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  1. Let me ask you a serious question, who is going to want to showcase let alone spend time learning a new dino when they can't even keep an official server from crashing for over 8 hours?
  2. Server down response time. How long does it typically take someone that can actually do something to respond to an offical server down? The server I'm playing has been down for close to 8 hours.
  3. Server has been down for over 8 hours and here you guys are busy rolling out new dinos.
  4. Server Something is not right on this server I am on, can someone please come spend some time looking at it or activities on it? The Lag was bad, it crashed 5 hours last night, and now it has crashed again as far as I can tell. The rubberbanding gets so bad sometimes it will set you back 5 - 10 secs... them sometimes it will lag out out of the game.
  5. Valguero freaking out .... So I tranqued a 145 bear in abb zone, I had my wyvern out, it seemed fine, wouldn't let me ride so I only loaded it up with gear to hold and went about business with the bear. I came back and there was a carno attacking the tamed bear I had and the wyvern was nowhere to be found. I checked the logs it didnt get killed.... is there any hope of ever finding it?
  6. What kind of special brand of moron? Really though, what kind of special brand of retard do you have to be to have servers that are constantly booting people in the middle of high risk tasks? I'm just curious why you would even allow a server to exist if it is crap. I'm mad, idgaf either. Go ahead and delete this post because I indirectly called devs retards. BTW, the server boots at least 4 times in a 7 hour window and has 10+ sec lag up to 10 times.
  7. Valguero Server 1101 This map is not pulling up, I was playing fibe until it booted me and is showing a failure to retrieve address message. This is not a normal outage or lag. Have quit, restarted, and am one second away from re-installing. Can I ask a question, why would I invest anymore money in a game that I spend an hour and a half taming a creature and then lag screws it all up? Why would anyone ever want to put up with that, let alone pay for anything to do with it. I mean the lag is bad and I have the highest speed ethernet offered my area.
  8. No Session Found Server 1101 is not there, I've restarted game, xbox, and router. My server is not showing at all. All other sessions are there and I can join those. Please help. I've checked for updates, none.
  9. Invisible Polar Bears I get that this game is supposed to be challenging at times but I feel like there are some things that are not considered by devs the rest of us who do not have modern ability or play entirely with out mods or cheats. So the polar bears, invisible, fine but does there have to be so many of them in the biome? Can some not be invisible? I walked into a clearing on PVE snow biome with my level 275 REX and 6 of these high level creatures had spawned around me, they practically chased me from one to the next until all 6 were on me and killed my Rex and 245 Dire. That is not a challenge. That is careless programming.
  10. I think its wrong for them to be so frequent, I like a good challenge but when you have 5 or six of these in one clearing and the gang up on you it doesnt matter what level your tame is, you will die. I really think its sloppy programming on the DEVS.
  11. Thanks, I'll look for it.
  12. Because i took over herbivore island and it's full of my tamed dinos and plenty of troughs. Do you know what happens to the imprint if you miss the 1st deadline?
  13. No names or admin code? Firstly I'm on PvE single, I have read about admin code access being spotty and drifting in and out but I have not been able to use one, ever. Secondly when I go to name my dinos or edit group names the text box appears and I type it all in, it shows, but then when I got to confirm with the Start button (enter) the text box goes away and nothing changes, no names, no group names. I am assuming that this is related to my admin code issues too. What do I need to do? I'm on XBOX One
  14. Not wandering?! 2 questions. 1, Bred and then hatched first dino, I chose to imprint but couldn't produce the kibble for the first care segment. What happens now to the imprint? 2, I enabled wandering and he won't wander, what am I doing wrong? (Note: I have him in no groups and he is in passive.)
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