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  1. I assume WC will add more technological stuff as well as this and the tek surveillance system, otherwise it would be sorta useless.
  2. You can farm it up. Look at the wiki for loot for each artifact.
  3. It’s not something I’ve done, but a hilarious bug that happened the other day is quite dumb. I was in the swamp looking for a sarco, when I see a kapro launch at something (I think either a diplocaulus or a phiomia) and it completely flew straight up into the world height barrier. I could barely even see it!
  4. You need the nitrado app. Price for a six person is $5.20 (I think US$) per month
  5. @Rocketraptor why? Spyglass is all you need, it shows health and torpor from a distance
  6. I had a glitch once when I opened my inventory almost as soon as i finished the dungeon, and it said (for a split second) I had the ‘underwater arena’ buff, check your buffs to see if that’s it.
  7. Maybe in the water section there will be no or few islands, and you have to make them or use the turtle
  8. Mods and maps Hey I’m currently an Ark mobile player but am waiting for the next sale for PC to get it there, and I was wondering about mods, specifically, is there any way I can put Primal Fear only on one map eg Olympus? If so, how?
  9. As @XaosRes said, there is no ‘drop chance’ for tek. It is in a specific chest each dungeon. Also, each dungeon has one specific boss as well as the noctis. Look at the wiki each new dungeon to see the tek chest location and the boss.
  10. You know the wiki is fan based, right? Also, I think it is a gravity gun now simply from the language that nanobanana decoded: ‘gravitate’. It probably is a gravity gun.
  11. Yeah it’s definitely some sort of vehicle, maybe a submarine for the underwater biome?
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