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  1. Noticeable jittery animation when in 3rd person and you access inventory also in chair as someone mentioned above.
  2. Community Crunch 90!

    The Easter Sheep are the best!
  3. Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    It's so fuzzy!!
  4. Submission for NVIDIA ANSEL Dangerous Waters Imgur seems to not be working at the moment so here is the link to my Steam Artwork image:
  5. My first submission to the NVIDIA Ansel portion of the contest: Featuring the new Equus! Mods included: eco's Equestrian Decor (preview)
  6. That model was probably during their testing phase. Try waiting until the next Dev Kit update and it probably will have fur.
  7. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Is it possible to have a search box for mods while setting up a SP session?
  8. Those ARK Babies sketches are adorable and should be on t-shirts!
  9. Are you making copies of the items you are changing or trying to adjust core files?
  10. The first cook of a mod always takes a long time but you took the time to make it so you should use it Just set it to hidden if you don't want others to use it.
  11. carpets

    It is a thing
  12. Perhaps continuous music?

    That would be really nice
  13. My submission for ARKitect For the building I really wanted to play with angles and give it dimension. For the inside I wanted it to be clean like a lab with lots of wall storage to keep the floors clear. Map: The Island Mods: eco's Tek Decor Structures: Glass Metal Mod:
  14. Announcing ARK Park VR!

    This looks amazing. Well done to all involved!
  15. yay ARK emotes! Lovely entries everyone and congrats! I have seen the Castle, Keeps, and Forts mod in action and it is beautiful. Great job peoples