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  1. I was given the best gifts! I met a player whos wyvern I liked the look of (all our stuff had recently been auto decayed) he let me tame an albino male Rex he was taming, and equipment (ascendent shotgun and 450 shock tranqs) to tame it! I followed him back to his base to say thanks, and I get THREE female Rexes to breed with ours, as well as their Cryos! Then I show him my base, and he says its cool and asks if theres anything else we need. I ask “is a wyvern out of the question?” And he gives us THREE (he only had 2 left after) and their Cryos! I gave him a Titano Chibi despite him insisting on no payment, and he gives me 5 TEK Behemoth Gates/Gateways! He has to be the nicest player in ARK history!
  2. I think that is a great idea, and should definitely be added
  3. Less Carnivores on The Island Mainly less Sarcos, Carnos, and Raptors. I was building at a lake near the hidden lake (which I have named Sarco Lake) and my parasaur gets killed by a sarco. After that, I go looking for another parasaur to tame, and got attacked by another sarco. Then I just made a new world, and in every single zone, I got killed by a sarco, raptor, and in one case, a carno, within 5 minutes
  4. *sighs* yet another disaster happened. Where to start? -I get ambushed by sarcos twice, so I change home -I look for a Zone thats safe to build in, but there were sarcos everywhere, and raptors, and a spino -I finally go back to West Zone 2, where my original house was, and spawn in the cold and get killed by legit everything I could be killed by -Finally I spawn outside the cold- right in front of an Alpha Carno -When I finally get to the cliff I had my base on, I mine a tree, turn around, and “hello, carno!” -I finally try to make a base at the hidden lake, accidentally fall down the cliff, then get torn apart by titanomyras in pitch-black because it was night In the end I just went to Ragnarok
  5. Noob Tips What do you want to tell new players?
  6. What Ate You For Lunch? Giga? Spino? Megladon? Raptor? How did you die this time?
  7. What did I do? -Get scared half to death by a brachiosaurus (head popped out from behind a rock) -Get killed and spend an hour trying to find my house -Get killed by a raptor as soon as I find my house -Have to find it all over again OwOof
  8. What Was Your Most Embarrassing ARK Moment? What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in ARK, or the weirdest, or the dumbest? For me, I went on a nighttime walk in the forest (already dumb) and then a brachiosaurus head pops out over a rock in front of me. I almost jumped out of my skin!
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