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  1. The Island Didnt get on for long tonight, just focused on a bit of Tek Cave prep for our attemp at it tommorow night. Hopefully the server doesnt go down like last week. Started off with a quick trip on the basilo round the deep ocean looking for ammonite for the bile. Went into the western sea cave for the loot as well Didnt get much of note but I did run into a wild dimorphodon in the artifact chamber which I have never seen in all the times I have run the cave and I have run that alot. Found a deepsea crate in the ocean with a nice new ascendant giga saddle and a ascendant shotgun. Shotgun will be nice for the tek cave. Got about 200ish bile from the trip which should be enough for what we need. Going to craft the darts uo fresh before we head into the cave. Did a bit of narcoberry and tintoberry farming and made up a few stacks of medical brews. Also crafted up some soups and currys just in case. Geared up full of riot with a back up set. Also packed a few peices of ghillie for the tek cave and some fur for the overseer arena. Ill just need to fully kit out tommorow with ammo and medical brews as well as anything else I have forgotten.
  2. There is a reason why there is a border. Its almost as if the console couldnt handle it. You either have to put up with the border orrent a server.
  3. The Center Logged on for the first time this week, havent been on since the failed attempt at attempting the Tek Cave on Saturday, needed a break from Ark for various reasons, been binge playing Halo and catching up with Game of Thrones instead. Also been a bit down aince I didnt get either of the the jobs I was interviewed for including the one I had my heart set on, gutted and heart broken but on to better things hopefully. Was going to do some more prep for the cave but decided to work on my shoulder pet predicament and try to sort out breeding pairs. Taking the opportunity to work some new blood into the lines while I am at it. Also bred up some pikachu jerboas in anticipation of the The Island server rotating round to Scorched. Nabbed one of dinks shinehorns from The Island since it was a much needed female and it appears to be part of the lost line anyway. Bred it with one of the surviving males and got a female with the stats, just need to select the colour, going to add the red from dinks shinehorn into the new pair. Mated the surviving female glowtail with one of the glowtails that d1nk tamed during the Easter event since I had no surviving males. Going to keep the line the same apart from adding in the yellow from the Easter glowtail. Hatched up the 4 spare featherlight eggs I had in an attempt to get a female as all I had left were males. Thankfully 1 of the eggs hatched out pink female and I kept one of the hatchling gold males and I have a breeding pair of featherlights ready to go again. Started my attempt at breeding my cyan blue event coloured otter in with the high levels but no luck apart from a low level test otter to see how it looks like with a cream belly, looks good. Finished up exploring The Center on my rock drake while I waited for my current raises to finish up. Ok I'll admit it, I was half hoping to maybe run into some of the new bases and see if I could see any familiar looking shoulder pets. I eventually spotted a taming trap next to a beaver pool and looked around. Spotted a cluster of dinos and a base inside one of the ruins and snuck in to have a look. Obit camerad to sneak a peak inside, and boy do those featherlights look familiar. One of the shinehorns looks familiar too. Think I found my theif, not that I like pointing fingers.
  4. That thread was a blast ? Also congrats on hitting 2k. Gutted ?
  5. Oh lord the old white theme. Is that THE official wipe thread?
  6. The Island - Eve of the Tek Cave Event Finished up preparations for the attempt at the Tek cave. Loaded up the replicator full of wood, hide, fiber and metal and respeced into crafting. Crafted up the final 4 theri saddles and 2 rex saddles and then a spare giga saddle. My squad consists of 11 theris and 5 rexes, all with ascendant saddles and one (a female) of which has been saddled up with a tek saddle. Had to grab that one from the Center as I seemed to have assembled a squad of pure males. I know d1nk has a couple of females but I wanted the variety. Treated all the boss dinos to a dyed saddle, got to show off my blue, cyan and yellow scheme I am still deciding on if I should bring the giga and the yuty. Finished off and respeced into a tek cave stat build, basically pumped everything into health and fortitude with a bit of weight. Didnt see the point wasting levels into speed, melee damage or even stamina. I'll just need to kit up tommorow when I get home after work. Theres been a contamination issue with the gacha crystal vault. Cracked opened some for the tek saddle and got a fair few silica pearls out of them lol We're all so dead ?
