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  1. None of my servers are on the list but it dosent change what I was saying they lied about the time people would have to migrate an how many servers would be getting closed
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. WOOOOOOW you guys literally lie to us an have no problem doing so how can you just burn us all like that an not even care your meant to be a proffessional company yet you treat us like dirt an literally say one thing when you know that is not whats happening at all your a disgrace of a game studio an you have A LOT to learn even after 2 years your terrible!!!!! LIE NUMBER 1>>>>>> 1 month to move after the kill list goes up they say......but truth is we have 5 days......you understand these servers are 2 year old how do you expect people to move 2 years worth of gameplay while they have work an familys in real life to look after too you rush us an gives us the short end of the stick just because your rushing to meet your own in house deadlines which by your own fault your way behind schedule for which is totally unfair you have no consideration for us what so ever we are the reason you have a game the reason your game is so popular yet you just mug us off like we dont mean anything at all...... LIE NUMBER 2 >>>>>> All legacy servers will receive total an full support " just like our new official servers " they say......truth is legacy servers wont recieve any support after they become legacy servers on the 29th.......all current tickets will be wiped what an absolute bail out your a poor excuse of a dev team (NOT AN INSULT GP DONT REMOVE MY COMMENT ITS JUST AN OPINION THERES A DIFFERENCE ) but I am pretty sure others will agree you just basically took a massive one on all of our heads thanks a bunch wildcard nice way to thank us for playing your game for the last 2 years.
  4. Could somebody please post me the link for the thread were we can ask questions for the next digest ?
  5. Yes after the second patch was sent adding the engram to the cooking pot my comment was posted before the patch not that it mattered anyway because all the cake does is bug drops an causes them to be empty an no way to despawn them without a server crash/restart or update GG
  6. lol yeah sweet theres cake slices that buff drops you think next year you can manage to get the engram in game too ? would be helpful....smh always something with you guys
  7. So even more of the map is gonna become no build zones jesus christ like there isnt enough already the drop zone build block ruined half of the map as it is
  8. This actually sounds pretty cool hopefully we dont have to wait months for it to be on the center though
  9. are you thick ? every other alpha I have played an I have played quite a few fix things in progress do you know what an alpha is or why they want us to preview there game ? Its because they want us to find bugs an report them back to the dev team WHAT IS THE POINT WHEN THEY DONT LISTEN AN THEY DONT FIX IT WHEN WE DO I am well aware its an alpha but with the amount of time it has been an alpha there should have been some progress in the way of bug fixing any dev team that think they can compile a list of bugs massive game breaking bugs at that an then fix them all at once upon launch are bunch of gullable idiots ! an if you think that this game only loses players when they stop adding content then you need to pull your head out because half the community is screaming for them to stop adding pointless an useless content an fix the game to at least a playable state an each time they fail to do so they lose more players ive read countless posts from people who have taken servers offline because the game is no fun anymore it just annoys people an fustrates them an no they dont fix stuff constantly they ATTEMPT to fix things an fail at doing so an break something else while there at it it is shocking alphas generally fix things as they go along thats the point of them however WC do absolutley nothing an i didnt say it wasnt an alpha I said saying the game is an alpha is a poor excuse for why things dont get fixed an it is ! lastly I run a dedi server an everyone gets on with each other no one raided me an if they did they would fail hard if i was angry that I had been raided or flattened by a tribe then thats what i would be writing about isnt it but did you see me mention anything along them lines no you didnt i am not the type to start crying because i got raided neither so jog on with your smart arse reply you moron
  10. no I am sick of all you people who say oh its an alpha its in preview that is just a shocking excuse that the devs use to skate by without fixing out like i said how do we preview a game when it keeps resetting you cant its unplayable an how they communicate with the community an address problems is shocking an you think thats gonna chnage when game ships no ? I dont want a full product if I did I wouldnt have bought in to an alpha stage game what i want is an alpha that is in a playable state Ive been playing bf1 alpha last week n half not 1 single bug an theres been two patches to change a few things the patch gets announced an guess what....it drops on the day they say it will they have to through a MS QA too weres the difference theres none there both alphas except dice handle there stuff an WC just sweep it under the rug an say " were gonna optimize b4 launch " what a joke this game has been in alpha for absolutley ages with absolutley no progress in the way of fixing things everytime they attempt to fix something they break it more or break something else all the other bugs are easy to get round an play with but not saving your progress on a game like this is stupid an should be fixed immediatley not 4 patches down line an there still trying to fix it this game is time consuming as it is without having to do everything over an over again I havent even been able to begin gearing up to attempt to take on titan because nothing saves so you tell me how i am supposed to preview this game when I am starting back from scratch everyday I dont wanna preview leveling up everyday an building a wood hut anyway my point is the dev team are useless an if they keep up how they are there gonna lose even more players eventually there gonna be left with a stale playerbase because there reputation for fixing things an getting patches out on time is starting to precede them an if they ever get on to making new games nobodys gonna be interested after the mess that was ark
  11. When are you gonna stop concentrating on USELESS boring animals that no one wants an start fixing the game yes its a preview but if everytime you go offline everything is wiped how you meant to preview ? absolute let down problem has existed for a while now an you made 0 progress in fixing it all you did was add a back up save button that dosent work neither I tookmy server offline tonight because i am tired of it not saving i am not the first an i am ure i wont but the last question is how many players you guys willing to lose before you listen an do something about it
  12. You get a hybrid by breeding two different animals which you cant do in ark an will never be able to random mutations come from inbreeding because peoplebreed MnF get a baby then breed it with its mum or dad again with the random mutations it will force people to build a family tree like your supposed too if you want to breed high level dinos
  13. how sick do those endor style tree houses look did anyone else notice how far that bridge is extending with only 1 pillar at the start supporting i hope thats a thing an not just made like that for the picture
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