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  1. Thx for giving us 2x breeding and raising. Not sure why this was left out of the increase to the default rates last month, but thanks for right now.
  2. This is not the place for this. Put in a trouble ticket. I don't remember exactly where the link is, but you can search for it. Sorry for your loss. Also, if they can help you, you will have to prove your old levels. Did you save any of your implants from your old character? That will help them help you.
  3. No, it said that PC players will get transfers now. We'll get them in couple months. Can we get a boost to 2x for raising? Everything else is, so why not for raising babies.
  4. Thank you Wildcard for giving us another unplayable event. Do you need beta testers for consoles? If so, many on this forum would sign up. If you have some already, fire them and get new ones because they don't give you feedback about things that don't work. ( i.e. are they all just yes men or in awe about how pretty the game looks?) [ it is very visually stunning btw] Also, fyi: Tropeo babies don't show maturation bars. Please stop adding new content until what's already there works better, even if that means that we have to wait awhile for the next new thing. And rollbacks of
  5. This would help reduce the number of players running around named Human!
  6. I think what he meant was that you would use the transponder to track a wild dino, just like you do for your tames. Good idea!
  7. If you change character names, make sure all the items (like the behemoth gate fence) update to the new name. It already does that when you change tribe names.
  8. What if you could upgrade items, or destroy an item to get a blueprint (maybe chance of blueprint)? I have a vault full of ramshackle and apprentice level items that I would love to combine to make a single higher tier one. How about 4 to 1 for each tier, with item stats varying with your crafting skill?
  9. Lost a few. And a spino last weekend because it was in my inventory and the server went down for a day.
  10. So is 917. Been down for almost 4 hours. Happened last weekend too.
  11. Please fix your servers Please work on upgrading your servers before any more events or add-ons. There are so many crashes and outages during the events. I live on Rag 917, and during the current event, I have lost a couple of tames due to offline death during a crash. I've spent as much time waiting for the server to come back up as playing.
  12. Rag 917 was down for over a day. Someone told me is back up, but I can't see it. Has been down more than up all event.
  13. Server outage list Please add a list of down servers, so we know if the problem is you or us.
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