  7. What @Aushegunsays. Dinos in caves are usually untamable. Basically if the dino is higher than the usual max level i.e. above 150 on difficulty 5 server, its untamable.
  8. ^^ this was going to be my suggestion. Could also surround tribe mate with small bear traps ? Also paint armour obnoxious colour and also paint tribe mate.
  9. The Island More Tek Cave preparations. Uncryoed my spare rexes and theris to check how many more saddles I needed to craft. 4 theri and 3 rex saddles. Might make a tek saddle for one of the rexes but a hide run was in order. Still deciding on stats After a metal run I started targeting titans for hide but 30k hide from 2 titans probably wont be enough so I wandered around the Island on my giga munching everything that moved, targetting larger creatures such as brontos, diplos, paracers rexes etc with the chainsaw. Its probably the biggest hide run I have ever done, in total I must have gathered about 110k hide tonight, mental. I'll probably craft up the saddles tommorow. Currently got 158k hide sitting in a dedicated storage box. Definitely going to need some more metal. Finished up the night with a trip to the western sea cave. I was mostly hoping to kill some more ammonites for bile and also for loot but I didnt have much luck with either. Ran into a level 120 alpha mosa in the artifact chamber. Luckily the mosa AI is sill borked so he got very few hits onto me. I swear that thing was never going to die. Must have been 10 solid minutes of button mashing (wasnt looking at a clock) but it eventually died. No good loot from it. Got back to base and called it a night.
  10. This should be interesting Bet you were popular ? Dont have a partner to work round but still got to negotiate with the parents.... for the love of God someone just give me a decent job so I can move out again.....
  11. This is why WC really need to start using the MoTD system on the Official Servers.
  12. I know right ? Soon as I saw it I thought d1nks gonna love this. Its on my bp bookcase on the island
  13. Did something similiar not long ago. Me and d1nk went to explore the badlands to the north, the place full of corrupted gigas and wyverns. We deployed gigas in the outskirts of the danger zone but I forgot I still had the cryosickness and deployed my giga unconscious. D1nk had to fend off corrupted wyverns and gigas while I sat helplessly looking on. Thankfully the giga survived.
  14. The Island Well after a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions day at work it was nice to chill out for a bit and do some prep for out upcoming attempt at the Tek Cave. Found out today that I didnt get the job I was interviewed for which was a bit gutting but not long after that found out that I made it to interview for a job thats come up at my current work, it would be a bit of a dream to get that. Started of by grinding out more essential materials that we will probably need. Basically this means metal, so I farmed my usual spots of blue obelisk and obsidian mountain. Then went on a swamp cave run with my cave crew to farm up cementing paste, could be useful for tek cave prep but I am also wanting to craft up a few more asc chainsaws potential to trade since a few folk seem to want in on that bp. The trip to the cave went well, only one direct hit from an arthropleura and my gas mask held up. Loot wasnt wonderful apart from an ascendant allo saddle bp (150 armour) which I think we have been desperate for now for ages. Materials arnt too bad, fiber is always a joke, metal is only about 1.5k a pop but as usually the hide is the killer about 15k per saddle. Did a trade with one of the new guys we are allied with. He was desperate for a rock drake egg, so I traded him one of my many 175 eggs for a freshly tamed 233 tek rex. Not sure how much use itll be especially next to our boss grade rexes, but I have never had a high level tek rex before and I am literraly made of rock drake eggs so hey. Finished up with a bit more tek cave prep, crafting up masses of polymer, electronics (probably more useful for chainsaws) and also some tranq darts for pheromone darts. Been collecting ammonite bile for the darts on a few of my recent ocean trips on my basil, might be useful in the cave especially when it comes to distracting the giga(s) and will craft those right before the attempt since apparently pheromone darts in fridges isnt a thing. Also @d1nk thanks for cryoing my boss squad been meaning to do that and couldnt work out why I couldn't find them earlier ?
  15. Can you not post in the relevant bug report section as an early bird ?
  16. Ah the good old game of trying to find out just what word you used that didnt make it past the xbox filter. Its amazing what the filter actually blocks... its insane, I cant even shorthand the word minutes lol but yeah its down to thing like the xbox live filter rather than Ark as others have said.
