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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. Looking to join You still recruiting? Age 28 from the Netherlands. Play every evening 3/4 hours and in weekends during the day. Been playing solo for 2 years and have tek unlocked. Want to experience being in a big tribe. PSN: Ymbro117
  3. lils


    umm i play of an unnoficial server and i have 400 mutated gigas
  4. Recruitment I'm a level 118 player coming back from inactivity and looking for some cool people that know what they're doing. My psn ID is VeNoM_xMerKz
  5. I'm looking to join to if that's cool psn dotman_86
  6. I’ll join in tribe lv 88 have mic and all maps. Psn is dixiyboy19
  7. Yo I’m a OG from legacy been in more mega wars than I can name but got sick of all the problems official brought and moved to unofficial off and on for the last couple years. Decided to come back to official but all my old mates have moved on from ark so looking to start a new legacy. I’m able to do anything the game would ever require but Im not the best breeder. Message me on PS4 my username is psnmch if your interested.
  8. Hey, I'm trying to get a group together. I don't think this clan is active on forums so I'm just doing it like this. Reply with your PSN if you want to tribe up still!
  9. I'm 23, I have 2 characters - one is lvl 63 and another is something like lvl 80. I'm from Ireland
  10. Active Very active jack of all trades. Good at building, resource gathering, taming, breeding, fighting. My main strength is organisation and planning. If I'm building a structure, I find the most effective method of resource gathering, knowing how much of each material i need. I bring the right amount of narcotics and meat/berries. I can farm too and can get kibble. I keep my cool in tricky situations and can get the job done. PSN: michaelmaguire12
  11. Recruitment My PSN is: Spiral_V20- I'm looking to join a well organised mega tribe scince if you want to have fun on offical, you need to be in some type of mega I'm good at farming and breeding/raising I'm on everyday after school and on weekends I am on 24/7 My time zone is Australian Eastern standard Time and I'm 15 Years old
  12. My pan Is. Fallen_59
  13. Recruitment I am 20 years old and am looking for a tribe to bike up with. My character is low lvl rn but trying to get higher but I do have 2 years of experience playing this game. I can tame,breed,build,and pvp very well.
  14. Trash Interview Hello,I am an active european Ark player,I have been looking for a tribe for quite a while now,since playing solo on official's is next to impossible. I am 17 years old and my PSN is IlThotBreakerIl
  15. SmoKez165


    SmoKez Coming back to ark haven’t played in couple months, need tribe to join, here to help grind and breed, help do anything tbh
  16. mediocre at interviews Hey 8,030 days old, time zone pst, looking for group of people to play grind and have fun doing so. What I bring love grinding you need it built I got you. Also come with two lightning wyverns fully grown
  17. I'm bad at interviews! Hello! I'm a 27 year old female and this is my first time actually playing official. I've been in many guilds/tribes before so I'm a team player! I'm not sure what exactly I'm great at, but if you give me a shot I won't let ya down! I'm active most days in the evening. I can't remember the rest of the questions so hopefully this is enough! Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  18. Still recruiting? Are you still recruited
  19. Also my psn is the same as on here. Mcfinest2
  20. Interview Im 21. Trying to get back into ark. Looking for a not crazy built up tribe cause its fun building up. I have connections with a few mega tribes that liked triding with me b4 i stoped a little while ago. I think im lvl 89
  21. interview 32 bc canada havent played in a year looking to get back into it tylerjog541
  22. Interview Heya, i’ve been looking forever for a good tribe. I’m 14, somewhere around level 105 and an experienced mutation breeder. Currently, I’m looking for a tribe that is active and gets things done and has some fun. I can breed dinos for the best stats and can capture dinos well.
  23. Where do we meet ?
  24. Dotman


    Interview Hi been playing about 6 months looking for first tribe... im 33 from England. Looking to learn more about ark. I'm more of a gatherer, builder. On most evenings
  25. Interview I am pretty new to ark but love it. I’m home most days to play and a fast learner. Willing to help with anything. I am 28 years old, female from western New York. Hoping to learn more and contribute.
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