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  1. Valguero the early days. Excited to finally get on to Valguero and start exploring. I did have a quick scout around on single player but on our cluster we are starting out fresh. Spawned fresh on beach zone 1 first of all and started to level up, first goal was to craft up a raft . Even spawned in at the same time as Salty and allied up. Moved up the beach and started to make a make shift shack to level up, didnt get far with that walked round a rock and got nailed by a raptor. Spawned a few more time about the different spawn zones to explore. Settled on the small islands and crafted up a nice Valguero lake going raft. Started to explore the coastline, stopped off by The Farm and harvested some of the vegetables and hit up the metal nodes at the top of the hill. Ran for it back to my raft when I spotted the raptors. Next stop was to the Aberration cave entrance, went to explore the entrance in attempt to find some crystal. Went in found the green gems and made my escape. Had a quick explore of the white cliffs coastline but it was a bit too dangerous. But I did spot a pair of equus so I tamed those up with the rockarrots from the farm, nothing amazing just a level 100 and level 15 but theyll do for breeding up throw away horses. Taming horses is always fun, spent the entire time praying the horses didnt take me in the direction of the local allo pack. Stopped back off at the small islands and started construction on a taming raft and converted the original raft into a mobile base. Bred up the horses at the same time, so now we have enough horses incase we get them kiled. Took the taming raft and a horse to the white cliffs, and went off exploring for our main base location which I had scouted out in single player. Dodged deinonychus, raptors and allos, got lost a few times but made it up to the lake I was aiming for. Got a hut and a bed down and started my descent back to my raft. Met my fate when I jumped of a cliff and landed next to a raptor which dismounted and killed me. Havent had the horses death message yet, so it either won the fight or both of them are still in stasis, moneys on the stasis. Decide that the white cliffs were not a good starting point for a base. So I started making up a base near by up on one of the hills overlooking the lake. Stone harvesting was killing me, so I took the taming raft and trapped and tamed up a doed. Now I just need to find something whicj can harvest wood and theres enough ankys about our base spot to keep us busy.
  2. Havent done much over the last few nights apart from intensively working on my Latios managarmr breeding project trying to get the blue managarmr. Tonight I finished it up, finally managed to combine all the stats and colours I needed into the final product. I popped a male and female breeder as well as one to imprint on. Just wanted to show off the hard work along side its counterpart, with a reference to the inspiration for the entire project. Essentially its a Christams Mana paired together with a Summer Bash one. Popped a few thylas to continue our thyla improvement project. Got a cyan female with the new melee stat but missing the food stats, tbh not fussed about that. Just need to work on the orange and blue lines now and bring those up to date. Also continued my orca basilo project, got a few with nearly all the stats, just one more generation needed I think. Although to add to the fun of that the guy who we are sharing our water pen with tamed up a cyan basilo and it looks like we are going to work together to get some nice whales out of that too.
  3. As far as I am aware, no date has yet been announced, where did you get the 18th from ?Keep an eye on the crunches and news items on the website until then, no doubt theyll plaster the date everywhere when they announce it. Just have patience people ?
  4. Spent the last couple of days on my new managarmr breeding project. With the Summer Bash event I had to take advantage of the blue event colour creatures and track down a blue coloured mana. The ultimate goal being to breed myself up a Latios inspired blue mana to go with the Latias inspired red mana I have already bred up. Spent a bit of time on Extinction hunting down a couple of blue manad intill I had a selection. Found a blue bodied one and then the blue crest one, I'll combine those colours into my current line replacing the red. My word wild manas have been declawed lol. Last time I hunted manas I was constantly being sniped by them off the back of my wyvern, this time I didnt die once. Now its just mana breeding and more breeding. Theres manas everywhere in our base atm, trying to play the rng until I get the desired colours while working up the stats, am afking it but still taking ages. We're not going to be able to move until I finish up this project... God dammit why do the manas have to be Viviparous (live birth).... cant they just lay eggs....?
  5. Alpha Tek Cave Attempt 2. So a group of 6 or 7 of us us had another go at the tek cave this evening. This time we all prepared much harder and had a plan. Me and d1nk contributed 10 theris (and a but tonne of veggie cakes, at least 40 in each), 4 rexes, a yuty and 2 otters. We had fun getting everything into the cave, my rexes didnt make it in but the rest of our stuff did. The rest of the group had a bit of trouble too. The plan was simple. Half the group would roam ahead on rexes and clear the way while the other half were tasked with getting the masses of theris and rexes through the cave. I was in the group to the rear, dragging all 10 of our theris along with my yuty. The tactic worked well, to a point anyway. We unfortunately lost d1nk half way down, a bit of confusion in the clearing team and he ended up in the lava with his rex. RIP. The rest of us made it down eventually. Even though I was in the rear group and saw little combat, the trip down was a stressful. One loose theri and the rest would follow into the lava. But I managed to get all the theris down and the rest of the rear guard got what dinos of theirs made it into the cave to the teleporter. After cramming all of our tames into the boss arena, we layed into the overseer. A few others lost a couple of dinos I think but we defeated the oversear without too much of a problem and noone else died. The dragon definitely causes the most greif. Saying that our theris did well and come out the cave at full health with only eating about 10 theri cakes each. Honestly there was a time I just thought that I would never complete the Island Ascention at all never mind on Alpha. Its great to finally hit that acheivement. Definitely need to do it again though and get d1nk the ascention too. After that its got to be Rockwell.
