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  1. Since few days (Official 226) its getting later and later, 5 days ago the surface "night" began at 00:20, now its 02:40 - days are skipping as well, lags are increasing. almost impossible to "farm" Alpha Reaper this way.
  2. EU-PVE-Official-GenOne646 Were not able to connect since the update last night.
  3. Thought we get information early this week about the transfer downtime. its the 28th, so the 2nd day it might happen, but still nothing - or am i mistaken ? would be nice to know. none of us wants to get stuck on FoB Servers
  4. And the Server is down again, since 3h at least. What is wrong with it ? barely 70% uptime overall.
  5. Its still like that, nothing changed so far - also nothing to read in patchnotes etc.
  6. Same - i hope the 7 giga eggs on the floor are still there when the server will be coming up.
  7. Well - saw posts with arround 40H downtime, lets just hope it doesn't get that far. You need to get to lvl 100, remember!
  8. EU-PVE-Official-CrystalIsles868 as well. Oflline for the same duration. Lets see how long it takes untill we get some news.
  9. Keep in mind, report it to Server Outage. lets hope the Server will be on soon.
  10. Primal Crystal after 2x > 1x patch Hey Since Patch v313.5 and the change of 2x>1x always double harvesting rate there is an issue with the Primal Crystal drop rate. While the evolve event was activ, i got the double amount of these Crystals. For example a lvl 215 dropped arround 21, and now only 9-10. The rates are not changed at all, so it should be the same or am i missing something ?
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