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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. Is there any point in posting here at least a small reply would be nice or a reason im being ignored
  3. Bullyrus


    Tribe Have two members of our own tribe. I am 35/lvl 80. Looking to join the tribe, good at it all, would like to build, defend and tame. We like to work as a team and be able to go offline and not be wiped.
  4. Looking to join your tribe... Looking to be part of a big tribe on official servers. I don’t mind farming, building, raiding etc. I’m an experienced player, and I know most aspects of the game already. I just need more players to team for a better chance of survival. HMU if you’re interested
  5. Hey my names Ash I'm from the UK I'm 30, I was in a alpha tribe on legacy and I have to start again, I grind get reapers and spend as much time as possible unless I got work. I'm looking to join a tribe and make new friends, the old tribe I had kicked me and a few others because we all got event reapers and they didn't ( a noob bit the queen and killed it) but I got the blame whatsoever hit me up my ps4 name is ashleanne_1989 look forward to hearing from you
  6. If i where a MIB... Sup, I am 27 GMT -4 Puerto Rico Would consider myself an excelent not lazy by hand farmer. Obviously like the rest of us who play solo more time than one could think, is the opportunity to grow with a tribe. Combination of gaming hours, talk two language(english and Spanish), have access almost 24/7 to my ps4 from cellphone allowing me to feed and imprint tames while on the go, or anywhere. Used to play back on 2017, life was good till we got wiped.
  7. Recruitment looking to join a larger tribe, age 24.experienced pvp. played lots on boosted server, now getting more into official. played lots of shooters and don't shy down from a fight even over numbered. avid player looking for some homies to HUNT with. very friendly and work well alone but thrive in a team.
  8. Looking for an official tribe So me and my friends are looking for someone to join our tribe (official) there are 3-4 of us I have around 2000+ hours on ark with plenty of pvp and raid experience, but my friends have around 200 hours and aren’t pvp experienced we also aren’t super active except on weekends and holidays. (Cause we are all in high school)I’m look for someone lax with enough plenty of ark experience it would be nice if they had extinction experience because I don’t get much extinction in
  9. Looking 4 tribe Hey, 20 years old EU region +1 I want to basically have a base for longer than a week in a server and maybe become the alpha tribe. I am looking 4 a tribe so pls send an inv
  10. Need to grind Hi I’m 37 utc1 (uk)I’ve been playing this game for two months now I made the mistake of starting on small tribes thinking it would be a better chance for me but none of the tribes will let me join I find myself solo rebuilding every day and can’t have a base so I have to hide I’ve gotten quite good at it. I have tamed a mana naked in the snow boim that takes determination. I realise Im missing out on cave runs and having a base and PVP where I don’t get wiped immediately if I start it will be a level one it will only take me one day to get to level 100 you can have my build as crafter if you would like or melee. I sometimes play for over 24 hours straight I’m totally addicted and you will have my full time.
  11. Level 68 looking to join a tribe Me and 7 friends are feed up of getting wiped and looking to join a large tribe we will put in the hard work if needed all on ps4 all put in a decent amount of hours...... what server do we join to find you?
  12. Where can i join in actual ark Where can i actually join in ark i grinder and tame
  13. Levek 105 looking for tribe Been playing since the game came out. Just took a break from the game and now looking for a tribe to join!
  14. Solo life Is garbage Been playing ark for a long time now my tribe got wiped and everyone moved on been playing solo the last 2 months and I can’t stress how bad that is just looking for a established tribe that grinds as much as I do lvl 88 shouldn't be long before I reach 100 but anyways ty to anyone who considers recruiting me Ps I grind bullets mad crazy psn:wild6card9
  15. Interview I’m 16, east time zone. I’m lvl 94 on offical, and lvl 70 in smalls, what I am looking for in a tribe is people who know what their doing and just have omg fun playing the game, what I can bring is many things put me to a task and u won’t stop till I finish, didn’t leave my least tribe they all went separate ways when we got wiped
  16. Interview age? 31 lvl? 98 Timezone? CET (Copenhagen, GMT +1) what are you good at? Grinding, building, fighting what are you looking for in a tribe? Building up a safe tribe, tired of getting raided (playing solo/with one friend), boss fights, PVP. activity? All of the above. what can bring to the tribe that no one has better? Experience, patience. why'd you leave your last tribe? Playing solo, build some huge bases but can protect them because solo/only two.
  17. Roate


    Interview I’m 16, I’m lvl 100, my time zone is pst (pacific standard time), I’m good at all the essentials of the game but I like farming the most, I’m looking for a tribe that knows how to have fun but can this grind while doing it, My activity is at least 4 hrs a day maybe more, I can bring relief to the tribe because I would be the best farmer u got, why I left my old tribe, well I played with irl friends and we got wiped and they never played again but I loved the game so I didn’t stop playing until I got burnt out of solo.
  18. Recruitment Im 18 years old and looking for a tribe to have a fun time and a good community,i would say i’m a pretty good farmer myself and also like doing it and im not bad at taming either.i live in the netherlands but i also speak english im online most of the time.i think my Recruitment won’t be a dissapoinment
  19. Zuyna


    Interview My online ID is Zuyna im 18 years old i’ve been playing ark since 2017 and you could say i am experienced. I am willing to farm,breed,pvp,build,tame. My discord is Zuyna#0018. Hope you guys respond fast and we could play together.
  20. Joining tribe 26 lvl 39 I just restarted after taking a break from ark and my character was deleted I’m great at pvp and gathering/crafting I’m looking for a tribe cause playing solo ik is impossible and I want my rock drake back!! I don’t use a mic but always check tribe chat
  21. Joining tribe I would like to join yalls tribe cause I like the animals. The last tribe I was in I was level 105 but he decided he didn’t want to do it anymore. I’m in central time. I like to take care of the animals. I’m getting sick and tired of my friends making a tribe on ark then a few months later no longer wanting to be in one. Need to ask me any questions just send it on psn Daretolive09.
  22. Hey I wanna join your tribe I’m 19 add my PSN iSoWavyy— with 2 dashes
  23. Psn cado997_ Add me to tribe I'm a grinder with no job so aRk is my job
  24. Psn cado997_ Add me to tribe I'm a grinder with no job so aRk is my job
  25. Application Age: 16 Level: 50 Timezone: GMT I'm good at pvp, building and getting food. I'm looking for a tribe where we have each other's backs, help each other out and just have a fun time. I am on every day. I can bring humour, perseverance and I'll never give up if we are attacked. I have never been in another tribe sadly
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