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  1. I hope the world border stuff is more forgiving on PVE.. I recently lost everything I had on extinction because I was riding a skiff, the server lagged, and with the speed of the skiff I couldn't get back inside the border fast enough. Genesis style borders are much better imo.
  2. Kinda bummed that I 'won' a prize on the stream for donating but have heard and received nothing from WC almost a month later. Altogether I donated over $700, which of course is for a great cause but it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  3. Are you sure you read it right? The only list of servers there is a list of new crystal isles servers. Also, from Dollie's twitter post, this is a known issue that they're working on, so I was correct in my understanding that all officials will have crossplay.
  4. That wasn't clear from the community crunch - this is the quote; "Other than modding, the Epic Store version of the game will operate like the Steam PC version and will be updated in full parity with our Steam updates. Both platforms will support crossplay, which will be enabled on our Official Servers between Steam and Epic Games and Unofficial Servers can choose to opt-into enabling crossplay or not." Can you tell me where you got the information that it will only be supported on *some* officials? and is there a published list of which servers that is? Honestly, my friend wil
  5. Specific server joining issues I just had a friend get ark via the epic store for the giveaway there. I want him to join me on the rag server I play on (195, official). For some reason even though he can join other rag servers, he can't join mine. I met up with him on 194, verified that cross server play worked, but no matter what we tried, 195 did not appear in his server list either as a new character or option for transfer. Anyone else seeing this? Are specific servers restricted to steam only?
  6. Had the same issue just now, even when holding a fish, still says "drag a fish to feed" on the hesp.
  7. I'm pretty sure others will have mentioned this as an issue, but adding in something that just happened as a new data point or two. There's an underwater cave in the SW area of Ocean biome in genesis. We've had a couple of tames instantly die there, as well as one player death and one sleeping player death, all instant. What is a new data point though, I think, is that just now I was trying to tranquilize an X-mosa in the pool that's in the middle of the cave. I was standing on shore, it was in water. I was monitoring it's torpor using HLNA info, so it was at around 9-10k of 12k torpor wi
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