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  1. Sharkcat

    Sharkcat's warpaint

    Some of my custom made warpaint, feel free comment, share and get ideas from them. My steam profile : http://steamcommunity.com/id/Sharkcatwarpaints/images/ . You can also download these paints from my discord channel where i share & store my paints https://discord.gg/6DZdWeq. You will need just register yourself to discord with username and email and accept invite from link
  2. I have opened my own discord channel share & store my paints: https://discord.gg/6DZdWeq . You will need register yourself to discord with username and email to able to view my channel after accepting invite from link :)

  3. Happy birthday ARK and developer team, awesome community stuff again
  4. I just realized that i have made about + 100 warpaints, time flies having fun with warpaints... :o

  5. Thanks for submitting my warpaints here. Loving all art works here everytime, nice to see so much creativity!
  6. Thanks, I had really fun with painting them
  7. Had fun with easter theme :D

    1. NozZyBoy


      Does anyone know when the event ends for Xbox one 

  8. Nice work everyone, I like all art works here and nice to see my skins here also. Happy holidays everyone!
  9. Awesome works everyone, I liked of those pencil drawings and other art pieces. Nice to see my skins here also
  10. Made some warpaints for therizinosaurus, check my steam profile and art works :Jerbhi:

  11. Making some warpaints for newest land dinos atm

  12. awesome, can't wait to paint this
  13. Still having problems with dino painting, game refuses load paints for some reason.... Can't design any new paints until it gets fixed :Jerbcry:

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