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  1. It’s not lore you can’t play through lore story you can story you see with your own eyes arks story lore you can’t find on your own it is shown with explores notes
  2. I use a gtx 1060 and run at 60 FPS with small dips with all epic
  3. ark optimization ark optimization I play without almost any lag on a gtx 1060 does anyone have any problems with lag
  4. I just need to say they do not use the unreal engine they use a heavily modified version this was stated by multiple devs
  5. ark optimization How optimized is ark really I play with a gtx 1060 getting over 60 fps with small dips lower than 60 is that really that bad or is all the people saying it’s VERY VERY VERY VERY LAGGY and unoptimized crazy people
  6. None no mods would I like to see added they are all unbalanced or game breaking
  7. This would be boring it would be about 1 following the story of Helena Rockwell mei yin and the others Or 2 about the player witch would be a problem because the player is not specific character
  8. The ocean is very dangerous how is that a bad thing I love the ocean the thrill is amazing with all the jellyfish Leeds mosa and squids
  9. Ark was always sci fi never about dinos NERVER EVER (TheDonn I am looking at you)
  10. 1 No 2 No 3 no 4 no 5 no 6 no These aren’t good suggestions they just make the game easier how about this a type of official sever that always has boosted rates and easier bosses that way not everyone is effected
  11. The stupidest things I have done would be beating alpha broodmother and ape and being like alpha dragon can’t be much harder right (all my Rexes insta die) Fighting manticore unprepared and fight king titan without being prepared and Rockwell too also thinking megatheriums are not op and going into the wasteland with crossbows
  12. Ok ok ok this is not true the one who waits talks about an element vein under sanctuary not molten element and molten element was made by humans and not natural element natural element is black purple spikes and spires the one who waits uses metaphors and riddles a lot
  13. DO NOT SHOW HIM OFFICIAL NO MATTER WHAT and do not spoil the story take him through it
  14. I doubt the turtle will be useless WC will find a way to make it very useful Lol so true
  15. You can go in some destroyed building I have but I was disappointed with I could go in any working buildings (I didn’t care that much because of hype and how amazing extinction was) I cant say about the mesh of the city or copy pasting And violet rivers is a metaphor a day night cycle would have required a fake sky removing a important part of the atmosphere Because you couldn’t see out side of the city but it could have made going in the wastelands so much more interesting because it would have been the first time you have seen it ambient tweaks they have a lot sanctuary the lights on the building turn on and off the wastelands has dust blowing already you are right about about how amazing the creatures are my favorites are 1 mek 2 managermemrer 3 enforcer the mek is so amazing but still nice review man
  16. tell him it’s not like it seems and take him through the story of ark
  17. Almost everything you said was accurate you did miss some important stuff what you said VERY VERY WRONG was extinction being underwhelming it was the opposite besides that good review man nice job
  18. If you want a clustered sever make sure the server only allows character transfers
  19. I really hope that we would get roaming bosses but I think they should be in a very small resource rich area
  20. No you don’t only extinction is better with a cluster
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