  17. Funnily enough I asked the same thing in the discord server about that, I asked if it was too cheesy but DJs response was that there was 2 wild gigas in there.... Ill think about it too, tis a bit cheesy. Ah thats me being blind again then, wouldn't see them if they hit me in the face.
  18. Island Started off the day raising up the last two thylas I needed to raise. While I did that I transfered over a silica pearl gacha I had on Extinction and the organic polymer we have on the center and let them produce crysal while I imprinted the thylas. Got a vault filled with gacha crystals ready to pop poly when we need it now. Went on the hunt for some anglerfish on my basilo. Found a 115 male relatively quickly and downed that and tamed it. Just as it finished up taming that I spotted a 145 female above me so went and tried to knock that out. Unfortunately I got involved in a brawl with that one and my basilo I thought was passive was not and got a hit onto the angler, which was enough for me to kill the thing when putting the last few tranc arrows into it. Fuming I settled for a lowly level 90 female and tamed that up instead. I hate the island level weighting... Got the anglers home and bred a couple up before taking one to Ragnarok to try harvesting some silica pearls there. Started off on one of the sea mounts just as bout as far south as you can get. Got about 20k silica from there. Took the haul back and then went to viking bay to try the cave there, never been into that one before. I know its a boosted server but it was a bit insane in there. I came out of there with 32k silica pearls, I could have come out with alot more but I was limited by my anglerfish or more crucially by my griffin which was my trip home. Finished off back on the Island and did a metal run. About that just went to cryo them up just now, but they appear to have gone walkies. You havent seen them have you ? Also I have an idea to try and get a giga into the tek cave. Apparantly you can get them in by cryopod as long as you deploy before the door shuts. Still thinking whether to use a spare one or raise up another one. It wont teleport into the overseer arena but might be able to cryo it before teleport so it isnt lost completely. If not it will be a worthy sacrifice to the Ark gods
  19. Bsically what d1nk said in the previous post. I logged on after work to to a hive of activity in our base with the new folks running around rasing rexes and what not. I uncryoed my three adolescent rexes and finished raising and imprinting them. Also raised up some of my new thylas for my main character, and raised and imprinted on a blue and also a cyan one. Still need to work on yellow and orange ones. The new guys got a few of the rejects that popped. Preped up for the dragon fight and I dashed off to grab an artifact of the skylord out of the easy ice cave. I know the cave well enough but I hate the instant death zones in these cave, am not a fan, just feels cheap. I got the artifact no problem the first time but on the way out I misjudged a jump and fell into one of the instant death holes..... so geared back up and went in again and got the artifact without dying. Did the dragon boss with the new guys. Went well we all survived and only lost 3 theris. Thankfully I counted the deaths and made sure to get the saddles back, dont fancy having to replace ascendant saddles. Got the dermis but didnt seem to score the element but thankfully me and d1nk are made of element on the island so it was no biggie. Finished off the night by doing a hide run on my giga. Targeted 3 titanosaurs and got about 40 to 45k worth of hide in total, I love chainsaws. Also got the dermis off all 3.
  20. Ah cool thanks. Just let me know what would be useful for me to do tonight. I guess just more metal and hide farming ?
  21. Nah wont hear till early this coming week. Sounds like a plan.
  22. The joys of running more than one map, got to keep track of 4 maps with multiple bases....
  23. The Island Hoped on for a bit to destress a bit after a few nail biting days. Had a job interview today so I was getting a bit stressed out about that. So how better to destress than raise some rexs for the tek cave. Hatched up 3 rexes and raised them up to 50% maturation before cryoing them up for the night, shall finish them tommorow. Did some metal farming between imprints in preparation for some ascendant boss saddles. Checked in my island fridge and there already 5 or 6 boss theris allready cryoed up, plus a few rexes. I basically dont know whats going on, on all the maps apart from the Ragnarok server atm. In terms of the center I only know of one other tribe apart from us and DJ. Hoped onto the center for a cruise about on my snow owl, still finding new places I havent explored yet, I do need to spend more time exploring the center such a good map.
  24. Was going to ask about the rex saddle bp. Our bp on the center requires only 10k hide rather than the 20k something I saw you mention lol
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