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  1. @Jatheish still waiting for some sort of acknowledgement for these crashes... Takes less than a minute to make a post on Twitter that says "Hey, we're aware of the crashes and D3D errors that are happening on PC right now and we're going to work on it as soon as possible".
  2. @Jatheish Entire new Community Crunch and pinned announcement asking people to buy the game and still no acknowledgement of this issue...
  3. @Jatheish any acknowledgement for these issues?
  4. @Jatheish Any news on a fix? It's been weeks since you've last acknowledged this
  5. Hopefully that includes acknowledging the ridiculous amount of crashes that have been happening for months
  6. Last time he acknowledged it was almost two weeks ago. It takes less than ten minutes to type up a quick "Hey, we're aware of the huge amount of crashing problems, hang tight, we're working on it!" and email it to one of the community moderators to post on Twitter/Steam/etc so that people don't have to go looking for a random thread to see what's going on. I don't know how many people work for WC, but I seriously doubt every single one of them is on holiday right now, and if they are it doesn't take much to quickly log into Twitter on your phone and post a quick "Hey guys, we hear your concerns about the crashing issues and we're going to work on it immediately as soon as we get back from vacation!"
  7. @Jatheish any news on a fix? People are getting really fed up with not being able to play the game that they payed for. I love this game to death but for $60 this game shouldn't have such bad issues that have been here for MONTHS. C'mon dude.
  8. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Thank you for the giganto redesign, I'm no longer terrified of them!
  9. Spawning on the beach and immediately being killed for no reason? Seems pretty accurate
  10. "Although its compact size prevents the Phoenix from being ridden" Aaaaand there goes all my hype for the phoenix. Pretty sure that it had a saddle in the Devkit so not sure why you're making it too small to ride.
  11. I thought we were done with new creatures and content and you were going to start fixing your game? What about the people with random driver crashes and resets? GPU/CPU optimizations that you've been talking about for 2+ years? Fixing the memory leak issues? It's great you're finally fixing your awful building system and AI, but seriously, when can we expect bug fixes and optimizations?
  12. New creature incoming?

    I'm guessing it's the end-game boss! I'm mostly excited for the mid-month patch though...
  13. Community Crunch 98: Gold Master Edition

    "there will be a lot of focus on PC Performance this month" Does that mean you're done ignoring the constant driver crashes and resets that people have been having for years? Fixing the memory leaks? Disappearing dinos?
  14. Yes, Jat has acknowledged it multiple times but there's an issue with Steam and he's contacting Valve to see if they can get the patch out.
  15. Patch v262 incoming!

    http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1457328927835412428/?tscn=1500066974#c1457328927835909392 Yep, Jat is working on it apparently