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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. Looking for a tribe. New to Ark. Been playing solo to get the hang of things now i'm looking for a tribe. discord name is spicytaco149#2766 add me!
  3. I said I'd never play again but here we are. I played alpha/beta on xbox until like 2017. I racked up I think ~2500 hours in that time. I'm looking to get back into it but on PC. I'd be starting totally fresh and I'd have a lot of new things to learn. While I played I did literally everything (grinding for mats/food, crafting, taming, breeding/raising, building, raiding, etc.). I was never with an "alpha" tribe that lasted longer than a few weeks on official PVP servers, but I don't have to be in an alpha tribe. I prefer to be able to do my own thing to help the tribe. No doubt I'll help out w
  4. Hi, My friend and I are looking for tribe members to play on ATLAS servers. We already have some tames and a base, but we need some members to have fun and like raiding. It is pve in the week and pvp in the weekend. message me on playstation username: balloeb
  5. i would like to join u, im close to ur age, im lvl 65 in small official and 57 in official, i also have a character in crossark, but i am not ready to play tons of hours since i go to school and get hw, but i will 100% be on for at least 3 times a week for 90 mins each, ill add u since my privacy settings accidently dont allow requests, my psn is a5_thepro, ill be waiting for ur response, tell me if this is official
  6. Hey all, LF a tribe to play Official pvp with, preferably on Ragnarok. I have 600 hrs on Ark and my current character is lvl 70. I'm still new to pvp though. I would like to be apart of a tribe of decently active players I'm on PC
  7. Me 28 and my friend 25 ( both 1600 hours on PVE and PVE) who played together for some years now are looking to join an Alpha or Megatribe on Official PvP . We play almost each day and are very reliable. Experienced in Raiding and breeding. We would bring our own Manas and a decent Velona breeding line with us. Add me on Steam or Discord if you are interested. Nigge#4105 Steam: Daddy Nigge
  8. I'm looking for experienced players to start an alpha tribe on small tribes. I got a 93 char but no tek engrams yet and i can play up to 12 hours a day. If ur interested just add me on Discord: CyberKillerPenta#6074
  9. Hey, im josh. 18 and live inAustralia. Just looking for a tribe!
  10. Im Jay, im 18 and im looking for a tribe on small tribes (ps4). I am level 102 have some tek engrams unlocked. I usually played duos on servers but decided to try and branch out! I usually like to breed,grind resources,raise babies(even if they arent mine, and ill cryo them when they need imprint!), Im not very good at pvp but if you give me time i can try to learn! I have all the dlcs, but i havent really played on many of the maps besides, Crystal Isles, Valguero,Center, and somewhat Extiction. I learn maps very quickly and I play anywhere from 5-10 hours a day sometimes more! If you wa
  11. @matthew216100 please write your discord correct or add me scripter#0001
  12. im a sweat at ark, ive also been looking for members. I could join ur tribe, my psn is A5_thepro. but my privacy settings doesnt allow friend requests and i dont know how to change it. Give me ur psn, im level 61, but i havent done an explorer note run yet, as i will be doing that today. I would like to join or you to join my tribe as i keep getting raided overnight bc i play solo. I know very good base locations in ragnarok. I will be waiting for ur reply.
  13. Looking for a tribe to join. Not a bob Tribe. 7000 Hours... PC. PVP not looking to waste time with PVE. Play daily after work. Not looking to join a new tribe to build a thatch house. You need members to help Grow and support, and grind, and raise dino's then im your guy. Please hit me up if you are wanting a member...or two. my Brother will probably join also. Discord- Fir3fly#9941
  14. Hy guys, me and my friend are looking for a tribe to. Im lvl 57, My friend 103 + tek engrams maybe we can join you guys? add me on psn; Arkraidernl official pvp ps4
  15. Hello, Im Bart, looking for a tribe, official pvp, PS4 19 years old i like farming, breeding and taming. I have expirience in ark but not on official, I played solo on official, got always wiped. My lvl is 56 I really wanna join a tribe to get the change to build up and not get raided all the time. If you wanna contact me; psn; Arkraidernl Discord; Bart#9356 Thx!
  16. i am a solo player on PC i am sick of being raided countless times over i am level 85 no dlc i have 226 hours. discord:The CEO of Cuck Force#2818
  17. Hmm I seam to have the 6th biggest tribe on dis forms?
  18. Hmm I dislike that NONE read the rules.
  19. My name is Shianne platform is PS4 username shylynn420 I'm 28 and live in the US. Looking for a official Pvp tribe. Survivor is lvl 95 with some tek unlocked been playing off and on for 3 years have all DLC except scorched. I have a mic and don't mind talking. I like farming, breeding, building, and taming. Looking for tribe where I can breed to my heart's content. Also play everyday for 5- 10 hrs unless busy in rl. Message me on PSN if you're interested or have more questions.
  20. Newish to ark looking to join a new or newish tribe. Either pve or pvp, been playing the single player for a while and want to branch out.
  21. I would like to join are you still looking for members? heres my discord shazminM1#5164
  22. Hello,my name is Shazmin I am from malta in the eu i am 13 years old and I like ark alot. Some of my strenghts in ark are farming taming raid def i am a very respectfull and honest tribemeber, i never steal and i never lie I promise to help out the team alot and make life easier to be alpha tribe I also will do whatever the leader says and i will ask for your permision to use your dinos thankyou and goodbye
  23. Hello my name is Shianne I'm 28 I live in the US and been playing Ark off and on for 3 years. Since playing again I'm on everyday and play between 5- 10 hours per day I am now lvl 95 and done 2 boss fights. I love to farm, breed and tame. I'm not the strongest Pvp I can defend and assist but I don't really like raiding unless they mess with me first. I have a mic and like talking I'm pretty lay back. Like I stated above I prefer aberration but am open to other maps I have every map except scorched earth. If you would like to know more please ask I really wanna play in an active server since a
  24. Hello, do you still look for members? Im level 92 on Smalls and got a breedable lvl 415 male Mana. Discord: Finnnnnn10#2973
  25. Good day, we are 3 players most of us have 1k+ hours in ark without the hours on ps4 we are ready to play from 5 to 12 hours a day we totally grinders and look for the best to tribe i haven't test my luck on small tribes but I'm ready to make good start one of our members has the tek turret engram unlocked for any further information please contact me on discord or steam Discord : scripter#0001 Steam : 837574815

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