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  1. Have you tried pressing restoring purchases?
  2. Two things: 1: This is the mobile forum, there is another forum where you can access pc/console version ark, as these kibbles aren’t yet implemented on mobile. 2: Fortunately, I do happen to know that you can use higher tiered kibble on dinos that need a lower tier.
  3. Anglerfish do now harvest pearls. But also, on top of what you’re saying, wyverns are on rag and Valguero, so it’s not like we can’t get them for free on pc. And they should do something similar to these wyvern egg suggestions for rock drakes too.
  4. Minigame server Does anyone know of any servers (mobile, as this is mobile forum) where the admin constantly runs minigames?
  5. Thylacoleos aren’t on mobile, you’re wasting your time
  6. They said, quote unquote, ‘all creatures in the near future will be released in the dungeons’
  7. Also for some jumps, if you don’t want to pay money, some you can sprint and jump straight to the middle, then to the end.
  8. For better compound bow and sword bps, do the ‘Hunt:Basilosaurus’ and ‘Hunt:Terror Bird’ pursuits respectively. 895 dmg is not that good, but the sword is decent.
  9. As much as I would like se on mobile, I’d say they probably just liked the theme, as they’ve stated several times that a DLC is not going to come to mobile for a while.
  10. For the allos, in the corner with the three holographic columns, from front on the allo’s head is to big so it cant hit you.
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