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  1. I guess I should submit a ticket because some of the crashing is related to accessing the in-game options. One crash happened when I opened the options tab and adjusted the left/right sensitivity to aid in foundation placement. It crashed when I saved and exited. The last one a few minutes ago happened when I accessed the options tab to adjust the gamma as it was a bit dark in the entryway of Helm's Deep and I was trying to place pillars to compliment a dino gate without collision enabled. I adjusted the gamma up and the game crashed when I saved and exited.
  2. I'm currently playing PVE on Fjordur on a PS4. It has started crashing quite a bit and reminds me of the first time this happened after @4 months on The Island. After 10 months, the crashes became too much to deal with...getting set back 1/2-2 hours in game play and loosing rare loot. Months later, after my Xbox play-through...ended...I tried the PS4 again and it seemed to work ok. I spent 3 months or so on Ragnarok and Crystal Isles and crashing was seemingly rare. Now I seem to be back to crashing on the PS4 and I wonder if it is just toast, or if other folks are having issues playing Fjordur on the PS4. I am just not in a position to purchase new gear ATM, but perhaps soon. I am trying to decide if I can build any sort of rig, or if I should just get by on an $800 Xbox (cough). In the meantime, I am sort of spinning my wheels some days...like today. I thought of replacing the hard drive on the PS4 with a SSD, but I am not sure if that would be worth the effort if there is problem on the board. Guess I could always use it elsewhere if it doesn't help. Anyone else having issues? Any good suggestions? lol sigh...
  3. I like the baryonyx for caving. It's an awesome mount. But yeah...
  4. Yeah...that. I have hard time understanding why this has to be a thing. I have no idea why the game would have to function differently for PVE than for PVP in this regard. This has made breeding for mutations absolutely miserable in the past. It is such a strange thing to try to learn that I ended up starving and then harvesting THOUSANDS of baby dinos. I no longer play with single player settings, but even with PVE, I would get frustrated trying to simply figure out how to actually cull my own brood. Friendlly fire on...friendly fire off...single player on...single player off...those 4 options of experimentation cost 20 minutes of game loading time just to attempt one kill. So here we are again. I noticed poor progress on taming fjordhawks. I figured it might need an alpha kill or maybe a tame sacrifice. Then I saw a few videos. Phlinger Phoo, Syntac, FenderFTW and CJ CheeseDJ all seemed to have luck using tamed ovis. I actually had a pair so I bred some. I sacrificed at least 6 ovis on 3-4 occassions and not one bite of taming happened. It's been two weeks...really? Nerfed already? Sorry, I got Arked hard at least twice and lost 2 days to building and losing a boat that got stick on one ice pebble and something else I seem to be blocking from memory. Gee...I guess I should have hurried along a bit. Honestly, if a horde of angry beaver do not return to that valley and I cannot tame at least one level 25 from standing in a trap and shooting beaver, I am at a loss and y'all can keep the dang fjordhawk. P.S. Please stop listening to Syntac when he says something is broken. He has played from day one and he is probably just bored.
  5. It kinda makes sense if you have experience with Genesis. Not so much if you are limited to The Island, Crystal Isles, Ragnarök and Lost Island. You see, it was early game and I had very little going on. My parasaur alerted me to the 180 tek rex "gift" right at the gate of my camp in Helm's Deep. If I had any clue at all, I would have just taken the brontos and stegos for prime. I thought I could get easy prime from across the channel and move a few more supplies from my base in that area. I have played Ark for 2.5 years and have never even seen a 180 tek rex. I did get some sort of anomalous level 588 rexes from Lost Island...a breeding pair actually. So it's not like I have never tamed anything awesome, but those are anomalies and not ... standard. My chances of ever seeing another 180 tek rex are slim without probably a week of farming rexes, so I was very sad. It was such an awesome tame in the Keep as well...sigh.
  6. Lol, I could use the jars for crafting kibble right now.
  7. I just paused playing to report some happy news. I just snagged an apprentice ravager saddle in a supply drop. So maybe there is some hope to use all of the dlc dinos...in time...with patience. Hopefully the supply drops dish out an oil rig to go along with those tasty looking oil veins...