  6. Event hasnt started yet. Update has still to drop.
  7. I spent most of last night in our new water breeding setup raising and imprinting the 3 tuso babies I had in cryo while attempting to merge the new basilosaurus colours into our current line. D1nk has also been working his magic with a underwater base, so we are all good to go with water breeding on Ragnarok. The tuso raising was an absolute drag, they take so long to reach maturity. Got all three up to 94% imprinting though,once I get our ascendant saddles on them these will be beastly. Going to use one of the males as a personal mount and leave the other male and female in reserve as a back up pair. Didnt have much luck with the whales, but I settled on an intermediate male with some of the stats and colours to switch with the current low level male. Am hoping this doesnt take too many more generations, I hate mammal breeding and aquatic mammal breeding is even worse.
  8. Which map on the cluster are you building on ? Am sure I have seen you logging on to Rag last night.
  9. Started of last night on Ragnarok attempting to hatch some mutation on our new boss theri line, with surprising success. Must have hattached anwhere from 50 to 100 eggs (I wasnt counting). On the 4th or 5th batch I struck gold. Funnily enough I wasnt paying attention to the egg timers so that batch hatched en mass but I could see the red mutation a mile off, male and female twins too. Lucked out on a hp mutation and thankfully it fell on our mutated males stat and not the clean female, so we are now into 8k health with our theris. Also lucked out on a weight mutation in that same batch, useful for our harvesting theris. Then followed the same plan the night before did a metal run on Aberration and then went to the Island in search of a good basilosaurus. Again had difficulty finding basilos but then realised I was cruising too deep, I should be travelling closer to the surface. I eventually found what I was looking for just south of Stonehenge. A basilosaurus with both the colours I was after, black and white. Its was only a level 10 but I wasnt interested in stats anyway. Tamed it up and realised I had forgotten cryopods so I had to drag the whale all the way back to base on the west coast. Transferred it and my breeders on the Center to Ragnarok in preparations for breeding. We have a nice setup sharing one of the underwater caverns with one of the guys on the server, making use of the tek underwater compartments. So when I get time I'll start merging the new colours into our current line, aswell as raising the tusos I got off our new neighbour. Looking forward to the projects, I have never used these tek compartments before, should be fun.
  10. All in good jest ! Its all fun. Dont know how I could take offense from that.
  11. Never usually a spoil sport but colour me underwhelmed.
  12. Started off last night on Ragnarok by helping one of the guys out with a problem in the wyvern trench. The wyverns were not respawning and so eggs were not being laid. Turns out he wasnt leaving render distantance to allow the wyverns to respawn. I just quickly cleared the trench using our nearby pill box and cleared a few nest just to try and completly reset the trench. Scored a 190 fire egg in the process, still havent told the guy that yet he'd be heart broken lol. Then hoped across to Aberration to do another metal run. Found out that the forge had run out of fuel half way through the last batch of metal so I only needed to empty the ingots and then do half the required trips to fill up the forge. We're going to have so much metal soon that I actually might be able to keep up with D1nks metal demand. Apparantly he used 50k metal last weekend to make 5 teleporters o . O Finished off the night in the ocean on The Island looking for a nice black and white basilosaurus so that I can do a bit more whale breeding and get us a nice pair of breeding orca style basilos. I am not looking for high levels, just the required colours to breed into our current breeders so even a level 5 would do. Only found 2 whales in the time I was under water, none of which were black. Its annoying as the last time I was underwater I was literally tripping over whales, I swear Ark knows what your looking for sometimes. I did run into an alpha tusos and then an alpha mosa so that at least made the trip worth it. Now I just feel guilty as it looks like I guilt tripped d1nk into making me one of our nice OP rock drake saddles, which I have been meaning to make ever since d1nk found the bp. I wasnt actually expecting you to make me one, your too kind.
  13. Oh I must have missed the chat ! Looking forward to seeing you about on the cluster
  14. Aberration Got on for some fun tonight. I had planned to get on and raise some theris and yutys for spare back up boss dinos and in preparations for another Tek Cave attempt, but I got side tracked instead. D1nk let me know about our new shared water breeding pens on Ragnarok and the Center with one of the other guys on our cluster. Both are in massive underwater caves and also utilise the underwater vacuum compartments. I loved it. So I just had to do my bit to help grind out more mats for further vacuum compartments, but also to try and get back into d1nks good books as I basically havent played much in a week. Hoped onto Aberration to make use of our Ab metal farming outposts. Normally I prefer to make use of safer metal farming spots but yhe new outpost just gets us so much metal. Did one metal run and had to take a break as the anky was taking a beating from all the wild aggros. So I took a trip into the drake trench for some more drakes eggs. The trip netted a few 160 and 170 eggs but none of the much sought after 180s or 190s. A final couple of metal runs to round out the night before logging off.
