game i can easily get off and online. I had a child recently so sometimes i have to afk quickly. Im 21+ have good internet and mic/discord. Love breeding and building. add me on discord Spcsharky #2451
  19. Been hyped to play Aberration since release but never got to experience the vast map until now. Looking to join a tribe or find people to start a tribe, PVP or PVE, preferably Unofficial but Official works as well. Also preferably not too far ahead in the game, I am looking to progress with you all and potentially make new friends, as I recently made a big switch from Xbox to PC and yet to have friends on Steam. Currently wrapping my head around the button mapping but have a strong knowledge of Ark.
  20. Looking for a tribe on pc. Have about 200 hrs in the game. I enjoy building and taming.
  21. I have been playing for around 2yrs now mostly on unofficial PVP servers. In my xp the younger generation just mess around and don't farm so would prefer to join a tribe with more mature players. Preferably from the UK so can play at the same times.

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