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  1. I keep going to that link but all I see is a list of candidates and a link to the OG vote and a big empty box that I can't type in or anything. How do you actually vote?
  2. This is a dino vote not an item vote
  3. It’s definitely an interesting idea, but I highly doubt the devs will add a new resource, armor, and HLNA note just for this. This is a new creature vote nothing else. The beetle itself is a very good concept, and it would definitely add a fun new creature to play with.
  4. I really like this idea, and it could definitely be very useful in ARK! Taming it is also a way to make low-level wyvern eggs actually useful as well!
  5. I really love this idea and I’ve wanted a rideable insect in ARK since day 1. I can’t believe this hasn’t gotten more votes this 100% deserves to win! Edit: Finally, second place!
  6. This seems interesting, but a lot of the more breeding-oriented features seem basically like the maewing, which we already have.
  7. *sighs* yet another disaster happened. Where to start? -I get ambushed by sarcos twice, so I change home -I look for a Zone thats safe to build in, but there were sarcos everywhere, and raptors, and a spino -I finally go back to West Zone 2, where my original house was, and spawn in the cold and get killed by legit everything I could be killed by -Finally I spawn outside the cold- right in front of an Alpha Carno -When I finally get to the cliff I had my base on, I mine a tree, turn around, and “hello, carno!” -I finally try to make a base at the hidden lake, accidentally fall down the cliff, then get torn apart by titanomyras in pitch-black because it was night In the end I just went to Ragnarok
  8. What did I do? -Get scared half to death by a brachiosaurus (head popped out from behind a rock) -Get killed and spend an hour trying to find my house -Get killed by a raptor as soon as I find my house -Have to find it all over again
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