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  1. God dammit you figured me out... Really am just posting here because why not? Also fake internet points. Good to read stuff on lunch breaks or what not. But I have been wondering the same myself, threads been a bit quiet recently. Tis a pitty, considering its a sand box game I love seeing what other people do, wish there was more of it. The possibilities are almost endless. Also its the thread to post the impulsive 'the game screwed me again, and I need to vent' thread.
  2. Deinonychus Boss Squad Trial 1 Finally got my act together and preped up a squad of Deinonychus to take on the gamma broodmother. Uncryoed 19 and put all 50+ levels into health, I figured with so little health they would need all the hp they could get and I assumed melee didnt really matter as I would be rellying on the bleed effect. Saddled them all up with mastercraft saddles I preped up ages ago. Grabbed a spare yuty out of cryo and teleported to blue obelisk and started the fight. To be honest I was convined this would be a flop, how wrong I was. They shredded her in about 5 minutes, it was actually insane, especially considering I am not convinced all 19 deinos were even attacking her. It was an easy 500 element. Teleported out and I checked over the deinos. The worst off one had only lost 1k health, alot had lost little to no health, not sure if the broodmother was to busy trying to get to me on my yuty she wasnt really focusing on the deinos or what. In comparison my yuty lost a good 20k health, mostly from the swarming araneo. May need to try other bosses and see what the limit is, got a feeling the limit might be hit very easily. I must admit there something pleasing about a boss squad full of Deinonychus being led by an essentially over grown Deinonychus.
  3. Friday night so time to chill. Decided that I had put off the Snow Cave duo for long enough. I geared up for the hard snow cave first. The plan was similiar to last time use rexes but this time I took in three of my boss theris with veggies cakes as well. The attempt went swimmingly and rage quit levels of rage at the same time. I deployed a rex in the first chamber and worked my way through to the first choke point. Here I deployed the three theris and worked the way through the masses of bears, purlovias and wolves to where I could redeploy my rex. Made it further through the cave, was a bit of a hassle. The theris kept getting snagged up on the crystals and the pathing was an issue, as slways lol. Made it to the room before the artifact and that is where the fun began. I got wedged between my rex and the roof of the cave. No matter what I did I couldnt break free, tried whisting the dinos away, couldnt, tried cryoing the rex, couldnt reach with that tried waiting but nothing. Ended up soding it and breaking out the admin commands to ghost out. At which point I couldnt deactivate the commands, I hate using those sets of commands for that reason, kept falling through the world, unless I used the fly command or sat on a dino. Made the rest of a cave a nightmare. But I got to the artifact, grabbed 2 and made my escape with out being overrun and got back to base. Suicide by organic polymer sorted my admin ghost problem. Finished up by going for the Artifact of the Skylord. Geared up with a set of Tek armour to cheese the holes in the cave. I hate this particular cave. To be fair the cave is actually a peice of cake but I cant stand the insta death crevases, cant stand those thing in any game tbh feels so cheap. Got two artifacts and got back to base. Finally my Island Artifact display from my recent adventures is complete. On to the rest of the bosses now !
  4. Been working on raising my replacement gigas. On Sunday I got them 50% matured before cryoing them, I was working at my computer desk anyway so I had Ark on in the back ground. Fast forward to today and I uncryoed the adolescent gigas to finish up rasing them. To my surprise it turns out the imprinting server setting mechanic has changed since the last past and instead of imprinting every 15 minutes it was every 15 seconds. Obviously finishing imprinting my gigas the final 50% was much easier than I thought tonight. And like any good Ark player I just had to check it wasnt a bug, could have been linked to cryosickness when I uncryoed all the gigas at once. So I hatched up four more deinos for my ever expanding boss team just to check. Hit 100% imprinting before each deino hit 5% maturation, yeah imprinting was broken. Been naming my deinos after the phonetic alphabet and now I have so many I have started naming them after the greek alphabet. Finally while not wanting to take too much advantage of the situation (this feels a bit too easy) I decided this was a good time to finish up rasing some reapers I had neglected in cryo for months.
