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  1. in the past kibble for rex is made from scorpion eggs, and dodo eggs are useless for scorpion then, they only accept spoiled and raw meat, there is no preferred kibble for them. titanoboa doesnt fit in anywhere in the chain.
  2. is 12 hours only, not 24
  3. Stegos prevent the rider from being dismounted, so u cant tame the desmodus while riding one as it cant pick u up from the stego. the andrew saddle prevents dismounts as well.
  4. Those wont help with extending spoil timer on items like wyvern milk and nameless venom. Double spoil timer on them means less of them lost to spoilage, especially with salt in preserving bin. Also any high level tamed giga can deal with wyverns easily, and farm sulfur from the wyverns faster than u can from the rocks. Alternatively u can farm rock elementals for sulfur too, just dump the other resources harvested that will encumber u.
  5. You dont have to sneak one down, just upload the stryder at any suitable place nearby, then fly in using the free tek suit to its heart, and u can download the stryder there.
  6. Its buff doesnt work only on underwater loot crates, but above ground beacons and loot crates in caves too.
  7. So how much taming affinity does using tamed wyvern corpses give?
  8. I raised basilos with no issues at all using tek troughs out of the water.
  9. if he has access to wyvern milk, they make it much easier, just force feed 1 to each rex right before the boss.
  10. if u derender and render it when it has food in its inventory, it will eat until its food is max or there is no food left in it instantly.
  11. is the brute ferox supposed to be this easy but tedious to kill? his minions was even harder to kill than the ferox itself. Alpha Shadowmane hunt was easier this way too.
  12. Mammoths alr have a ground stomp, just right click, it got decent aoe and knockback also.
  13. Just know that it hasnt been the same ever since the date when the second paid dlc for ark been released. Any engrams u learnt will stay, only disappears when u mindwipe. Once u are on ext u can learn the engrams exclusive to that map. If u mindwipe u need to go to the specific map to learn their exclusive engrams again.
  14. I noticed that it was no longer guaranteed 2 per kill ever since aber was released. I used to farm them as part of my meat runs regularly before and after aber release. Before aber it was dropping 2 each regularly. My guess was it had something related to nameless venom which is not supposed to drop regularly.
  15. Yes i read have read that before. It clearly says it is after Nerva lost his men and beasts to kill the overseer before Mei Yin got to him, otherwise she would have to fight his army as well. Mei Yin only fought Nerva, not the overseer.
  16. Pc never had times 4. It was times 2 for a long time before the recent rate change, where current 1x is same as the previous 2x so pc and console had same rates for CI.
  17. Im more curious as to where u got this from. Based on the island explorer notes, it was Nerva who defeated the overseer but he lost his men and beasts to defeat it, then Mei Yin shows up for her revenge.
  18. We never had 4x. The rates from the recent evo events were 2x of the old rates, which is 4x of the even older rates back in 2015. Now that the old 2x is the new permanent 1x, the rates are still the same like what@GP said.
  19. Then why not u just spawn a very high lvl tame like lvl 10000 and do what u want in sp?
  20. The x4 is with comparison to ark rates when it was released in 2015. At that time x1 rates are half of our current x1 rates, so when current x2 becomes default x1, it will be x4 of the original in 2015.
  21. I prefer raising multiple gigas at a time, like 10 at once, so i can see it in another way, each giga took 1.4 days instead.
  22. What's the issue? I tamed a 150 on rag desert with no issue on current 2x. Use a gas mask in fpv, can see very clearly. It doesnt stack, just refreshes the timer on the bleed with each secondary attack.
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