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  1. Been looking forward to this since the first announcement but to be honest Im kinda shattered there isn't going to be x2 taming
  2. Will there be x2 breeding/ maturing rates during the Valentine event?
  3. Use creator mode in single player to find a hidden place you wouldn't think to build. Build as small as possible like mentioned in the above comments... Don't build in bear caves/pearl caves or any YouTube video spots Don't keep tames at your base unless they are in cryopods Never log out in your base. Kill yourself before you quit the game Build multiple small bases. Use wooden storage boxes hidden underwater with the essentials to get started again if you get raided. Don't trust anyone you don't know we'll with the location of your base. Don't upload items at the Ob use drops Build Any farms and crops in a different place to your base
  4. How good is it not being able to play the game during the 2x event
  5. Great idea, there needs to be a counter to parasuars and snow owls.
  6. I am having a similar problem also on Xbox it let's me place foundations and door frames and walls but I'm unable to place metal double doors/frames even in places where they have been previously
  7. First time raising managarmr solo advice Hey Xbox player here on official pvp, I play solo and have recently been gifted a juvenile managarmr. I live out of small bases that you are not able to breed or raise dinos in. This is my first time raising a mana and would like some advice on how to approach it and what my plan of attack should be. I play on the center and only have access to the regular feeding trough. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. I was having the same issues as you I'm on Xbox but trying to play 6 man as solo player was a pain. I switched to official and haven't looked back since. I found you have more opportunities to tribe up with other players because there is no limit to tribe size, and generally find more smaller tribes to raid as a solo player.
  9. Thanks for the reply, I have tried on 2 separate gachas and both stop like you mentioned but don't drop anything have gone through 2 mistletoe and 12 coal lol I'm on Xbox official pvp Hopefully I figure it out!
  10. Can somone please explain to me what I am doing wrong? When I put either coal or mistletoe in gacha Claus it disappears and nothing happens?
  11. Thanks again that is a great idea. If that worked that would be a perfect fix and would save alot of grinding materials just to raid myself, saves me having to foundation wipe my base to keep my location also. If worst comes to worst atleast I have a decent raid to do with my new character lol Thanks again for help
  12. Firstly thankyou for your advice. Yeah I was also thinking that because it wasnt a glitch I might be out of luck. I think I will start the explorer note run tomorrow lol I should clarify whilst relatively new to ark i became addicted straight away and i do have alot of time invested in the server, I have a full metal base argies and pt's ect all cryopoded, and stuff like ascendant flack and a few nice saddles... It will be a pain in the ass to raid but it would be worth it to get all my stuff back and keep my location. I was hoping to avoid all that lol
  13. New player accidentally wiped character I'm still kinda learning the game (pretty much still a bob) I was playing on an official pvp center server 635 where my base and tames are located. I started a new character on rag to checkout the map, and transferred my new character from blue orb accidentally to the center server where my main character was located. (it was habit to type 635 in the search bar when transferring) This unknowingly (as there was no warning when switching servers) deleted my main character when my new character was spawned on the center server. I have made a support ticket already but I am just looking for advice in general. Am I better of waiting for the ticket to be resolved? or starting fresh and raiding my old characters base to at least get my cryopods and loot back?
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