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tell us about yourself and what kind of tribe you want to play with(pvp pve rp) and then people with "shop" through you and ask people to join their servers!!!!! Also has chats and a page for moders to work together! Please read the rules before you post!


Nintendo Switch
  1. What's new in this tribe
  2. I am looking for a 5-10 man tribe for a pve server I would prefer 3-10x times server anywhere in-between that will be good I have 850 hours on Xbox and 150 hours on pc I can do anything but make the base look nice I'm not a builder. If your looking to reach me (cbez#6456) on discord
  3. I would like to join a 5-10 man pc pve tribe that I would prefer to be 5-10x but 2-5x will do as well I have 850 hours on Xbox and 150 hours on pc. I will play 4-10 hours a day sometimes more. I am good at taming and breading but not building cool looking bases.
  4. looking for likeminded chill people on PC, would love to get something started with you. I'm not the best, but i can grind a lot.
  5. late 20's just looking for a chill group of people to have a good time with. Very laid back, smoker, drinker, and gamer. Official PVP NA
  6. Looking to join 5-10 man pve tribe on either Genesis 1, 2 or Ragnarok I have 1000+ hours and I play about 4-10 hours a day most of my experience in on Xbox by I recently moved to pc and have 150+ hours in just 2 weeks I can do anything from farming to taming even breeding for mutations it doesn't fuss me but I'm not the best builder if you going for looks. I have voice coms and am willing to answer any questions if you have them and can help out in the fields I'm good at. If you want to reach me I would prefer through discord (cbez#6456)
  7. Hi! I am a OCE looking for a PC pve 5-10x tribe with a few mods like s+ and other things I don't mind how big the tribe is as long as they are active and have a good bit of experience I have 850 hours on xbox and 150 hours on pc. If you have a tribe and can join you can message me on discord at:cbez#6456 thanks you.
  8. Hi! im not really sure how this site works but im looking for a tribe to play with (any map, I have all dlc but genesis) I play on ps4 and my specialty is taming/breeding, but im not very good with building. my discord is berry#7580
  9. Hey sent a request on discord whts ur psn so we can play
  10. Hey 28 yo european guy looking for a tribe on official pvp, pc lvl106, plenty of time on my hands, sick of solo life discord: 🆂🅽🅸🅵🅵#7498
  11. If you interested dm me BobMarley#3782 for more info!
  12. 27 here. I have about 2200 hours in ark. Most of it is legacy ark. level 99 on a valguero server currently. Got back into the crossplay windows ark recently and solo pvp servers can get boring alone after a bit. Looking for peeps around my age that are chill and not toxic. I also have the PC version but would only make a new char if i can find more players on there. I can play a few hours on weekdays but can really grind out a weekend for sure. Im okay at building but i enjoy taming/breeding and pvp the most.. if interested hmu on discord PacZ#1343
  13. yooo 27 here. Have about 2200 hours in ark. Most of it is legacy. Recently got back into playing ark and am currently solo for small tribes. I enjoy every aspect of the game. really love pvp and breeding. Need an active member message discord PacZ#1343
  14. Looking for player's, level sort of 30+ for smalls PvP on scorched earth, I've got apparently 2 members, but they don't seem to ever be on. I am after some genuine people to grind out, ive been wiped twice, so i am starting from nothing! So don't expect to come and we're sweet. We work as a tribe we'll get places. Im on playstation.
  15. Are you only interested in fully finished bases? Im looking for someone to join me on smalls, help build up and get good. Ive gotta spot, just working on getting it started. Im on scorched earth.
  16. Hey there, I'm 22 with around 1200ish hours in the game. All my friends stopped playing so I'm looking for a new tribe. I can play a few hours a day and a handful on the weekends. Can't remember exact level but its 100ish, don't have any tek engrams but down to run some bosses and get them. Discord is illusity#4836
  17. Hey all join have 2 years exp and great knowledge of the game add me at MelancholyZD
  18. SMALL TRIBES ON SE. Looking for some people who wanna setup a tribe and build up, I've gotta little spot with a foundation and bed that's it. Couple items in ob. But really im starting scratch, from being wiped. Just want a few people who will play and help and build up.
  19. busco tribu pc all maps
  20. 5K plus hours Xbox or steam look to join tribe hhhhh#8632 is my discord
  21. We have 3 people 1 good at pvp 1 good at building and another is good at gathering resources, 1 year to 6 months of experience we need 3 more people
  22. Hey, Im looking for a tribe to join, i have only played solo and it gets boring. i have a level 94 character and play 5-10 hours a day.

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