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  1. The wyvern drawings are really cool and all but they are missing one, the dragons from Skyrim...
  2. These mods are insane. There is such much good work put into them!!
  3. Can we add like a full on tameable dragon? Like I think that would be mad cool. Just imagine flying through the skies on a giant dragon. You on it's back feeling the wind in your hair and stuff. It would be real cool not even gonna lie.
  4. Im in class right and I read that and for some reason I busted out laughing. Bro everyone was lookin at me lmaooo
  5. Bro there isn't much news anymore. I miss old ark ngl. Lets talk about when the spino didn't have a tlc or the argi. Those were the days.
  6. Also in gen 2 the mission "Team downriver run" has invisible barriers and I am not able to complete the mission. What do I do?
  7. So they added new stuff that you have to be level +100 for engrams but on console(My xbox) The level cap is 105. Can someone explain to me how that makes any sense or how to change the level cap for console?
  8. Will there be Reaper Queens? Also how many times have they delayed a DLC? *No hate btw*
  9. *kills a turkey and gets a wish bone* *thinks that it grants any wish* *has to look up what it does* *cries all night*
  10. I am getting Resident evil 2 vibes from all these eyeballs. This is gonna be epic : )
  11. I have heard about this AND I LOVE IT! YAY I can't wait to play this DLC this summer. Thanks a lot :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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