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(15 MAN LOOKING TO GROW) THC is a tribe accepting mid level and experienced players. We are an American tribe but aren't against players from other countries joining. We are looking for active players who have general knowledge about the game and who are ready to work. Please below state your character's level, your age, and your favorite thing to do in ark. (Please include your PSN username) PLAYSTATION OFFICIAL PVP TRIBE


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  2. My pan is chrisscotland I’m 30 I’m looking to join a tribe I’ve been away for about a year but recently started playing again I’m level 130 with tekgrams I’m from Scotland so EU time zone have a good knowledge of the game played since the island and done many things.
  3. PSN: TarkerTheArker Im 24 years old , have all dlcs, over6k gaming hours and lots of PvP server experience. I dont have a favorite job since i played Solo for a longtime had to do annything annyway. Im from Germany but speak english fluently. Dont have a official character at the moment but just Tell me which lvl i Need and i will get on it.
  4. I'm lvl 103 W tek engrams and experience in breeding, pvp looking for a small but solid group
  5. Psn , InsidiousKiller_ lvl 101. Raid/breed/Raise/tame/Grind. Age 24
  6. Hey, looking to tribe up. Have played mostly solo for years now. Been in a tribe once. My current character is level 77, but have had level 100 characters before. Psn name is SFTH_Stardart. I can do anything from farming to taming, already have dododex.
  7. Looking to join up with a good tribe how do I go about it here ? My psn is evildead__0
  8. Hello, currently looking to join a tribe. I have over 1,000 hours of experience. I would be starting fresh since I have not played in a while. When I play ark, I typically like to grind for materials and the occasional raid. I am 22 from NY. I am currently in my last semester of grad school, so my availability is intermittent. Currently, I stay up late at night (EST) since my classes are at that time. My psn name is LTigersJ10.
  9. hey looking for new tribe to join im lvl 77 and my friend is 80 both mid experienced and like to farm tame and raid both from canada on na servers
  10. Hello, currently looking for a team to join. I have 3 total players, all 20+ years of age and active Ark players. Have knowledge of the game and favorite thing to do is gear up and pvp.
  11. Very welcome experienced player once was a part of a mega tribe called white walkers had to let it go for college but now I’m out and I’m free very active lost character so I had to create new one lvl 72 after note run age 22 and favorite thing to do would be pvp/breeding/farming
  12. Hey there boss i’m a level 111 and the 21yr of age. My favortie thing to do in Ark is to grind materials and raise dinos. PSN TheSteamyDab
  13. Favourite thing to do in ark is build, explore and tame dinos, age: 21
  14. Hey I just got the game from ps plus, looking to join the tribe because i keep getting raided as soon as i get some decent loot, my character level is around 50-60 on a few servers i have all DLCs, my PSN name is sage-bolt3.
  15. Looking to join tribe can grab 40 lvls quick on any server solo player looking for tribe to ascend with and beat bosses and pvp
  16. Character level:105 DLC's:All Age:15 Favorite thing to do in ark is grind and pvp. experienced PS4:OnlyGlory
  17. PSN:Doz1457 Character Lvl: 101 DLC: All Age:20. Favourite thing to do is raise/tame dinos.
  18. PSN: R4GN4R0K_6D9 Character LVL: 91 Age: 36 My favorite thing to do in Ark is, by far, PVP! Got the game this Christmas for my son, since then, I have played it more than him I have quickly learned the game and have started being recruited by an Alpha tribe (former WWs). The individual recruiting me and two other randos I met on Ragnarok sadly had a death in the family and has went MIA. We had a nice base in the floating island rathole on Crystal Islands for about a week...until we got Noglin raided. I was able to refill the tek gen after they spammed on/off with one of said randos being noglin'd. This killed two of the mercs as the heavies came back online, I then threw my Giga and chomped the Noglin, but it was too late, they got through our bars and landed a stego, then started RPGing death wall. 5 man assault team, with wayyyy more experience vs 3 man team with less experience. We put up a valiant effort and had fun doing so, but were eventually wiped (1hr raid). Recently cleared what looked like a dead Pearl cave on Island (just tons of spam), setup a death wall and started to base, but being sub 100 I had only a couple heavies from gen2 drops and mostly light turrets...they came back and wiped me yesterday lol. Anyway, looking for a team who plays alot and is dedicated to protecting our valuables...so tired of starting over (although Gen2 makes it much easier to restart). If you're looking for a solid team player, who will grind like the rest, hit me up!!
  19. Hey, I’m 22 from Scotland, been playing ark pvp for about 4 years, I was max level but I took a break from ark a while ago and I can’t find my character, I enjoyed raising tames, farming and pvp. My PS4 username is x-SwishY
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