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  1. I wish there was a pants skin that matches the sweaters. besides, I'm still waiting for a birthday suit gloves skin and a neutral skin for shoes. that would be great. ^^ happy holidays to all! 😺
  2. this cc even tops the ccs of the last few weeks. less information isn`t possible. ? and the worst: the only information there isn't even a good one. XD well, at least it can only be better next time. ?
  3. maybe in the first few days because they all raise their collected babies. but since it remains permanent it will go back and not be that much at once. events will hopefully be less laggy too because not everyone collects again. at least that's what I think. ?‍♀️
  4. the ping is only normal again because all players save their babies for the next breeding event and then ark will be unplayable again. in my opinion x2 breeding is the better choice.
  5. the rate increase is nice but it would be really great if the breeding rate could also be doubled. ? then maybe fewer people would collect all the babies and raise them to events. ?
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