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  1. Absolutel trash. It dosent surprise me the Ark community would vote for the dumbest dino on the list.
  2. Pathetic. 5 months late. This studio is one of the most trashy, disorganized, lying, joke of game developers. Maybe finish the first game before you pull resources to start a new one. The mpst reliable thing about Wild Card is unreliability. People need to take theri anger and frustration and focus it. DO NOT BUY ARK 2. There aere so many more iptions with more to come. You wouldn't keep eating at a restaurant who constantly messes up your orders and even when you get the food is terrible correct? Focus.
  3. It is just laughable now how everything is delayed. What 6 years and you all can't get this straight? Oh wait is this Microsoft's fault? The pandemic? Aliens? Please for the love of all that is good and just do not do an Ark 2. Just don't.
  4. No reason, at all, we have to wait 5 hours longer than Sony. That's how. How dis you miss that?
  5. 8pm PDT. So 10pm here. Nice. So basically Wednesday . Another big slap in the face to Xbox players. At least they are consistent.
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