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  1. I do like the shant concept but its kinda rude to tell people to vote for something else on a unrelated concept. Again nothing against the shant, just against you
  2. You put a lot of effort into your concept here, if the gigantoraptor is selected as the community creature, I would be fine with the version you posted here. I like it
  3. Forgot to add, The Gigantoraptor would be tamed by k'oing it, using raw mutton
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmontosaurus Sidenotes: The Edmontosaurus saddle will seat one person and has no special effects. Fiber and thatch would be required to tame one, but a level block of 45 will be present. Will be breedable. Name: Edmontosaurus stantibus celsior Temperament: Neutral Wild: While the other hadrosaurs on the Island have many predators to worry about, the Edmontosaurus stantibus celsior can ignore most threats due to it's sheer size and power. Herds of Edmontosaurus have been seen taking down foes much bigger than themselves. Do
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigantoraptor Sidenote: Saddle is one person, screech does not work on opposing gigantoraptors. Name: Gigantoraptor longii Temperament: Territorial Wild: The Gigantoraptor may look like an overgrown Oviraptor, treating it as such is an extremely bad idea. With a sharp beak, powerful legs and a shrill, this walking cannon can fend for itself against most creatures, including survivors. Don't get too close unless you have a death wish. Domesticated: The Gigantoraptor requires only the
  6. As we all know, the Noglin has the ability to control wild creatures, allowing the player to take control over the wild dino for a brief period of time without the need for a saddle or even taming. Unfortunately when actively using the possessed dinosaur under the Noglin's influence, it is seemingly invincible to all forms of damage. Yet when the wild dino is under the influence of the Noglin, but isn't actively being controlled, it will he able to take damage. It is very easy to do, requiring only a Noglin and a wild dino, and the only step is to control the wild dino to achieve
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