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  1. I really dislike people who complain about something that the devs didn't mean to cause. They don't purposely go "alright lets make the game completely unplayable so that all we get in the comments and reviews are complaints about bad service, doesn't that sound like a great idea?". Being an experienced Scratch programmer, I can understand the struggle and grind.
  2. calm down dude, its not their fault that you lag. also they don't need to add more water variants cause gen 1 had a fair share of water X-creatures. Wildcard aren't dumb. ima use the quote that i use for everyone like you, "you try and do it better then"
  3. While I do agree that a lot of cloners can be annoying, the people that do that haven't broken any rules in the game. It's not everyone else's fault if you cant play on a capped server, wildcard has put out plenty of servers so you can still play the game. The Quetz platform thing just isn't a good complaint cause its always been like that to prevent super structures on the back of a frail animal. Summer Bash has been pretty good, even though the tribe I was in got insided. I would recommend this game to my most hated enemy. Wildcard keep working on Ark 2 and let chaos erupt on Ark 1.
  4. Just letting you know dude that it probably wont happen, speaking from a story standpoint, goblins just don't work.
  5. There are probably many servers that are down and they are trying to get them all back up and running. hundreds of servers across all platforms are probably experiencing the same thing but they are prioritising all the gen 2 servers as they are the most broken.
  6. It's 10 extra levels which isn't even that many, and if you're achievement hunting then go to single player.
  7. That person @'d an admin (Big Ced), I wouldn't recommend @'ing an admin unless it is of dire need. Also, just because you quoted them doesn't mean an admin is more likely to respond. After an evaluation, the person didn't @ an admin, they @'d studio wildcard in whole.
  8. There was no need as the paragraph you wrote didn't have anything to do with the other persons topic.
  9. i dont care how the map turns out im still making a fat treehouse. also props to the dev who originally made it.
  10. exactly, also I'm one of the rare few who like scorched. Its good, a lot of space and its dusty asf.
  11. you need to work for the hexagons and rockwell fight, maybe the stryders too. you get everything else, the map, most the creatures and a free tek suit
  12. nah, its called earning content. nothing in life is free. also gen 1 is not the least played map, that title belongs to scorched, rest in peace scorched.
  13. idk if something is wrong with me or what cause I've been hyped for genesis 2 and when it came out, but I've (in total) only played about 1 hour. I hopped onto singleplayer to test the items then went to play Skyrim for a solid 3 days. I don't know if I need a therapist or some other means of help. Mr.GP help me, destroy my Skyrim addiction.
  14. can not agree more with this comment, I love tek, like its cool to mess around with and it does have some genuine uses (tek gen and rep) but id also like to see ark go back to its roots and have nothing above stone and metal structures. If ark 2 could be the early stages of ark 1 when foot pvp was good with people not running at light speed with bolas and clubs and maybe the minimum amounts of technology such as elevator systems and other ancient sh*t.
  15. When you're really drunk but also want to comment about the new servers.
  16. quick wildcard, ima need you to sell those plushies real quick
  17. I don't know about character, do you have NASA space station internet?
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