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  1. Official EU Server do not appear in server list. is there an update coming?
  2. all loot crates and drops are stiil primitive after todays update.
  3. same here on PC, official valguero. after login i get the start screen again. Login with XBox works for me
  4. Hi, after logging out of ark, I wanted to log in again and haven't found any servers since. neither on xbox nor on pc how can i fix that?
  5. same here, when logged out and try to log in, no session found.
  6. since last update the chat is not working (Win10/XBox)
  7. No servers on pc (xbox game pass) Hi all, i'm playing ark on pc with xbox games pass ultimate. on xbox i can see all servers, on pc no servers. i'm still fairly new to ark. is this up to updates? I prefer playing ark on pc. bye
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