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  1. I'm a realist myself, yet I'd still rather the money go where it could actually have the possibility of helping rather than not.
  2. How it used to be in the old days, yeah definitely, but RWT has gotten NASTY. It's completely out of line and going as far as people holding things or areas for ransom with no repercussions. I just wish they found a way to better enforce getting rid of RWT so things can go back to the way they used to be.
  3. I was simply trying to be optimistic... For once. Better going to them than not. What they choose to do with that extra income is none of my business. I never said they "deserve" the money (ha ha yeah right!), but anything that would allegedly help the game is better than nothing. Idk about you, but (even though I don't care if it does), I would rather the game not die out entirely (or continue to be treated as if it's not really 100% cared about). As for the cluster, I do still run a cluster of ASE Official Server Saves. 9 maps at $25 per month a piece. My goal was to keep Official alive and help others save/continue their progress. However, the retention faded so it's a lot tougher to keep running now. It's just not and will never be the same as Official. Xbox Live only costs me $5 per month so I don't think that's a factor. I and many others still would have paid them a subscription to keep playing on a small handful of ASE Official servers. But like I said, alas, that ship has long sailed. Edit: If you think a simple shop system like Gen2 had with the bare minimums would greatly affect all players... Well idk what to tell you. Sorry it threatens RWT lol. Edit edit: Keep in mind, I'm not the one in which asked them to add it, nor am I asking them to. I just simply stated I personally wouldn't have an issue with it.
  4. Few bucks? Some people have it as a full time job. Making thousands from breaking the TOS at that. Is it their (WC) fault for not enforcing it? Absolutely. But I won't sit here and condone it. It's not allowed on ANY game (other than ones that work with it). I don't see why WC shouldn't be able to dip their hands into the profits, (if they aren't secretly already heh). So what's the big deal? Well, for starters, we obviously know that "financially irresponsible company" definitely needs the money, especially to actually work on this game you are here fighting for. You probably would have more maps by now and fixes. Look at them trying to profit on other people's work (mods). They literally screwed over ASE Official and old gen players because of $ issues to keep servers running. Now we have to deal with Nitrado monopolization over $200 per month to keep our progress. Everyone on my Official server(s) agreed and would have GLADLY started giving them even a monthly subscription to keep playing on our ASE server, but alas. So yeah, why the heck would I care if they had micro-transactions lol. Other players selling stuff is already basically the same thing, but at least this method could be regulated. Like making illegal substances legal finally.
  5. I didn't say end, I said decimate. Basically if WC utterly lowballs them all, they'd be pretty upset, and I'd laugh hysterically. WC should be the ones getting all of that money anyway.
  6. I support the micro-transaction idea just for the sole reason of decimating the disgusting multi-million dollar RWT/RMT black market. If they sold a bunch of resources in-game, that really hurts no one. People who play 24/7 wouldn't need to buy it regardless, and people that don't play 24/7 would have the option (that's right, option, you don't have to buy anything) to "keep up" if they can't play that much. Really shows how deep the RMT rabbit hole has gone with those that are against it. Even if it was a system like Gen2 it still *helps* to get rid of RMT.
  7. To be fair, I wouldn't see it much worse than it is now. Real World Trading took over this game long ago, and people seem to (stupidly) offer more money than things could hypothetically even be worth (if simply sold by the company itself). I'm actually surprised they never tried to dip their hands into the astronomical amounts of profits. But no one wants to have that conversation.
  8. That's not how it works, all patches on every game that is multi-platform has to get permission/certification from the corporations if they want that patch on those systems. It's like passing an inspection that makes sure it's "safe" for their platforms (has no chance to compromise it and/or basic stability testing). Every game out there that wants each platform to have the same version (and not different) goes through this. This is why most games take extra days/weeks/months after PC to release the same patch on consoles. So in this case, the holdup is directly on Sony/Microsoft taking forever to approve the game changes. I know you're being facetious, but naturally that's not how it works either 😛 Ever since UE4, the game can be directly upgraded to newer Unreal Engine versions henceforth. They just decided to monetize it, but I totally get the joke (at least I hope it was a joke) or any worries some might have from this lol.
  9. See above. They have a completely different team working on The Center. And trust me, there is a LOT of people looking forward to the map.
  10. Exactly. Also, they have a completely different team working on The Center.
  11. You're just realizing this now? Many of us figured that out before it even released.. Heck even when it was even announced, and they screwed over a large portion of the playerbase...
  12. Naw, I didn't notice. I barely play anymore, I just run the cluster. However, it doesn't seem like that major of an "update" to really count or be worried about. For all we know, the skins were already coded into the game (same time as the others), and ready to be unlocked/implemented upon release of the animated series. That seems more of a plausible theory.
  13. Heck, "woke" isn't even supposed to be an insult or used as such. It's very sad to see that it is nowadays, as it's simply supposed to refer to those who have opened their eyes to reality and can see the truth. Edit: I guess those opposed just prefer to live in the "ignorance is bliss" era. ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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