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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. We looking for experienced members to join our chill and non-toxic tribe (server of rates x1) if our conditions apply to you in please add your PSN we will contact you! 1- Age 20+ years preferred must speak english and use mic to communicate. 2- respect everyone. no toxicity. 3- Must be a contributor to the tribe just like all members. Either: breeding/ grinding/building.. 4- Already know the basics of how to defend and fob on tough spots like underwater/ small entrance caves/ no flyer maps/ ..etc 5- Someone with experience in both pvpve. Active most day everyday. 6- Someone who is looking to be part of a team! Long term play. Chill. Able to follow simple pvp rules. drop psn if all that applicable
  3. Looking for a Tribe on ps4/5
  4. Hello!! Im looking for tribe for me and my friends in pvp servers!
  5. Hey, im 23 years old and looking to join a pvp tribe i have 2 000 hours palyed with the last 1000 hours being pve, and i have all exspansion packs
  6. I’m looking for a tribe or someone to make tribe with anyone interested we can start in any map(currently in Fjordur) my discord: 𝓪𝓮!𝓯𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓷#1523
  7. im playing on psn. im solo if you want to start a tribe im looking for good player to play with
  8. I'm a solo player looking for tribe we should start duo if interested for now?
  9. Looking for a tribe ps4 official. Missed the game and I’m jus getting back into it.
  10. Hey my Name is Manuel, i am 20 Years old and from Germany. In the past i played a lot of Official 1x in Mega Tribe BLDX. I Have nearly 3000 hours and i am looking for a Tribe to have fun and raid with. :)
  11. Hello folks, We ARK Silkroad are recruiting adult players 20+ for LDL-FJORDUR official 1X tribe thats waiting for ark 2 . LDL we play because offical is ruined by duping meshing cheating and toxicitiy. You don't need a lot of experience we are happy to learn people about the game. We are looking for active people and want to become a friend group, we do not want to be a mega or anything! LDL means that you people cannot transfer dinos or stuff to this server but if wanted you can transfer out. We look for active and fun to play with people. Requirements are 20 + and you have to speak decent english ! . I hope ya'll have a nice day and maybe we see you soon on the LDL cluster, Honest regards MorgensterTM
  12. Are you still have any openings, I’m starting but not completely clueless. I’m running solos and I’m sick of my poop getting raided I’m looking for more roles or can contribute when I’m on
  13. Hey all, im looking for a tribe, play time +2000h . SarTix#5862
  14. GTKoski We currently are on scorched earth smalltribes PvP. Looking for more active mature members to help out in work to control the server, grind will be a constant task for all members. We move and do things as a tribe. There will be constant communication. All time zones are welcome!Hit us up on PSN: GKoski22 *plz do not reply to this post* contact through PSN plz Ty Thank You!! Go to topic listing Next unread topic LANGUAGE Copyright 2022 Studio Wildcard. All rights reserved.Powered by Invision Community
  15. Perfect man we’ll we’re recovering from a wipe right now. If you’re still interested. Talk to us on PSN: GKoski22
  16. hello, im dean i am 16 years old and have 2000 hours in ark as a whole. i play the game on a daily basis (6 hours a day) i can build, farm, tame and do loot runs and much more. my character is lvl 98 (win10) and i have every dlc map (on win10) i can buy the dlc's if nessicary
  17. I want a small tribe play 2-8 hours a day I've played for 4 years solo but I'm a solid grinder
  18. i am able to play alot and i am trying to find good reliable tribe to play with. hard grinder and know i would be a great help to any tribe with hard workers. i have alot of stuff right now ( BP’s, tames ) and i would be able to merge them and bring everything to my new tribe to help right away:)
  19. Join us buddy. We have room for one more active member of crystal isle smalltribes PvP. We’ll help ya as long as you can put in the grind for the tribe and stay active. HMU on PSN: GKoski22
  20. Currently starting a tribe on an LDL server , looking for mature and understanding people to get the ball rolling and climb to the top , I've ran my own alpha tribe before and was apart of one the largest mega's on xbox official. Msg on discord if interested ! SavageDon#8622
  21. Im looking for a few tribe members that want to start a PVP tribe. i have not played PVP but i have been really wanting to the past couple of months just haven't found the right people or anyone willing to play with me. if you are interested please add my discord xxALTRAxxMEGAxx#6567
  22. We are currently looking for 2 Active members to join our tribe on Crystal Isle/smalltribes/PvP on ps4/ps5. All time zone are welcomed. We are in the process on claiming two very nice areas and need some active admins to keep things moving in the right direction! please contact me on PSN for more info and to answer any questions you might have! 😀Ty! PSN: GKoski22
  23. Hey there GOAT Brewing Co is recruiting! Currently. Smalltribes pvp hit us up on PSN: GKoski22 for more info!
  24. Hey there GOAT Brewing Co is recruiting! Currently. Smalltribes pvp hit us up on PSN: GKoski22 for more info! 😀

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