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  1. Yes, we had tried his solution already, but it didn't work for any of us.
  2. Ah good to know ninja is aware on working on it to. We've tested a bunch to but no luck so far. Even unlocking the note in single player didn't help for the notes in official that were supposed to be unlocked already.
  3. So for now it's not possible to unlock the all notes +10 since you can't unlock the dossier notes in any way. Unless someone knows how to unlock them on official? We've tried hatching, taming, killing, neither of those unlocks, but some do bring up the note voice over. They do unlock with taming on single player. (I assume hatching to but didn't test that.)
  4. I've raised the very same question, since i'm just a few notes away from getting them all. Second issue is, there seems to be no way to unlock the dossier notes. And no, they don't give any xp buff.
  5. Does anyone even have a clue how you unlock the new dossier notes? Hatching an egg brings up the narrative, but doesn't unlock it. Seeing the dino in the wild does nothing. Or are these bugged and we can't obtion the +10 levels anymore?
  6. I have the same issue, but with the prologue notes, some still show a lock even if i did see them. Big question remains, are they needed to get the +10 levels. I can raise/hatch most of them, just the amar i don't have.
  7. It's also a bunch of dossier notes for the dino's that were added since.
  8. It's great to see they added some new and missing notes with the last update. We don't seem to get an xp boost from them, like we did with the previous notes. But, for those that are going for the all notes completion to get the extra 10 levels, do we need those notes to? I have nearly all notes unlocked, well i had till yesterday, now a bunch new are added. Do i need to find those new ones to before i get the all notes unlock?
  9. I don't know if the cool down is per hawk or is applied on the person. Otherwise you can just use a bunch of hawks to circumvent the timer. Main problem i see is they removed invulnerable, so given it's low health now, the hawk wil likely die when you do. It's a shame that one of the most usefull tames from fjordur has been crippled like this. I'm not even sure it still have a purpose.
  10. Another desmo bites the dust. This it was a juvie's (25% done) that starved a bit after i left the server. There was plenty of bloodpacks left in the meaning and it was the only Desmodus there. So i would like to know if this is a bug and if there's a fix in the making.
  11. I must update here, i had a desmo baby die on me last night. Single baby next to a meawing with 300 bloodpacks in it. So it couldn't be a timer issue and yet it starved soon after i left. Seems there is indeed a bug where (some) desmo babies won't eat when not rendered. Once juvie it should eat but then again data is still incoming.
  12. I assume you used raw meat, since they don't like cooked meat. If you had multiple babies out, it's possible the bloodpacks on the meawing were on timer, so it was only feeding one babie every counter. Since babies eat from the meawing before inventory, and there was still bloodpacks in the wing, they were waiting for the timer and starved. This is just a theory, but it's the best one i have so far, i've lost a few to, but not with bloodpacks in the wing only and 1-2 babies per wing.
  13. Yes, please don't nerf the the demo, it's good as it is. It's a nice run around, pretty fast, not that great at getting meat, but it does get blood packs. It can kill a descent size dino, but it's still fragile with it's low health. Don't demote it to a taming aid for just getting bloodpacks and taming/imprint potion.
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