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  1. Saying black lives matter =/= to all lives don't matter. However, saying all lives matter is a direct negation of the disparity and inequality that black lives endure on a day to day basis.
  2. To keep one on genesis to hold my tribe in case this happens again.
  3. If you fly around a circle: Red obelisk > Volcano > 2nd mountain to the right of blue obelisk > metal mountain > green obelisk I usually find 1-2. If you dont see anymore then the rest are in redwood forest in the middle. Sometimes they fly around in there. They all are generally spread but sometimes I have found 3 quetzals in redwood spreadout.
  4. Ya normally I have an alt but I could not afford a 2nd copy of Genesis. What is even more confusing is someone on my server lost his character as well during that patch and they were already able to restore his character. Not sure why but they told him his character would be in the cloud and he was able to get it back. Not sure why they can't do the same for me if he was helped that quick. 6 weeks is a little crazy.
  5. I'm at a loss of words... Need help Hello, It's hard to put this into words because I'm so shocked at what happened. I transferred to aberration and came back to my genesis server 30 minutes before the big 10 gb patch hit on 4/14/2020. Our server crashed when it came back up and rolled back 3 hours. I lost my character and I did not purchase a 2nd copy of genesis for an alt. I put in a ticket for character restoration and the GM is backed up 6 weeks. I provided my character implant screenshot and tribe log. I will lose everything. I have no way of refreshing my base or tames. Is ther
  6. Ya, had no idea. Got back on my genesis server and the patch hit 30 minutes later. Our server failed to boot back up and rolled back 3 hours. Lost my character. Looks like I wont be able to participate in the event on genesis anymore. That sucks.
  7. Luckily my server has no lunar caves blocked but someone blocked the squid cave lol.
  8. I posted this in a separate thread. Arctic is bugged for the most part. X-dinos and genesis specific creatures (ferox) do spawn with event colors. However, dinosaurs such as Theriznosaur, Mammoth, Ovis, Anky, Megatherium, etc do not spawn with event colors. An event pig does not spawn in the arctic but you can find them in the bog. There is something about arctic colors that is messing with the event colors.
  9. I feel like people are not reading my post because I said x-dinos are getting it. Dinos like ankys, theriznos, ovis, and mammoths are not getting it.
  10. No event dinos for most of them in the snow? Not sure if this is a bug but has anyone else experienced the same? I have found no event mammoths, ankys, theriznos, megatherium, even ovis. I have seen event dinos for tek, abberation, genesis specific dinos, and x-dinos. Not sure what is going on or if they are all tamed up fast/bad luck. This is on official pve btw.
  11. Thank you for everything you guys are doing during this pandemic.
  12. Really awful situation to be in. Happened to someone from my Island server. Someone kited a corrupted giga to their base and destroyed half of it. Sorry it happened to you.
  13. Originally it was just the price but I am able to afford it so I went ahead and bought it. Super excited! I hope those lunar whales aren't too hard to tame on official servers...
  14. I lost my character but mine was on PC; although it could apply to your situation. If you transfer and a server crashes before it saves your character, you lose your character. The longest rollback I have seen for transfers is 30 minutes. Ark servers (for PC at least) save every 15 minutes for official servers. Which means sometimes the first save isn't always enough to guarantee no character loss.
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