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  1. Don't please! It's all about support the deva and the servers without creating a pay to win chaos.
  2. Good to read the comments Hope WC will do something about this situation.
  3. Valg 523 was very bad 1-2 days ago. I'm afraid to check it, took hours to get back from there.
  4. Because they have many servers to upkeep in every month. And looks like they can't. You bought the game once, only once, but the server rents are always ticking. It's strange too, Ark is an MMO without any sustainable income. No ingame shop, no sub theres nothing. Every game with own servers need some constant income. I hope they dont make a shop, but I can agree with an subscription model without any Pay to Progress elements. Or just something minor like the 5-10% extra XP. It's came to my mind too. I'm just hoping its just paranoia.
  5. Can I pay? Hi! The performance of the servers is a joke right now. I'm not an expert, I don't know where is the problem. But I suspect your budget isn't that great right now. (And I bet Atlas isn't bring much money.) If this is the case, just make an optional subscription with some benefits. Like +5% XP, one saddle and something skin, maybe a new chibi, anything small. I would gladly pay if it's helps to make a more stable and reliable Ark experience. I'm not sure how my Survivors would be as "stupid" as me to pay, but I'm certain there are some. Yes, I want to play on the official servers. No, I dont want to rent a server or go to an unofficial server. I just want to keep crawl on the officials.
  6. I just made a tour around servers for dinos and stuffs, but I couldn't do anything at all. Lag, crash, disconnect, teleport dinos. I visited 3 Valguero and 2 Island servers. All the same, unplayable. About a year ago it wasn't this bad at all. Atleast in my memories. WC what happened with you? I'm really thinking on a refund of the season pass now and give that funds (hope) to Population Zero.
  7. Crymric

    It's just ridiculous

    Thanks for moving my topic, but its all about the Valguero, SE is fine.
  8. Crymric

    It's just ridiculous

    Yes, my plan was to use the Evo event for an easier tame, but im still struggling to get back my server and like 2 hours gone now with this fight agains the VERY bad server issues. It's just so frustrating now. I dont even know why I'm"playing"
  9. Crymric

    It's just ridiculous

    I have salt, but tek gear is pretty far from my stage. I carried grill and salt to the server to cook it immidietly. But everything was in the eagle so...
  10. Crymric

    It's just ridiculous

    I just realised the dark side of Ark. It's just sad. I was really happy with WC but now im just disappointed. An hour passeed and I just cant get back to an Ark/beacon. I lost my Argie, lost every item and its just keep lagging and drop me out.
  11. Crymric

    It's just ridiculous

    It's just ridiculous Hi! Just a small rant. I live on the Scorched Earth and I'm planning to breed some dinos and tame a moschop. Both of them need prime fish meat, what is a missing resource on that map. I made a plan to do a little adventure on an another map to get some prime fish meat. I chosed Valguero because i never been there. I made some prep, went to the Valg 523. This server is a mess. Lagging like hell, but really. On my way to the obelisk its dropd me back to a previous positions so many times. And its just got worse! After I downloaded my brave Argie and take my way to the spot the server just crashed. Ok its happens. I barely survived, but its OK. Lets continue the road. OOOhh the server just went down again! And again! Omg i just want my damn meat! I never come back here, I promise!!!!!
  12. I can agree, but veteran ppl need new content to stick with Ark. I was lucky with the bugs, I didn't experience much from them. BUT building and foundations are still sux, I hate it I just hope they can find balance between patching and content making. Edit: One more thing. I understand WC need profit and its coming mostly from newly released expansions. I would be happy with a light subscription model if they can polish more on the older content with it.
  13. I tried it and it's working. Very clunky and i must practice a little bit but it will be enough for feeding. I play on Steam, is thats works too?
  14. Thanks ill try this as soon as i get home :)
  15. Sadly its only works if you are on the same network.
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