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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. Hello Guys, i moved from PC to Ps5 and would like to join your tribe. I never played ark on the ps5 before but im a experienced ark player with about 3k hours on PC. I also have all dlcs. Hope to see you soon ^^ If your interested add me on discordplease mcchickencesarwrapohnetomaten#0241
  3. Gamertag for psn Tracerdaman looking to go all the way to the boss fight on lost island from scratch in a large tribe. wont need help grinding will operate indepentently or as a team when needed. OFFICIAL PVP Servers Only.
  4. Edit our characters have been found and are both over level 100
  5. Hi me and my friend are looking to get back into the world of ark PVP Official. We are both 16. Both of us have characters over level 95 but we haven't played in quite a few months so we are currently trying to find our characters. EST is our time zone. Both of us mainly breaded and raised everything from wyverns to gigas in our last mega but we also both took part in a lot of pvp. We are looking for a tribe that will let us raise tames again and that we can comfortably play and travel with the support of a tribe behind us again. We both can basically play whenever but obviously not when were
  6. Discord user name jazz6196 level 120 got all dlcs done all boss fights except genisis age 20
  7. What’s good! I’m 22, level 90, eastern US time zone. I have always played solo except when I was with a small tribe of about 7 people who all quit when we were wiped. I am good at taming and breeding, I also enjoy PvP. I’m hoping to find a tribe that makes me want to play ARK again. It is definitely in the top 3 games I have ever played but going solo honestly sucks. I work EMS so my schedule is unpredictable but I can still put a couple hours in a day. I have been wiped every time I have played, yet I still want to play. I genuinely enjoy the game and love everythin
  8. Hey guys. Im looking for a new tribe to train me up into a good player. I had friends in ark already, I joined their tribe but they were defending every day. Finally got wiped on Saturday by two tribes teaming up on server - island 589 Im level 125, have genesis 1 and 2. Around 80k hexagon points atm. Im good at breeding, taming, raising, farming, cave defence, I have a griffin and wyvern trap on crystal 1327 and can farm prime crystal or milk for any wyverns I need PVP help. Im 33 years old, from Ireland and I work from home. GMT timezone. It helps to make sure there's no off
  9. Jairyan


    Age:21 lvl:110 eastern time zone I’m into breeding and farming and looking to get into pvp more I’m looking for a tribe that actually works together to get stuff done instead of working individually. I left my last tribe because I took a break from ark many discord is iamjigga#2436 and my PSN is JaiRyan_ message me on there if I can join the tribe
  10. If u are looking to join a tribe on ps4 psn: IIToxicWxsteII the ending and beginning are capital i's
  11. I am 18 years old, in NSW, AUS. I haven’t played the game in 2 months after being wiped so I’m starting a fresh character. I can easily go on a note run. I have all downloadable content. My sole job that I love doing for the tribes I’m in is harvesting and taking care of baby dinos/breeding and building. I’m on the game almost 24/7 and what I bring to the table is experience, loyalty and dedication which is key. My PSN is DomSkiieZ if you are willing to tribe me up.
  12. 17 almost 18 years old level 74 i have been playing for a few years i like to farm resources i have been in 2 alpha tribe before first one we got raided second one i stop playing so they kicked me i can play every day at any time im from east canada MrFox5428
  13. LVL 100 Play a lot....just joined online PVP server for the first time so pretty bare bones but wanna put in the work....Like to do it all....great offline egg runner if that translates....lets build an army!!! lolol. Like Gen 1 and Ragnarok but will play any of them.
  14. tengo aproximadamente 14, no tengo mucha idea del tema del nivel, como soy nuevo no entiendo mucho pero en la ultima vez q jugue tenia nivel 50, Zona horaria de Buenos Aires (GMT-3) 19:44, no soy muy bueno en muchas cosas ya que soy nuevo pero si tengo q elegir creo q soy muy bueno en recolectar, busco compañeros o gente para jugar ya que es muy aburrido jugar solo y me gustaría probar nuevas experiencias, puedo jugar después de la 5:30 hasta las 8: 30 y en los fines de semanas puedo jugar desde 2:30 de la tarde hasta 1:30 de la noche (zona horaria argentina), puedo ayudar a recolectar todo lo
  15. I’d like to join cuz my last tribe was toxic my level is 116 and I have most tek I’m good at farming and growing things up i enjoy pvp but not very good at it I’m shy so party chat kinda makes me nervous but my availability I work 5 days away around 8 hours a day but i try and be on most of the time now that I have got into the game again raids are my favourite but up to u if u want me to join or not thank you!
  16. Declaan


    I'm 34 Just getting back into the game so I'm level 1. Central Time zone. I travel around the USA so can only really play Tuesday- Thursday. Might be able to get on more some times. Dhoward87 gamer tag Played the game alot. I can farm or tame anything.
  17. age? lvl? Timezone? what are you good at? what are you looking for in a tribe? activity? what can bring to the tribe that no one has better? why'd you leave your last tribe? age 38, lvl 1, CEST. I am good at farming, building and pvp. Looking to try official mega tribes. Been playing on crossarks the last 4 years in a alpha tribe. Want more pvp since the crossark I play is orp and it’s getting boring raiding in 15 min before orp kicks in. I play 4-7 hours during weekdays and 7-12 hours during weekends.
  18. I'm trying to DM you in discord. Accept my friend request so we can talk further about joining.
  19. 21, Pacific Standard Time, I can grind materials for many hours each day. I particularly enjoy metal runs, making gunpowder and bullets, getting materials ready for anything. Whatever required to pull my weight will be done.
  20. Age 19 PST I’m a good all rounder but i excel mostly in breeding and ill stop not to miss any imprints 100% only D: Psn Name Kiel-San

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