  8. No disrespect intended, but the sooner the better. This is ridiculous considering the last non-story map gave you everything. I started as a new character as well. Why? Because when I took a level 107 or 108 character to Lost Island, it was eventually nerfed to a level 88 or something. That put me right smack dab in to middle of nothing. No new game grind and no full benefit of the leveled character. I was in the not so fun part of the game where you never level on a map with no explorer notes. I like to save characters and progress to play around later if I want to. Ark is so ambiguous with "new character" vs. loading the save and possibly losing it all (console player here) I am in no hurry to repeatedly risk losing everything to travel to several maps to unlock engrams just to make use of the dlc creatures and those tasty looking oil veins I cannot interact with. I would also appreciate it if someone could fully explain all of the ins and outs of traveling across the arks as a single player on console and how to properly use the system. That includes the ramifications of playing both offline and multiplayer online. Do I lose my OG Beach Bob on The Island single player if I create a new character and join Rag online? What if Beach Bob travels online?
  9. So apparently, even though it looks like The Island or Lost Island and you can fly nonstop from anywhere to anywhere, it must play like Genesis considering "realms". I lost a 140 deod, it hasn't been easy to find any and this one was #3 seen on day 7. I flew it about 2-3 clicks from the redwoods to Helm's Deep where I knocked it unconscious and saw it eating food. I left it with 200 mejos and loaded with narc berries and torp on the rise...to fly across t he channel to snag some leftovers from my old camp. POOF...she gone. At first I thought it particular to the Helm, but then I remembered seeing the option to transport to other realms and I realized it was like Genesis...a map I spent 2 days on. My parasaur alerted me to a visitor. It turned out to be a 180 Tek Rex. I got all excited, built a dino gate, repaired my crossbow and rifle and made a few more of each narc ammo. I flew back after I left to make two bear traps. All prepared, and totally not thinking about the "realm" crap I never dealt with, I lead the beast into the compound and into a single entry chamber on the right. Caught in the bear trap, I had plenty of time to place a gate. Shooting the beast was sketchy as there was lots of room for it to move inside, but with only a couple arrows left, it fell asleep. So then I make the stupid decision to fly back across the channel to get easy prime meat from the baby kairuku. POOF...she gone. Don't bother to tame anything if you don't already have the meats...if it means you leave the realm...where ever that may end...
  10. Wow...that's a lot. My last inexplicable loss was a dinopithicus in some sort of cryo related snafu. I cryo podded her and picked up the helmet. I remember moving lots of dino candy eggs around so my inventory was stacked. I tossed stuff back and forth between dinos and storage boxes, etc. When I got to the cave I cryo podded the monkey for, she was gone. I searched every dino and storage space i had everywhere and she was just gone. I saw mention in a thread that sometimes items go poof when slot capped. No idea... I have noticed several types of problems happening related to game saves. My last crash was a simple easy bump to black screen and then the xbox homepage. I think that was related to a game save trying to happen. The one before that was scarier....possibly hardware? The game froze totally with horrific sound bugs. I had been playing for a long time and moved lots of resources.
  11. I don't know. They went poof. There were no death notices.
  12. I wonder if this is similar to the issue I had on Lost Island where I took babies from the mewing and they disappeared in the floor...poof. I finally did get my video of that on OneDrive, but need to work on sharing. You can see like a frame or two of the baby dino and POOF when it hit the floor.
  13. I enjoy watching Ark content from creators on Youtube. I will admit that it can ruin the process of discovery of the game, but once you are sucked in...well. I don't make a habit of plugging anyone for anything, but speaking of the "process of discovery", I am loving watching Yao Guai gaming and his evolution in the game. Currently I am watching him on The Island. He started there "blind" never having played Ark and it has been incredible watching him play and discover. I wish my path had been a bit more like his. I would imagine that if the developers had intentions on how someone should play the game as a PVE player, this is as close as I have seen. Never mind the occasional adult language, if you have extra time give this one a go.
  14. It looks like the resource I found was accurate. Test stegos mature in about 1 hr 45 min needing 2 imprints of 50% each leaving about 13% of maturation to doddle. The rexes should take about 3 hrs and should need 4 imprints of 25% with remaining time to doddle. Pretty sure a giga would take over 9 hours.
  15. I see this is in dedicated server discussions? sorry about that. I seem to have issues not only with the game, but with this forum. anyhow, I managed to stumble across an interactive spreadsheet that leads me to believe a maturation speed of 30 and a cuddle interval multiplier of .087 should give me results I can live with. I'll let you know?
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