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  1. Spawning on the beach and immediately being killed for no reason? Seems pretty accurate
  2. "Although its compact size prevents the Phoenix from being ridden" Aaaaand there goes all my hype for the phoenix. Pretty sure that it had a saddle in the Devkit so not sure why you're making it too small to ride.
  3. I thought we were done with new creatures and content and you were going to start fixing your game? What about the people with random driver crashes and resets? GPU/CPU optimizations that you've been talking about for 2+ years? Fixing the memory leak issues? It's great you're finally fixing your awful building system and AI, but seriously, when can we expect bug fixes and optimizations?
  4. New creature incoming?

    I'm guessing it's the end-game boss! I'm mostly excited for the mid-month patch though...
  5. Community Crunch 98: Gold Master Edition

    "there will be a lot of focus on PC Performance this month" Does that mean you're done ignoring the constant driver crashes and resets that people have been having for years? Fixing the memory leaks? Disappearing dinos?
  6. Yes, Jat has acknowledged it multiple times but there's an issue with Steam and he's contacting Valve to see if they can get the patch out.
  7. Patch v262 incoming! Yep, Jat is working on it apparently
  8. Patch v262 incoming!

    Jat, I appreciate everything you guys do and understand you're super busy but can we have some news on game breaking bugs (babies dying with food in inventory, memory leaks, driver crashes, etc) and optimizations? I don't want to buy a $1,900 gaming PC and end up not being able to play Ragnarok on Singleplayer because the game is having serious issues.
  9. Patch v262 incoming!

    So much for 3-4 hours I guess
  10. Crunch??

    "The Community Crunch is where we share important things going on with ARK, as well as host contests and showcase creations made by the community! Let's get started with some news." ...One of the very first things you see when you look at a community crunch.
  11. Patch v262 incoming!

    Plot twist: Jeremy is actually a dog and he's counting in dog time. 1 human minute = 7 Jeremy minutes
  12. Your dream patch notes?

    - Numerous optimizations and improvements - Fix for memory leak relating to the sky - Fix for random driver crashes - Various optimizations and improvements - Triangle foundations and ceilings - The ability to stack foundations so it's easier to build on uneven ground - Hiding pipes and wires - Basically just add most of S+ to the game lmao - Creature information that now tells you if there are any stat mutations (and what they are)
  13. Venting, Frustrated..

    I'm sorry that happened but... Why are you breeding/hatching ANYTHING during crunch time right before release, knowing that they're going to be constantly patching and updating things?
  14. Conspiracies...

    I like to think that they've got a massive optimization patch that they're waiting until juuuuuust before release to drop so they can watch everyone lose their minds A girl can dream...
  15. ...I almost burned myself to death in my wyvern hatching/torch area because I ran to go to the bathroom. I was going pee and suddenly heard the heartbeat/you're-going-to-die-soon sound and was trying to run down the hallway and pull my pants up at the same time. Bathroom breaks: Not even once