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  1. That would require them to actually have a schedule, from what I can tell it's kinda random. Would be nice tho if maybe every six hours or so the in game notification said something like this server will wipe in about 1 month, .5 months etc. Just give us a guestimate.
  2. cept this one they announce a whole bunch of dates in a community crunch: Community Crunch 197: Beginner Servers, ExtraLife, and On The Horizon - Announcements - ARK - Official Community Forums (survivetheark.com)
  3. When do the Beginner Servers wipe? - General Discussion - ARK - Official Community Forums (survivetheark.com)
  4. I could be wrong but I think it's only announced through twitter? And then that info percolates into here via confused people asking and people linking to twitter announcements? At least it seems that is how I've seen it happen.
  5. If you have extinction take a good doed through the city smashing lamps and benches, this will get you a pile of element dust which you get a engram to turn into shard, there is also one for turning it into slab which I usually get but it's the shard craft that gives you xp, slab crafts cook the element faster but zero xp. Doing a element craft during an event and drinking broths and hitting a toilet, whilst running a grinder and/or killing babyies, and/or crafting metal ladders, hats, stone inlet pipe, tranq arrows, long necks from a good bp, what have you. Get some achatinas and in between e
  6. couple other strats i didn't see skimming through, 1) griffin and a whip 2) giga just outside the trench to kill anything you kite up 3) going to the southern cave and going in on foot/ swimming there's a nest (or two?) where you can get a egg with nothing more to your name than maybe an escape raft... it's not easy but it's low risk bc u don't need anything more than your toon
  7. my particular incident tho, their ko had wild argies coming to eat it, and I was like im here meat running on my giga, might as well eat those argies and do both of us a favor, and in fact if the dudes ko couldn't have taken damage from me the reduced t.e. would have been from the argies, but he just got angry and killed it, some people are to hot headed for pve... dodo poop happens
  8. I accidentally chomped a ko on a meat run too, the guy angrily killed it thinking I'd messed up his t.e. also I've seen people yelling at eachother in global several times, to the effect "no don't kill that, can't you see I'm taming it". So I'm thinking maybe sometimes the protection kicks in and sometimes not. Perhaps once a dinos says "tameable by so and so" then it gets their pve protection? So like if you're doing a starve tame your ko could still get killed, cause i think that status goes to who ever puts food in first? (testing needed)
  9. You fail to mention if you are pvp or pve, if pvp then quetzal is a good sky base... i agree with the other guy they are kinda a let down once you have good end game argy. Didn't see giga on you i have list, that is a good option in pvp and pve. They have phenomenal base melee damage and can melt your enemys stone base like butter. Pve highly breed gigas kill titanosaurs, dodo rex, etc. and of course are my goto for meat running to fill the troughs and raise more baby gigas.
  10. what if you feed it one fish, leave and come back and then tame, so it'd have been nerfed due to the time to tame being very long
  11. I tried the quetzal method once for poopz and giggles, it seems lika good idea cause you have essentially a moving cliff that will not be climbed, but it didn't work out for us. The gigas loose torpor way to quick and move way to fast. Perhaps if you had several quetzals and each of them had a really good driver (my guy was good but with how squirly the gigas are he found it fairly difficult to keep me lined up for shots, maybe grappling hooks would have made the difference tho)
  12. what the heck is rng mean? I didn't understand any of that...
  13. Well if it turns out to be different on official I wont be to surprised, I'd swear I've seen some pillar ceiling combos within the ten rad. Whenever I've seen something built super close to metal I do a double take, and try to imagine ten foundations, but it's hard... been meaning to do some tests there.
  14. Have u ever tried that? cause snapping ceilings to the pillar makes it blocking... just tested it in single player, btw the blocking radius is 10 f lengths
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