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  1. Accidently transfered to aberratin with 120k dust in my inventory and with a cryod quetz.
  2. Waited 42 min for transfer. Put the goods in the vault on the other side. Wait 12 min for transfer. Gameplay time gone, went to work.
  3. I think the fixes for this or bugs like this is way down on the priority list. All the way Genesis right now. If it's """"finished"""" there will be the new crystal forest map. Hmm, i think im getting more and more cynical about Ark.
  4. This bug came with Genesis. We are waiting for a bugfix. I'm sure they know it, but it's low on the priority list.
  5. Logged in to a Genesis server. Jump out from the portal. I saw the pillars, foundations everywhere. Went back go my server to keep the babies alive.
  6. Jumped server to server (with several crashes and disconnects ofc) to find a good quality deinonychus saddle bp or crafter...
  7. I just made a tour around servers for dinos and stuffs, but I couldn't do anything at all. Lag, crash, disconnect, teleport dinos. I visited 3 Valguero and 2 Island servers. All the same, unplayable. About a year ago it wasn't this bad at all. Atleast in my memories. WC what happened with you? I'm really thinking on a refund of the season pass now and give that funds (hope) to Population Zero.
  8. Mini platform saddle for the turtle With like 2x1. Its enough for a bed, mortar. Or for 2-3 auto turret. ? With a small structure limit, like 10-15.
  9. I made 10k clay to continue my base tomorrow. Busy day, didnt have much time to play
  10. I'm working on my dino barn. Today i built half of the floors. It will be big, maybe I never finish it. ?
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