  5. Dodorex Mission Update Decided to change tact and throw caution to the wind. Thought I would try to over power the dodorex with gigas. I went with the portable tek transmitter technique, dont have a timer on structure pick up on the server so can throw it down and pick it up again and means I am not dealing with cryosickness from cryopods. Thought I would take a deino or two along for the bleed, just incase. Found the dodorex pretty quickly on the first night of looking which was a surpise, funnily enough just a stones throw away from my base down Spino river. Got the transmitter down close by and downloaded my 4 best gigas as well as 2 deinos, saddled them all up and went in. It was over quickly. The deinos died as quickly as I expected them to. Unfortunately all my gigas died alot fast than I thought they would. I thought I might get them to survive one more fire breath from the dodorex but alas nope. RIP Oceanus, Atlas, Eos and Mnemosyne, you fought well. The dodorex was showing signs of blood so it was probably closer than I thought. Was especially gutted to lose Oceanus, he was my main giga and the goodest of boys. Thankfully I got the saddles back. Sorry Whiskey and Sierra, RIP too but you're easier to replace than the gigas with like a 30 minute maturation timer. Sure our rates are much better than official but going to have to go through the 6 hour raise time imprinting the next batch of gigas always does suck haha.
  6. Ah cool. That makes sense. Thanks for that
  7. Yeah neither was I, was just looking for anything to help find him. Twin pillars ? And which mountain ?
  8. Spent two in game nights now looking now for the dodorex on the Island. Nothing. I tried the the rumours of following the the moon and meteors and still nothing. Am starting to think that my quetzal idea certainly might not cut it. So I thought if I cant take my teams to the dodorex I can take the dodorex to them. I could employ my reaper queen trap technique. Get the dodorex to a hastely placed down teleporter and teleport the dodorex (if I ever find it) to a secure location and murder it there. So I have begun to build a dodorex holding pen. Built it in the same style as the reaper queen trap we had on Aberration, a metal cage on top of a teleporter. Teleport into the trap with the dodorex coming out above the ceiling, and the survivor coming in below the ceiling. Started building a turret wall, shall place a mixture of heavy and tek turrets and still debating about having my gigas in the trap. Got a feeling this plan wont come to fruition or is even doable but I did it on a whim. I then assembled the Broodmother boss squad and took on the Alpha Broodmother. I went in with 13 therizinos (each with 20 veggie cakes), 6 megatheriums and a yuty, almost the same set up as last time. I thought I was a gonnner really. Easily lost 4 or 5 therizinos by the time the broodmother got down to half health, my yuty got down to about 1 or 2k health, those areano do pack a punch. Somehow the rest of the team held out and pulled through killing the Broodmother. At which point I scrambled to grab all the saddles from the dinos I lost, only managed to grab 4 of the ascendant saddles. Annoyingly some of the theris still had veggie cakes left uneaten. Teleported out. Lost 8 theris and a Megatherium in total, plus 5 saddles I couldnt get to in time. On the brightside got the 1000 element and more importantly I got the dermis. Thankfully I have back up theris ready to go, I just need craft up more saddles.
  9. Got on tonight to finally experience Fear Evolved again ! Its been too long. I off course took a flight round the Island on my wyvern to explore. Love The Island with the Autumnal colours, it is amazing ! Spotted a skeletal carno outside my base, so I killed it with my wyvern. In my travels I also spotted a skeletal giga around Obsidian Mointain. I was stunned, to my knowledge from past events those are supposed to be really rare. I would have gone back to base and grabbed my gigas then and there but night came on. Got lucky with when I logged on, on the first night the dodorex spawned. I took the snow owl approach, flying around with night vision active while listening for the music. Nothing. I did a whole loop round the Island. Didnt spot the dodorex at all before it despawned at dawn. Went back to base. Grabbed my pair of gigas and went to hunt down the skeletal giga. It was a bit hairy mainly because I had trouble maneuvering my giga around its mate. Killed the skeletal giga without to much of an issue after some repositioning. Lost about 10k health on each giga, so not too bad. Got the skeletal bone skin so score ! Finished up the night by biting the bullet and assembling my boss squad for an Beta Broodmother fight. Been meaning to top up on element for a while now. Assembled 7 megatheriums, 11 theris and a yuty at blue obelisk. Stuck a stack of veggy cakes in each theri. There was supposed to be an additional theri but it somehow it got left on my teleporter pad in transit. Hit the button and went in. It went well. The areneo were a pain as always, so obviously the theris and megas got distracted by those occasional, but we killed the broodmother in under 5 minutes. Most importantly got the dermis of it. Got the team back to base and grabbed the 750 element from one of the megas. The theris held up well, each lost about 2k health tops and only ate a few cakes each. Similiar story for the megas but one or two took a pounding and lost about 10k health. For the inevitable alpha fight I should be fine, hopefully, just need to stick more cakes into the theris and work on positioning during the fight. Oh and of course make sure I dont leave any boss tames behind.
