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  1. I gave up on this a while ago. Less stressful to farm alone.
  2. Ancient bugs, let's find the most oldest! A month ago I tamed some snails and I was surprised to see they don't recognise the cake sometimes and lose effectiveness. This bug is as old as the achatina itself. A week ago I got angry to the manticore because it didn't land. It's old like SE. And ofc the bulding bugs, there's the place of a structure part but you can't put that there because reasons. I think this one is the oldest. Soo what do you think, what is the oldest bug in Ark what is still waiting for a fix from Wildcard? After all these years they won't get fixed for sure, just make a list for the sake of memories.
  3. Accidently transfered to aberratin with 120k dust in my inventory and with a cryod quetz.
  4. Yep, i lost a very good dino and gears for that. But i don't think it's a trap. Just a buggy spawned create.
  5. Scorched earth, unreachable cave loot creates There are 2 unreachable cave loot create on SE. The picture is from the central cave. And theres an other on the southeast cave on a ledge on 76,5 80,2 far below. Players said these are years old bugs. So i don't have much hope but still. Would be nice to fix it after many years....
  6. Dinos dont have fortitude stat. Do you mean torpodity?
  7. Yea, thats good. Health for food consumption, stam for range.
  8. Procoptodon baby food aura Instead of put one baby in a mate boosted procoptodon pouch to reduce the food comsumtion, add an area around it with the same affect. The comsumtion reduction should depend from all of the procoptodon stats. Higher the level, better the aura.
  9. In my opinion it's just not worth to use. Can't even use it while you are mounted. Break fast, harvest little. Even a mid range dino is a better option for any of the resources what it can harvest.
  10. The cave man dilemma We have guns, chainsaws, flamethrowers, scifi buildings, ironman suit, power rangers robots, tek everythings. Why haven't we invented the wheel yet? Dire bear chariot, desert chopper, tundra buggie! Don't want to deal with wheel physic? Use continous tracks, mecha legs (Iron Harvest has some great examples). Little overthinking: After the added tech tools and vehicles when you make a tribe you have two choices. You have to chose what kind of tribe you want to make: Tech or Primal. Tech could get modern tools and vehicles but cannot tame some dinos like giga, magma, wyvren etc.. Primal could get all of the dinos. Same with building. Tech stays in the current way, but primal could get an obsidian version of the metal buildings with the same stats. Ofc with the ability to make/get lots of obsidian. It could create great trading opportunities too. Like you are in a tech tribe but you need lots of poli. Just ask a primal tribe. Vice versa for primals, if you need a large amount of metal for armor plates for your dinos, you just look for a tech tribe to trade that. It's rather Ark 2 Sorry, I'm bored
  11. I just wanted to be creative, but Ark building system is still one of the most weakest part of the game. Yea, I'll build in the usual way. The box, always the box...
  12. Railing snap to the top of the slooped wall. It's really look weird. I can't snap the fence foundation to anything. I'm trying to build it with fence foundations, but without snapping it's nearly impossible to match the sides.
  13. Looking for help in building Hi! I'm looking for building advices. I want to close a part of my building but i just can't figure out how. Stairs bottom, rails on it but theres a huge gap to the wall and its get wider as we move up. Any idea to connect the rails and walls somehow?
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