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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. Interview Im 15 with a level 50 character my timezone is ETS and i am good at pvp and breeding i know the ragnarok and the island like the back of my hand and can put in about 8 hours a day (i can power level to 100 in 5 days using swamp cave on the island plus ive gotten 500+ duri flak bps from it)
  3. Interview hey im male 20 EST ive been playing since launch so i have a great deal of experience in taming breeding and building pvp basesi also love farming/grinding, i work casual so i wont be able to jump on 9am to 1pm some days, due to drama and infighting my last tribe split . PSn DEATHKNIGHT537
  4. Recruitment Hi was wondering if I could join please. I'm male 36 from UK. I tame breed farm just love the game. Currently solo so the grind doesn't bother me. Look forward to hearing from you. psn bkto836. I'm level 92 with several characters
  5. Interview Hi I was wondering weather me and my cousin could join your tribe (my psn is slip-stream31). We are highly active players who have been playing since early 2017 and have never got big due to bad leadership. We are good at pvp and just want to have a good time. Please message me.
  6. Jay60


    Interview 21,male, level 108, timezone Eastern daylight time from Philadelphia Pa hi I’m new to the whole tribe thing but I do grind a lot on the game. I’m willing to work with people and make friends if we can talk we’ll become friends. My psn is mr_Fear60 add me an we can see if this will work out I’m good at gathering and scouting bases if need be I can go on solo missions to find Dino’s or people to recruit
  7. Interview Male, 27, level 96, Central-time, i have a mic, my psn is - SoFriedImCrispy, im great at pvp, i grind hard, i breed for boss stats/bloodlines, im a great scouter, im a team player, im not greedy, im a smart thinker. Things i can bring to the table- *teamwork makes the dreamwork *think before i act *positive player *no man left behind (dont inside) *cover other players grind duties? *dont raid servers im built on *help beach bobs out so heat stays off main server tribe and griefers focus on bobs more *tactical thinker when raiding/pvping *pvp kit always on me no matter what *ready for anything
  8. Interview I am 19 years old I am level 81 timezome gmt I am good at taming breeding and grinding and building I am looking for team work. Activity always on I can bring a lot of grinding to the tribe and loyalty and my last tribe was with a few friends who have quit the game.
  9. Looking 4 tribe Hi, I'm a lvl 86, 90% of tek unlocked. I took a break b4 extinction, but I am a grinder, breeder gatherer, and hatcher. I took a break to further my electrical job. I am 19, have abb unlocked, I can play 5+ hrs a day, but will always be in the discord 2 help
  10. Active Player Am new to the game but am active... I have been playin a few weeks single player on the island map, havent read anything just been playin by trial and error thus far... I have figured a few things out, i would restart every time i died from new... My wife cannot understand why lol... I wished to join a active group to participate and learn a few things, randomly joining servers to find quality people to game with wasn't working so i came here and found this ; ) If anyone wishes to hit me up on here with the server they play on i can get started, im mainly playing weeknights and weekends...
  11. Interview I'm 28 from America lvl 105. I grind pvp grief i do it all, whatever a tribe needs done to grow. All i want is an active tribe. My old tribe is dead 2 ppl holding down a mega tribe base grows on you thats why i left. WhYuNoPlAy is my psn name send a friend request and we can chat if your interested in recruitment once im off work.
  12. I need a new tribe I’m 14, I’m level 105 and I have been playing for 2 years. I am really good at taming, breeding, and grinding. I love the underwater and currently just tamed a level 150 basilosaurus to bring over to your tribe. I’m looking for a tribe who will let me tame, breed, and use my Dino’s rather than not letting me take any out ever like my old tribe. Please respond ASAP I wanna play! Thx so much Ryan Slater
  13. I have a tribe I just left sc to make new tribe I am active and I just made it yesterday look for a tribe called team 10
  14. Interveiw I am 20 looking for a active tribe where i can gully experience the game without getting wiped. I am from the uk and genraly play 2h on week days n 6-12h on weekends. I would like to join thia tribe i enjoy raising farming and pvp however i am prepared to do things i dint like if it benefits the tribe.
  15. New(ish) Members! Hello all! Recently getting back into ark, and I'm really not new whatsoever into the game (in OG Ark, I haven't been able to afford the DLC as of yet beyond scorched earth). That being said I myself, am currently teaching someone how to play ark and they're getting a really good grasp of the game so far and would like to introduce him into the pvp of the game. We don't mind creating new characters, I can be a viable asset within your tribe if i know which server to join up on. And if you like (if you're a leader or recruiter, etc) feel free to add me via psn @ TG_SethTeeDeez or on discord @ TG_SethTeeDeez1655 and I'll be happy to chat with you there. My main objective in any of this would be to continue teaching buddy the ropes before i throw him into a mega base where there's so much going on, so perhaps a nearby outpost we can start creating and beyond that assist you guys gathering. i have limited but some experience on Ragnarok, but definitely no stranger to SE or the Island with the near future plunging myself into the DLC. Always loved Ark pvp, just never had a tribe organized or large enough to be able to REALLY get into it.
  16. Hey Guys and Gilrs Im 31 old from germany, actually new @ark not a month. Very very intensinve active... i can good farm learn it by other games "Ultima Online WoW........
  17. I love Ark! I'm 19 yrs old, My time zone is PST, I'm super good at taming and breeding, I literally know ark like the back of my hand, you tell me to do something I gotchu! I'm just sick and tired of being wiped, but that's what happens when you only got 2 buddies that play, anyways I'm just looking for a tribe that actually knows what they are doing my PSN- xImortalxGamingx
  18. Interview I'm 24, have a lvl 15 character, central time zone, I'm good at taming, breeding, politics, leadership, and pvp. Only two things I want in a tribe, loyalty, and organization. I left my last tribe because legacy became a thing. Haven't played ark much since then and want to start up with a good tribe again. PSN: IXII_RECON_IIXI
  19. Interview Hi I'm a french 17 year old player. I been playing for almost 2 years and I have more than 1500 hours of paytime (Based on "My life on PS4"). I'm verry polyvalent, i'm especially good at taming and breeding but i'm not bad at grinding ressource. Previously I was playing on small tribe whith 2 irl friends but after a lot of hours of farm we stopped paying ark for a long time 5 month ago. So i decided to restart on regular server but I did not find a tribe that in which I trust so i decided to join a mega tribe. My psn is : BadTrip_Marouane
  20. Interview I live in the mid of the USA. I am lvl 78 and have a a lot of experience and I will do what I am told to do I will help grind and I have a a lot of time on my hands.
  21. MIB interview Hey I am 19, lost my 130 character a long time ago so I stopped playing but I got back into it 6 months later! I’m level 50 right now and looking for a good tribe to play with. I live in the Midwest of USA and I’m a hardcore grinder and pvper. I’m a good listener and does what’s needs to be done no questions asked. I left my last tribe because I lost my character and when I started playing again none of them played anymore. Get back to me Psn: PhxX6-
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    https://discord.gg/vppuKft join for tribe on offical
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    That's what I'm wondering too
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    Hey Hey what do I need to do to join this tribe?
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