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  1. just got the same issue on the win 10 version i can play on my xbox but not load up ark on pc ive tried all steps cleaned cache fresh installs no joy
  2. how about riot shield dura anyone know how high it can go?
  3. murder surface reapers for alpha reapers to spawn as for basilisk rip
  4. tek binos are utter trash i was expecting great things when i got the BP like a hlna scan spyglass nope just a posh looking spyglass that i cant use on dinos
  5. ive played pve official 9 months they should be wiped every year or release new serves
  6. pvp is less laggy due to the fact there is not 1000 giant bases and 5k pillars
  7. some people have this 2-3 weeks i read not good
  8. Your bored with it because your not breeding or doing bosses you want a new server why? to start at the same point as everyone else mega tribes will have tek in 3 days and good bred dinos withing 2 months so a new server will do nothing for you im affraid
  9. the gm will restore imprints and tribe ownership
  10. they dont give much back even with proof im afraid a 105 and 5 engrams regardless of proof
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