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  1. yep..i lost a 104 toon using a transmitters from extinction to abbreation..I put in ticket after ticket..no reply no compensation..and I waited like 2weeks..till my tribe leader said..just make a new toon and a backup toon aswell..just in case this happens again..so yeah bro..you will not get your toon back without proof I think..i ended up with 2 x toon at lvl 100 in 2weeks tops and moved on from that shame full thing that wc cant even explain why or let alone return my lvl 104 toon...r.i.p my 104 toon.
  2. yeah..i feel for ya bro..my server 1056 na official xbox cant login keep getting kicked out..server say 0-70;..this has been going on for nearly 3days now..can a gm look into this please?
  3. yeah me too..looking forward to getting a giant turtle you can build ya base on and travel around underwater and on land with it
  4. yep..same here..message says > connection failed could not receive address..this has just started around last update
  5. hahaha...I hear ya..always something broken never fail..and you can bet your bottom dollar..there will be another update to fix the first update..happens all the time.
  6. yeah,,same thing here..i can throw out with cyropod..can`t pick up..prolly need another update to fix it.
  7. Update: still no reply from wildcard to my ticket..im not holding my breath waiting to hear back from them...it will be like all the other bugs > swept under the carpet...typical wildcard.
  8. I just hope winter wonderland 4 has 2 x Maturation,egg hatching,farming..i couldn't careless about all the other stuff.
  9. mate I did everything..see usely when you dc when you use transmitter..9 times outa 10 you will always find your toon in download character page either in the server you trans to or the server you trans from..when my toon was deleted heading to Ab905..there was a error message saying your character transfer failed and a bunch of numbers see..there was no download character anywhere..charactor is gone..like I never had a lvl102..and the kicker is > I got transmitters in prolyl 3 other servers and I can`t use them now lol.
  10. nah man..Na xbox official serverAberation905..i only play on official servers.
  11. yeah I hear ya man..but to lose a toon using a transmitter is a big thing in my books..people who build and use transmitters on a regula basis will be thinking twice about using them if they going to lose a toon..i realy hope wildcard fixes this problem quick smart.
  12. well whats the point of playing this broken game..after all that time I wasted on my lvl102 toon just to have it deleted for no reason at all by a game you payed real money for..looks like wildcard just wants your money and they do nothing about fixing major problems..im still reeling after losing my toon..all the imprinted animals I got with that toon freakin useless now..i will not be buying genesis I`ll give you the flying tip..oh thank you Rio for your help in this matter.
  13. hey Rio I already put in a ticket to wildcard 2 days ago..still waiting on reply..oh I got no screen shots of my character..so cant they check database for entries by that character?
  14. Useing Transmitter Charactor Deleted I was using my tribes transmitter at Extinction1056 to take some gates to Aberration905,i got to aberration905 map where you highlight where you wanna spawn at right..i highlighted the bed..then error message >transferd character failed and a bunch of numbers..game locked up..i had to relog and no download character in download character page..my lvl102 character is gone..can someone help me or tell me how I get my character back please?
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