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  1. It doesn't have any DLC to warrant this. Nobody would volunteer an expensive game like ark for free if there wasn't in game purchases.
  2. The rules for the creature submission were that the creature has to be extinct/prehistoric
  3. Edit: I forgot to put in the quote by Hegaywhodonothin, I'm not used to forums and didn't add it in after clicking quote, so pretend it is here. Scorched isn't selling good because everyone already has it, and it has it's worth as a map when you consider the nice base locations it has and how nice the map is. Yeah, it doesn't sell as good now because it isn't required to have, but it shouldn't be required. It is honestly nice to have a DLC map that is simply extra content and not required content. Take the DLC of any other game and the extra characters you buy might be slightl
  4. Some of this stuff will probably begin to feel like it belongs in the game like whips, flamethrowers, extinction dinos, etc. I feel like the DLCs should have some MORE of their engrams and dinos dipped into the main game to prevent new players from being completely left out of any meta due to not buying the DLCs from the beginning. Ragnarok, Valguero, and Crystal Isles do great with this for scorched and aberration, but it's still at the point where to defend some base spots a tek railgun is expected, or a Reaper, which can't be obtained for free. With snow owls and managarmrs being essentia
  5. You have not seen water bases get simultaneously soaked and meatran by a squad of Tusoteuthis. This is a straight up nerf/death sentence for water bases especially since tek turrets are getting a nerf.
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