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  1. TheArkholic

    The Gluse and many others

    this consists of high-quality MS paint 3D rendered creatures that should be added to the ark.
  2. thyla is really useful for rag
  3. Favorite ARK dino? lets debate so whats you favorite dino? lets debate i personaly realy like the grifin even tho its stamina makes it suck
  4. im an internet simp ive been upvoting everyones replies XD
  5. guys i dont know how quoting works in response to dinobros2000 ive been playing ark since moblie came out (i dont realy play moble because i now play ps4 )
  6. so how long have you guys been playing Ark?
  7. yooooooo guys sucks that it seems to not be happening but im so surprised some one actualy found this post!
  8. Console mods? can we get more official mods for console? we already have primitive + i would really like some more official mods added anyone else?
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