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  1. I think the contest should stay simple, one prize per catagory like it is, and i think there should only be one entry per person per week (on videos anyway). Spamming entries doesnt give you an advantage so pick your best work.
  2. I feel we were totally jipped with the video contest this week. though the end result was rather cool but Thats not a video is a painting. however: I have to say the screen shots that were entered in this weeks comp were outstanding ! I cant decide witch one will be my new desktop background, they are all so good!
  3. Great job to all who entered! I love all this stuff:)
  4. I admin a  Youtube exclusive ark server , i would like to invite you and your lady to come play and record on our server and join our YT community. if you are interested shoot me an email kortniechan@gmail.com I can give you more details. 
    we will be starting a new map in a couple weeks would be great time for you to join. 

    1. RedSpecsGaming


      I very much appreciate the offer however I will have to pass at this time. We enjoy being able to start and stop and adjust the server settings and mods to our liking. Plus I am not sure I could ever talk my wife into playing multiplayer. LOL. Thank you for the kind offer though.

  5. Congrats to all the winners! great entries this crunch!
  6. This tool looks great , cant wait to try it. Do i need to configure it or just run it while logged in as admin on my dedicated server?
  7. Who is going to contact the winners and when? I have been waiting 3 weeks and no word at all, this is kind of messed up and upsetting. Specially when i messaged jat a month ago and he hasn't even read it .
  8. So. . . . . who is going to contact us if we won the crunch? It's been weeks. I couldn't find any way on the forums to message Jat or Jen? What the fahooty? When are we gonna get contacted about our prizes? its really messed up they haven't even sent a message yet. Where are you guys. this is very discouraging.
  9. Who do we contact about our prizes? I won video this week and was runner up last week. GG's
  10. there is a community crunch thread every week in the discussions forum. post your entry for videos there and title it "my submission to crunch"
  11. How do we submit videos to the crunch contest?
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