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  1. Refund from XBOX live The gameplay has become so unbearable in regards to versions updates, lagging, and poor sever performance I am looking for suggestion on how to best approach Microsoft on a refund of my pass membership. NOTE: the only game I play is ARK. Any advice?
  2. Server 1101 PVE has crashed official Has crashed and is not coming back up. When are you people going to investigate why this server is so poopty? Seriously you people are lazy af.
  3. How about you don’t put something online that doesn’t work. That’s sounds about F-in right.
  4. So where the H Do I report a server thy keeps lagging out, 4 Times in the period of an hour. mug that can’t be resolved then who do I need to talk to about getting reimbursed the money I spent on this game because I will NOT pay for promises service. Devs are cancer, they concern themselves with rolling out new maps, making new Dinos, then disable scaling on mutton because they can’t maintenance the servers to keep up. Dude either remove the problematic servers or refund people’s money for joining your crap service.
  5. Let me ask you a serious question, who is going to want to showcase let alone spend time learning a new dino when they can't even keep an official server from crashing for over 8 hours?
  6. Server has been down for over 8 hours and here you guys are busy rolling out new dinos.
  7. What kind of special brand of moron? Really though, what kind of special brand of retard do you have to be to have servers that are constantly booting people in the middle of high risk tasks? I'm just curious why you would even allow a server to exist if it is crap. I'm mad, idgaf either. Go ahead and delete this post because I indirectly called devs retards. BTW, the server boots at least 4 times in a 7 hour window and has 10+ sec lag up to 10 times.
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