  10. Thats a shame Am gutted they dont spawn on the other maps. Am so glad we have an Island server so I can see the dodorex again but we dont have a scorched server anymore so no dodowyvern for us. At least there is the rest of the event to kind of enjoy ?
  11. I'll have a word with the server admin...
  12. Ah cool. Sorry am just pre-coffee atm, just wanted to make sure. I was thinking gigas too. Just for the giggles I would love to see overspawning of thylas (theoretically speaking of course) and then fly through the redwoods. Would be chaos.
  13. I never said they were good just could have been worse. Of course over spawns are bad, I can only imagine what that does to server stability and performance.
  14. Yep. Look on the brightside. Could have been worse, could have been microraptors over spawning.
  15. Kill one raptor, two more take their place. Hail hyraptor !
  16. Spent a bit of time since the last post raising up some of the new theris to form up the next line of boss theris incase the current squad is lost in a fight, quiet likely as I plan to do most of not all the bosses at alpha level... While I did that I raised up two quetzals from d1nks quetzal line over a few nights, finished them tonight. With the announcement of Fear Evolved I have been trying to work out if I can actually take on the dodorex, assuming the event is like the last ones. I have a feeling all my gigas and various boss squads isnt going to cut it, and I dont fancy risking my gigas either lol. Instead I am thinking of trying out a few gun quetzals (the server allows turrets on platforms saddles). Already got a prototype built up. Going with a metal platform, with an array of auto turrets and a minigum. Pity I cant use heavy turrets or instal a tek genny to use tek turrets. For the rest of the evening I focused on my caving adventures. I started off by going into the hard swamp cave, to be honest I dont need any more Artifacts of the Immune but I need to do a cementing paste run anyway. Right outside the Redwood outpost a wild thyla got the jump on me off my snow owl. I always use a snow owl when traveling through the redwoods these days for this reason, thylas light up like a lightbulb on the trees but this one got me. Luckily I packed a shotgun. Anyway I assembled my swamp cave squad of my beezlebuffo and a squad of hyaenadons and went in. It was a breeze, just a bit of a pain dragging 5 hyperactive hyaenadons through the cave. Goodness I hate the pathing...Got 2 more Artifacts as well as about 8k worth of cementing paste. I then moved over to the west coast and to the Cavern of lost Faith for the Artifact of the Brute. Went in with a basilo. There is not much to say about that, normally its an easy cave but this just took the biscuit, I didnt run into a single aggressive creature apart from a single cnideria. Spawns must be broken or something. Grabbed 2 Artifacts. I then moved over to the east to the Cavern of lost Hope for more Artifact of the Cunning. Again I went in with a basilo, I had hoped to try and do it with one whale, having a second whale on follow for a mate boost is a bit annoying as the AI doesnt like attacking when taking depth damage but its good for the mate boost. I deployed the second whale in the main chamber, face tanking the dunkleousteous wasnt working well. Got to the Artifact without much issue, no alphas or even mosas or squids to speak off. To think there was a time when that cave terrified me, doesnt really scare me anyway. Got back to base and called it a night.
  17. I very much doubt this would happen. So long as your base is properly fortified you should be fine. ORP is a thing now and dinos spawning in bases isnt really a problem like it was. Although the dodowyvern is another matter but that'll probably be restricted to Scorched Earth. Seemed to go down well last time. I mean people have been screaming for this events return for years now.