  15. Ragnarok Havent done much on Ark recently, been very unactive on it as I needed to step back from it for a bit. I did start up operations in our Ragnarok breeding barn which D1nk made up and started some raises. Raised 5 female rexes tonight as I appeared to have only male boss rexes ready to go. I at somepoint need to start preparations for our next attempt at the Tek cave at the weekend. Also attempted to scrape together some of my own theri colours to combine them with our boss theri stats, I wanted to get some blues into my own theris. But I ended up accidentally hatching a our next health mut so we have gone from 8k to 8.3k health. Now need to work the health into the rest of the good stats as unfortunately the mut didnt get the rest of the good stats. Opps.
  16. Ah well since you showed me yours, I'll show you mines. A clip I took from the last time our Ab server was on rotation, using the exact same setup as I am using now. Hope it works. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/angrysaltire/video/75982497
  17. Huh. How do you share a clip like that ? I am not too fussed about killing high levels, drakes seems to respawn fast enough and the eggs spawn so frequently too.
  18. Multiple reasons really. It would take an insane amount of time to wait down there with cryo sickness to deploy all 18 dinos down there. TBF if I did that I could have glided down on my drake in about 30 seconds. I just didnt fancy going down there on my drake and uncryo everything down there. I mean I could have done it but I judged it was safer and less stressful this way. Also I like the walk down. I used to raid the nests solo just on a drake but that too was too dangerous too. Too easy to get caught by a pack of angry drakes or make a mistake and end up falling into the river. This way I can nick eggs in the trench on drake back and lead all aggroed drakes to my squad who shred any and all wild drakes. I can nick multiple eggs in a fraction of the time that it would take to use a drake to grab an egg and leave render distance.
  19. Aberration Got on last night and continued with my preparations for entering the drake trench. I uncryoed all 17 of my megalosaurus's and leveled and saddled them. Did the same with my spino. Hoped onto my spino and had 12 megas on follow and recryoed 5 megas to reduce what I was dragging down, and started the descent through the blue, purple and then into the red zone. Its always a bit nerve wracking doing this, theres always a chance a megalo does something stupid and runs of a cliff. Kept the squad on passive at all times to reduce the likelihood of this happening, unless I was confident of where I was and I needed to deal with powerful aggressive dino. I ran into basilisks twice, but neither of them knew what hit them when I whistled neutral. Got to the end of the red zone without a hitch and started down the cavern to the trench entrance. Made it to the trenches and found my way down to my desired trench, the main one behind the elemental waterfall. Deployed my rock drake so I could start raiding the nests and so i had a way out of here. The spino was used for ease of access and to act as a passive anchor for the megalosaurus. Started raiding the nests while I waited for the cryosickness to wear off so I could deploy the final 5 megalosaurus. Annoyingly the megas do prefer their secondary attack but they eventually do switch to their primary attack and they are in such numbers that this doesnt really matter. It wasn't to bad a haul either as I wasnt really planning on grabbing too many eggs, 3 150, 2 160 and 1 170 eggs. Stayed down until I had to change out of my tek armour and into my hazard suit. Now I have the squad down in the trench, all I need to do when I want a few drake eggs is to grab a drake and glide all the way down from the fertile zone to the trench. I can now farm eggs without the fear of becoming swamped by angry drakes.
  20. This time we'll smash it. We were so close last time, just need to get more tames to the end.
  21. Aberration Spent the night hunting reaper queens with d1nk in the red zone. We start off by attempting to kill low level with our drakes but even level 5s and 20s were giving us greif. So we started trapping and teleporting them back to base to munch on them with megalosaurus. Definitely the way to do it. Had a slight opsy with our first attempt. Tried teleporting a low level back to the holding pen but none of us went with it. Got back to an empty holding pen. More than likely it despawned upon teleportation but I find it funny to think there a queen hiding away somewhere. Eventually ran into a 120 queen so kited that back to the reaper trap and successfully trapped it and teleported it back to the holding pen. Used megalosaurus to bring the health down and started impregnation. Also word got out on our chat that we had a queen trapped so we had people lining up to trade us to get access to the queen. Set up 3 other folk with kings. Think in all both d1nk and I got 3 each from her, raised two fully and cryoed the last. Named mines Hydra, Kraken and Behemoth. Raised up another batch of megalosaurus while I was waiting around base, going to have to get my trench squad sort out soon and get them into the trench. D1nks getting impatient for some 190 drake eggs haha. Oh boy I look forward to getting down into the trench again. Love it down there.
  22. Neither did i until a week ago. I always forget about the increase in crafting speed with increasing crafting skill. Tbf its still a bit slow but much better than with it at 0.
  23. The key is to respec fully into crafting skill before crafting element, speeds it up alot. Wish it was craftable in a replicator...
  24. Yep... could have been less... Yeah... the first two megas I hatched out were muts lol. The first I killed without looking at the stats, wasn't a fan of the colour, but I couldn't pass up the second when it hatched a blue mut. Pity isnt doesnt appear to have a useful stat mutation. Theres a gas collector at my other set up too. If it helps the element situation, we could always run an element vein in Extinction and transfer masses of dust over ?
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