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  1. Saying black lives matter =/= to all lives don't matter. However, saying all lives matter is a direct negation of the disparity and inequality that black lives endure on a day to day basis.
  2. Thank you for everything you guys are doing during this pandemic.
  3. "It is normal on official servers for characters to be lost in transfer and to pretend it's not is just naive." The fact that it happens often is not a statement I am arguing against. I am arguing against using it as a reason to negate it as an argument towards 2x taming. Normalizing awful circumstances doesn't change its affect on people nor should it deter any aid towards solving that problem. Again, gaslighting 101. "Its always been a breeding event. " History never has to repeat itself and it is never a good argument for deterring change or suggestions. We can see this throughout history with any change happening. Some change can be bad, but like I said: I have still yet to hear of an argument for why 2x taming is a bad change. Again, just empty words spoken for the sake of your post count. "The valentine's event has a method to get taming boosted built-in. Its always been a breeding event. " Again, this doesn't affect any hand-fed dino. Which was my previous argument to which someone's "response" was: "We can't get everything" (lol). Not a reason why it is bad but simple annoyance at "entitled" requests (correct me if your view on his argument is different from mine). "Everytime the details of one of these gets posted, at least one person complains about it." There is nothing wrong with people wanting more or voicing change; its how we grow, its how we shape our view of "good" for any aspect, its how we shape our worlds.
  4. This isn't even an argument or reasoning against 2x taming. This is just empty words. "You shouldn't touch a hot stove." Not because it will cause a massive burn > which will cause lots of pain/agony > which will create a very unpleasant experience for you > which is a bad experience; because you shouldn't. No reasoning backed up in this statement. You're also gaslighting anyone who has lost everything in Ark. By saying it is normal, you are saying it is nothing to be alarmed about and feelings are not justified. Anything that tries to be categorized as "normalcy" leads to ammo for deterring complaints by way of reasoning that it happens to everyone and people "should just get over it". This is also unempathetical; aside from gaslighting. Any good, decent human should look down on this comment. This is also a strawman fallacy because you ignored my argument that any seasoned player can buy any cloned event dinosaur. These event dinos are widely and, might I say grossly, available everywhere. There are bases littered with them reaching the dinosaur cap (as is their right set by the developers). We already have 2x taming for getting high base stat dinos; which people just give out huge mutated boss rexes already and shower newcomers with high level dinos. There is no "real" reason to not have 2x taming event for ark users. Most of the arguments stem from "well we just can't get everything"; which isn't justification for why 2x taming is bad. At this point people are arguing against 2x taming simply for the sake of it. I have yet to hear of a real reason against it that has convinced me otherwise.
  5. I'm not sure why you're implying I want everything boosted. I just lost my character from a server crash and had to wait 2 1/2 weeks to get my tribe/base back. I was lucky enough to have alliance members keep my dinos fed. Please understand that there are a lot of people who have to play catch up because of circumstances like this or who might have lost everything; including event dinos. These events are more of a catch up at this point. They have been going on for many years and they are no longer unique. For more seasoned players events like this is used for breeding and obtaining seasoned holiday items. Want any colored dino you want? No problem buy one of the cloned event dinos that are on every server and add it to your line. Think of the newer players rather than the seasoned players. Some like to get their own dinos and these events are great for self-sustaining players.
  6. This doesnt help with any dino you need to hand feed; squids, mantas, dolphins, apes, basilosaurus, etc.
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