  18. Au contraire, the last Fear Evolved event was probably the most fun I have had playing Ark. Even with the possibility of being wiped by the dodorex if it spawned in your base (cause still in EA wo anything could happen...) while offline back in the days of no ORP on PvE. Two weeks of pure terror with that, God I loved it.
  19. All hail the Dodorex ! Long live the King ! I wonder how the Dodorex/wyvern will work this time round. Will it be like last time with each on a different map or if it will be utter chaos with both on each map. Couldnt imagine anything more worrying than the dodowyvern on the Island.
  20. Thats what I essentially did on my last attempt. I used a rex in the first section and swapped out to a thyla for the smaller tunnel area and then back to the rex again. I took my time and everything fishing out the purlovias where I could. I basically ran out off health on my rexes in the last chamber before the artifact before I had to beat a retreat, I was so close. I like the sound of using theris though for the tunnel part, never thought about that. I'll probably try that out with veggie cakes.
  21. Of course. I had my prized cyan/blue otter with me, so I grabbed 3 of each artifact. Could only be bothered waiting around for the 3rd of each artifact to respawn. I could but wheres the fun in that ? I decided that it would be fun to grab all of the artifacts on the Island rather than grabbing them elsewhere. I particularly want to conquer the hard snow cave for the Strong rather than skimping out and grabbing it of Ragnarok.
  22. Now that I have finished up breeding I have been running around the cave garbbing up the various artifects. I do have one or two artifacts left over so I decided that it would be a good idea to grab the whole set again. I hit up the central cave for the Artifact of the Clever as well as the Carno Island cave for the Artifact of the Devious last night, thankfully nothing bad happened, although I nearly had a heart attack when I spotted a megalania on the wall next to me. I spent tonight on three other caves with my Baryonyx. I started off on the lava cave, had to get that one out the way first I hate dealing with the lava. Got the Artifact of the Massive without much of an issue. Then swung round to the lower south cave, that cave is an absolute breeze, grabbed the Hunter with no issues. Finished off in the Upper south cave for the Pack. Think this is one of the first times I have done that cave without getting lost. I did have a heart attack when a sarco ambushed me out the water towards the artifact chamber, but apart from that I came out unscathed. All I need to get now are the Brute, Skylord and the Strong. I am not looking forward to the Strong, last attempt I made it to the room before the artifact before retreating. Heck even the Skylord I am not looking forward to that, sure its easy but I have a habit of pulling off bad jumps. I Already have the Immune and the Cunning, but I'll do them again for the fun.
  23. Finally! I think I am finished with the theri breeding, finally ! Must have spent a better part of a week battling against the RNG and hitting my head against a brick wall, but I got there. Must have hatched a few hundred eggs and even got a good number of mutations none of which I kept. Condensing the stats was easy but implementing my preference of colours added a few more generations of breeding. I'll let the final breeders grow up before taking my lightning wyvern to the countless theris I have accumulated over the breeding project(Theris, theris everywhere !), the wall of red text and the tribe log shall be glorious.
  24. Made it on for a bit tonight, and was actually productive and got things done. I am still aiming for boss fighting. Finally got a few sets of gachas on the go. I had been held up by the fact I could not find the sap gacha as I needed it for veggie cake production, thought it might have gotten lost in transit, but I then remebered that ours died on Ragnarok a while back. Thankfully I traded for one from someone else on the server. Hatched up the next batch of boss Deinonychus, raised and imprinted 6 and kept two others aside to act as breeders for the Island. A few more batches and I will have a fully functioning (probably sacrificial) deino squad. And while those matured I continued with raising and imprinting on a giga for a bit. Finally a little bit more theri breeding to try and sort out the main breeders. I wasnt hatching for mutations but I ended up hatching quiet a few mutations, nothing useful but I kept a yellow back stripe mutation aside for variety.
  25. Just had flash backs to when I was on a Official PvE server during EA. Me and a friend flew past a new base along spino river, to see a relatively fresh beach bob attempting to defend their base and fend off a wild giga with wooden spears. Obviously they lost but what an absolute legend.
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