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(15 MAN LOOKING TO GROW) THC is a tribe accepting mid level and experienced players. We are an American tribe but aren't against players from other countries joining. We are looking for active players who have general knowledge about the game and who are ready to work. Please below state your character's level, your age, and your favorite thing to do in ark. (Please include your PSN username) PLAYSTATION OFFICIAL PVP TRIBE


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  2. Hello my friends I want to join because I am bored. I am 13 would like to join have a charter that has broodmother and is 90ish if I can find it. And yes I am a guy very chilll .
  3. I’m lvl 75 been playing for a couple of years and I’m 23. I like taming grinding and pvp I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to ark
  4. I’m level 120 Iv done all boss fights except Genesis Iv played since the game came to ps4 love to grind or raise Discord account is jazz#6196
  5. My user is xx_toxicwater_xx and I’m level 90 (I’ve been playing for 4 years) I’ve been in many mega tribes my age is 24 and I play a few hours during the day I mostly grind
  6. What’s good! My character lvl is 90, im 22 and my favorite thing to do in ARK is probably taming. I usually run solo but I’m looking for a tribe where I can put my skills to better use. I’ve solo tamed two 150 gigas before on Rag. Just looking to enjoy ARK again without being solo. PSN: Pharaoh0412
  7. end i can play at al mooist any time end my engles is a lot better when talking in party chat
  8. yo im looking for ative tribe on ps4 got a 118 lvl on 6 man with mid lvl ab bos done en got a normal character on official lvl 80 ish wel i mooistly play on 6 man im frome holand en 30 years old i got probely 5k h in the game ish psn is kiradead666 im a builder en dont mind farming en scouting not much of a tamer
  9. Hi so I am looking to join this tribe I really need one I am on ps5 and have all dlc and love raising but as well pvp and other things, etc. I am 17 and soon to be in a month 18. My psn name is Badpine-gaming
  10. Wassup bro I’m experienced I didn’t play this wipe but I ready to play next wipe on the 8th I grind and able to put in hours on the game I’m 23 and I’ll sometimes stay up all night grinding and of course I’m a stoner
  11. My character level is 78 and I have some past experience playing the game. I am 19 years old and my favorite thing to do in the game is grind for tames and materials. I am very active and would love to join an a tribe full of active members. GummyWormLover -PSN
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