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  1. You never know, in the roadmap coming 'this week' we may get info on he UE5 upgrade including the revival of prim+. I honestly think we have more chance of an announcement of ark2 coming April 2023 😝
  2. Very small chance of this, people have wanted prim+ to get some love for years..
  3. Nothing on the socials about an evo so really its another wait until tonight and check the dynamicconfig.ini to see if its worth logging in or not.
  4. The only thing i can think of if submit a ticket to a different department, so if you encountered the GM you want to report in 'In-game issues', then try choosing 'Technical'. I'm not sure how support in this game handles tickets but your category choice would usually direct your message the the right department. I would name the GM in your message though, and remember coworkers are likely to defend each other so in all honesty i can't see you getting much help. With that said, if the GM in question has done something serious, such as threats, racial hatred etc. then this would be a whole different story to deal with.
  5. "Cant Place Ceiling: This structure is too far away from the platform. " You are building too far from the platform, the structure limit is quite high on platforms, the main restriction is distance, so you must have reached the height limit.
  6. 1) Yes it ill cost money (unless you have the machine and internet to host it yourself), you have a lot of options here and with a little searching you may find some deals and offers, have a look into some of these hosts; 2) If people will join is a tough one because there is a lot of choice and hundreds on dead servers, personally i would really have to think about a few things such as if you can afford to maintain the server? what about admins (for player issues and cheaters)? how will you advertise it? do you have the time to commit to it? 3) Yes you can run mods on your server and set it up however you like, custom rates, events a lot of unofficial servers also sell VIP perks which usually give in game advantage.
  7. What platform? game mode? official? I tried it on pc official pve and dedi storage seems to be working fine for me.
  8. Another quick way for some easy dino xp is to go over to island and do note run while riding it.
  9. Submit report https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform
  10. I've read your post a few times and can't grasp your question, are you asking who has joined an official server and kept playing and whether you start a new character, so from level 1 on a new server? If so, nearly every time on official when i join a map, i start a new character and build up from scratch, pretty easy with the current 1x rates to get a starter base down within the hour.
  11. I don't know if you are new so sorry if this answer is obvious to you, but, remember items in your inventory have a 15 minute timer before you can transfer or upload them. If you try to transfer before that, the item is dropped on the floor in a bag. You said correct section in the obi, you have 2 sections, the obi inventory in pretty much a storage box for boss tributes or crafting. The other is your upload (person secure storage) which you can access from any server and items will last 24hrs If you are placing things in the obi storage, it wont transfer with you and will be available to anyone on the server to take.
  12. That sounds like an internet issue, maybe firewall. I personally have no issue with the server list, my favs will appear in 1-2 seconds.
  13. Are you on steam? If so, open the Steam client and go to View followed by Servers to see the Steam server list. then check the history tab.
  14. If you have sent report all you can do is wait, get as many people as you can to send the report.
  15. With 280 saddles you must be on unofficial or single player. On official my rex vary from 40k to 80k health and 2k to 3k melee and 110+ saddles and all bosses are easy using about 10 of them. I don't use rex much now though as i enjoy my bleed army of 10 deinos and 9 allos. they melt everything quickly.
  16. With dragon you really want a herbivore, like theri, they will eat veggie cakes to heal, the dragon fire does a percentage of health, think it's 25%!? So the health doesn't really matter, you want as much damage as possible to take it down quick, I would suggest raising a few deinos, they bleed it and rarely get hit because of there size. As for manticore you have to be careful of torpor, Rex have high base torpor so are a good choice. As with any boss fight saddles are important, I wouldn't want to go to anything above gamma with prim though. Try running drops for a while, even ramshackle would be better, I wouldn't go without 60+ for beta and 100+ for alpha myself I have never bothered with a pig, a few seconds of healing usually isn't worth it when you can replace it with more teeth. I would say you will be fine, if you play it smart. Don't forget to take a shotgun and gas mask with you.
  17. It feels like a very wildcard way to solve the no spawn issue on fjordur, "if they can't play, they don't need spawns" problem solved!.
  18. This problem isn't as bad as it once was. A time ago if you was to transfer a character and anything went wrong, the destination server crashed or a rollback happened then you would lose it so it really was 50/50 chance. Now wildcard has implemented a system that if such event happens, you character will be rebuilt with backup data, meaning you will recover your character BUT your inventory will be empty and i would put your odds in the 90 percentile of success. The system isn't foolproof and things can still go wrong, but don't let that stop you. Personally i have lost a character a few years ago and i do lose my inventory a few times but i also transfer servers several times a day. If you really want 0 risk then i would create a new character on the server you want instead.
  19. Looks like ~18 hours it been down. All you can do is have as many people submit report as you can. My Gen server was recently down for 5+days.
  20. My gen server was down for 5 days before it came back up yesterday, other than reporting it, you can do nothing but wait. https://t.co/SwSqc0jcDN
  21. GenOne 650 has been down since 24th April... so roughly 5 days at time of post.
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