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(Ps4) looking for active grinders,tamers,breeders, Maintenance players who want to get big and stop getting wiped official rag pvp join me and put your trust unto my shoulders i will lead you to greatness. Let's get rid of this mega tribe trash together


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  2. My psn id is SGKaos_SR in case you are interested in my profile, I promise to be loyal: c
  3. I am 18 years old, I am from Ecuador, I can speak English and Spanish. I'm good at everything, because I have experience since the game came out on the console 5 years ago. I just want a stable tribe or stable friends who play ark. I spend the vast majority of my day playing ark because it is my favorite game and because I am quite friendly and loyal so I do not think there is any problem with another member, I contribute with what they ask me and I obey the orders and rules that they give me . I left my last tribe because they made me an inside and I was left with nothing. And in mega-allianc
  4. Hello, Im Bart 19 years old i like farming, breeding and taming. I have expirience in ark but not on official, I played solo on official, got always wiped. My lvl is 56 I really wanna join a tribe to get the change to build up and not get raided all the time. If you wanna contact me; psn; Arkraidernl Discord; Bart#9356 Thx!
  5. We're 23,22, and 23. I'm level 84 and the other two are 89 and 85. Two of us are in central time zone and play late at night from 10pn to about 5 or 6 A.M. the other is in japan we all are in the military that's why our time zones are different. one of us is good at electrical outlets and we all can build decent. great at gathering supplies and grinding for things we need as a group. in our last tribe which was just the three of us we worked together on projects and saved mats and determined together what they would be used for. we all have discord as well. In a tribe we are looking for fun an
  6. i'm 16 years old, lvl 0 but in 1 day i can be lvl 100. i'm goog at farming, tames, a bit building, pvping and raiding. i'm looking fore a big active tribe whit a lot of pvp. the creativetie whit raiding. i played 2 years ark duo's agenst 6 man tribe's. the surver were i played on wend down and now i'm here.
  7. 1) I'm 28 2) Central/ NA 3) I love farming and breeding and okay at building and taming but not good at pvp 4) I want to be part of an active tribe where I can talk and not worry about getting ganked all the time. I want to breed tames. 5) I don't know how many hours I've put into game but I've been playing off and on for 3 years. And for past 2 months been on every day for 5- 10 hrs if rl schedule allows me to. 6) Unfortunately I recently got wiped by a griefing mega and lost everything so I can't bring anything better. 7) The tribe I'm leaving was just a 4 perso
  8. And i have all DLC's
  9. Hey im 14 years and my name is Philipp im life in german and i was in 3 mega tribes i love breeding raiding and taming i can help this tribe my english is bad sry. I grind every day 8-15 hours on offical and my ps4 name is D3Tix_NGU Love you D3Tix_NGU
  10. I am active nearly every day I love to grind and get stuff done decent at pvp. I left my other tribe because it wasnt going anywhere I was the only person wanting to build up I am 16 years old time zone GMT I have alot of good tames but I am solo and really afraid of getting wiped rn
  11. Hi, adult, active (depends on which days cause of work) PS4 player looking for a tribe. I dont have dlc's (i'll probably buy them), atm i have character on apocalypse lvl92 (just failed swamp cave tried to do it for the first time). I have never ended bossfight i tried to do it only once on unofficial. I know how to farm, i know how to pvp, i know how to tame the most of usefull dinos, but im not the best breeder. Im adult, got job some duties, but i try to play every day at least 1hour. I think there is still a lot of things to learn. If you think i can be useful to play with then just a
  12. Been afk...lost everything to decay. Rusty, but exp. Can do most tasks...just want to have fun and wipe aholes lol.
  13. Hi. Adult player. Since legacy. Former alpha. Tired of solo. Can play 24/7. Hit me up on psn : ezangel.
  14. How do i join? PSN:Fyter88 message me please I good at a bit of everything well rounded player not a noob I have no clue how many hours I have... Just want a good fam and tribe to play with. I'm on now, please message me
  15. I’m 24 been playing ark since legacy on Xbox switches over to ps4 around extinction was in a alpha for 3 years before we got wiped off center blue ob I’m a tamer grinder raider I can bring motivation to this tribe I play daily even if it’s solo trying to get back to the feeling of good ole ark my psn is StillTrippin-
  16. Hello, my name is louie And my PS4 gamertag is ZeNt0_-yt, and I’ve had countless attempts at tryinnnto survive the ark, quite recently I joined an alpha that insided me, all my hard work was squandered and I’m seeking trustworthy loyal and respectful colleagues that I can work with to achieve my ark goals, I live in the uk but I’m willing to play on any server, I also have 2 other friends that worked closely by me in the last alpha that also lost all of their stuff that are willing to grind their nuts off to get back to that stage again. Their gamertags are Ethansargison and Louidezza
  17. Icfatk1ds is my gamer tag. My new character is only lvl 76 lost my old one when i decided to take a break. Im very much into breeding and know my way around a metal run. I excell in pvp. I left my last tribe because we were on an unofficial server that wiped. Been going solo for a bit but constantly get offlined. I beleive id be a great asset to the tribe
  18. I’m in NY - not the greatest at anything - looking for people that work together to create a safe server to play on.
  19. Age 43 - level ,unsure was on orp but I grind up quick. Casual player - suck at pvp - like to farm and tame -some breeding also. PS4 id Cause-of-Death01.
  20. looking for a secure tribe. I have a lev 92 and a lev 78 crafter with a 770% crafting skill atm. I have about 40 tames some if which are tagged for tribe use. Some are breeders. I have lots of free time to play and contribute to your tribe. I left my old tribe because of thieves. Got sick of members taking my tames, killing them and saying nothing or members taking my kit. Got sick of it when owner says get over it.. that happens this is Ark, instead of kicking the offender. Ps4 official pvp
  21. So honestly I haven’t played official much but I have been playing ark for awhile and I have a character lvl 63 as well as I will do anything you need just name it. My psn is TOXIC_ROGUE_YT
  22. Hello, me and my friend are looking to join, I’m lvl 103 with alpha Val and alpha brood and he’s lvl 113 with all engrams expect trans and skiff, I’m 15 and my friend is 18, both of us have a lot of experience, good at pvp, can grind and are very active
  23. Application for Joining Tribe Hey there, Wanted to see if you were interested in adding me to your tribe. I'm lvl 85 on this current character (old character lost in a server). I specialize in pvp, breeding, resource farming and know every map very well. I play 3-4 hours every day and am 28 years old. My main timezone in East Coast and can play at all hours. I can also bring tames, mostly simple ones from Anky, Argy, Griffin, etc. The main reason I am trying to leave my current tribe is because the tribe-mates don't take grinding seriously and are mainly kids. Would prefer to play wi

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